Exapico's Multiverse

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Some species believe that they are the only existence in the world, and that the mentioned is the only existing realm amongst the unknown; others believe in the opposite - they believe that a greater force, a greater power so superior to all, is what exists. Beliefs of countless undiscovered worlds and species. Which one is the right answer as to the complexity of the world we live in? The latter.
Countless worlds exists. Vast ranges of species flourish. Innumerable arks of creation exist as vestiges to this day.
Listen to the Song of Creation that is bestowed upon all worlds and lives by the Creator himself, Exapico. Listen to the Songs of Ingenuity and Guidance that shine from the divine children of Exapico, the Elaedia.
Now, let them guide you towards the dimensions that are within the centre of what is Exapico's heart, mere specks in the cosmos and realms of Time-space continuum, yet shining more brightly than anyone else.
In these worlds, countless varieties of races exist, ranging from Daemons and Dragons to Humans and Fae. Perhaps one of--no, some of the greatest existences to exist are the 5 races who still live today: they were the first and greatest of all.
In this world, all livings wield a power bestowed upon them by Exapico and his children, and by the will of the Mother Sectelm who they were born upon. This power is known as Magick.

Who am I you ask, young soul? I am Xelomir, your guide into this world that you shall seen delve into.
Welcome to Raqel'Viana and Aorcielus, the first worlds to exist, and the Twin Hearts of Exapico's Soul.

Synchronizing H-Wave Frequency Patterns with Dimensions 25169R and 92596R...Synchronization Complete/.
Extrapolating Current Location and Destination...Extrapolation Complete/.