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Due to some issue of unknown causes, some have reported not being able to see this announcement as an announcement, so I am posting a mirror here so everyone can see it.

As some of you already know, an ARM Discord was set up in early December. It is open to all members as well as non-forum members. Signing up on Discord is required to be able to make posts on our server, unless you've already got an account on Discord that is. Here is the link to it:

Why do we have a Discord now?

The purpose is primarily to replace the unused chatroom with something that more keeps with the times. It was noted that the chatroom had become pretty much dead over the past year, as well as the painfully obvious trail off of activity here on the forum itself. When AIM decided to shut down their services, some of us decided that we could use the opportunity to come up with a replacement that better suits all of us.

The Discord isn't meant to replace the forum outright, but since it does provide a place for more real time conversations (and it already gets more activity than the forum), it eventually could do so.

The Discord is setup the same way the forum is, with different servers/sections for each forum section, such as the Observatory, Community & EXA PICO, etc. The number of sections/servers can be trimmed later on down the line to decrease clutter if any go unused.

The rules for behavior etc, are the same as those here on the forum.

Now that the intro is out of the way, we have some business points-

On Discord, we are only able to have 50 Pomoticons available for use. We currently have 40-something, the last time I checked. These were mainly chosen by Omega & myself along with a few others as a "starter set" and is entirely open to change. If anyone would like to add a Pomoticon that isn't among the currently available options, we would have a vote on which one to remove to make room for it (unless it's a case of a laughing pom vs a laughing pom etc, then we'd just vote which one to keep), or if there are enough votes to remove a currently available Pom for a new one to be added. We will make accommodations as best we can.

Second, we are actively seeking at least one mod (preferably two) for the Discord. Right now, we only have myself and Omega as Admin & Creator, respectively. No mods. If anyone would like to be a mod, please say so here or in the Discord. Being an existing mod or Admin here doesn't guarantee a spot in said roles on Discord, especially if one is not currently active on the forum, but the competition shouldn't be stiff, so if you're interested and are or are not a current staff member, go for it. Also, please remember that if you are selected to be a mod, you must be active. You don't need to make daily posts, just be around in case something needing a staff member's attention occurs.

Third, our server avatar is currently the Triangular Nuclear Loop we are all familiar with. However, if someone has a suggestion for a new avatar, we are open to those suggestions. This includes tweaks to the color scheme of the avatar and such.

I'm almost certainly forgetting to mention something, but since I'm so tired I can't see straight, I can't remember what it is. Or if I am actually forgetting anything. Anyway, have fun! And post any questions/concerns and such here or on the Discord.
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