Can't Update Revoltrace Translations Anymore

Captain - Clone Class
Captain - Clone Class
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December 4th, 2012, 10:27 pm #1

I am trying to update my Spanish Translation for ReVoltRace with Poedit and when I try to save it I get an error message which says: "msgfmt: found 13 total fatal errors".

Here is the Log file generated by the error:

I tried with the newest v1.5.4 and with an old version from last year too: v1.4.6. Same results.
This error never happened last year. I updated this translation several times and never had any problems.

The error seems to be integrated in the .po file generated by the website for download. Because I tried to save it without making any modifications but it gives error so the .mo file can't be generated.

Please Irck, I need any hints on how can I solve this.
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