New Challenge Suggestions

new challenge to propose .. its here

New Challenge Suggestions

Captain - Clone Class
Joined: 11 May 2012, 17:06

30 Sep 2012, 10:00 #1

It'd be cool to have a 3 wins in a row challenge (like winning nhood1, market2 and museum2). That should be for all players, maybe different points depending on group.

Another challenge idea, is to reward players who are on podium on a certain number of races in a session. It could be like the 'Victory Points' , but with more races (for example 5 for 60%, 7 for 23% and 9 for POD) and less points rewarded.

Lieutenant - Bomb Class
Joined: 25 Jun 2007, 19:16

30 Sep 2012, 15:44 #2

I support this. Also 5 in a row and 7 in a row wins should be awarded.

what about losing 3 times in a row?

Colonel - 3 Missiles Class
Joined: 01 May 2007, 22:21

01 Oct 2012, 04:44 #3

Good idea about Pod's point .. and Loose's point ..

it will be good to have award like in game bronze, silver, gold and platinium cup depending tracks, like in game