Purpose of forum

Colonel - 3 Missiles Class
Colonel - 3 Missiles Class
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I wanted a forum for RvR its the first reason.

- to help player who have a trouble with website
- to give possibility for player to build website .. with their own work and idea ( when its possible ) .. cause Admin member need to be agree.

Also i think its important that a forum be link to championship and Cup. Since RvLeague stop ( it can work again ) its not the case. RRR organise some championship but its " maybe not enought " about " challenge ".

At last i hope we maybe need a forum who people can come more easy.

About RRR Forum by Rst. I m not against him of course. I decided about name topic depending that. For exeample Rare Topic is about RvR , not in général. I tell at Rst I ll promote his forum here , cause all know RRR is good making and important for Revolt.

I hope maybe just , less hard rule a bit .. like i said to u Rst.

Now , it was maybe last name like creator of forum. I want be an admin like others who will want !