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What now seems eons ago I used to be a book junkie. With the advent of the internet and my membership to a book club having lapsed, books became a dim and distant memory. How refreshing it was to dip into this volume and rediscover the joy of the printed page! This volume is a photo essay of the 56th Fighter Group, USAAF 8th Air Force and for anybody with more than a passing interest in the Republic P-47 and the personalities that flew them in the 56th, it is a must have for your personal library.

The book itself is beautifully bound and printed on heavy gloss paper, so the photographic reproduction intrinsic to a photo essay is very good. 'Essay' is a bit of an understatement, without counting there must be hundreds of images contained in the book, many of them in colour. The authors Nigel Julian* and Peter Randall provide authoritative captions throughout, together with background text to underpin the different chapters. For those interested in the 56th's history it is a mine of information, for modellers a mine of reference. This book is highly recommended.

ISBN 978-0-9926207-8-3, RRP 29.95

*Nigel is also proprietor of 'AirFramed' who you might bump into at a model show. http://www.airframed.co.uk/