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I'm the #1 fangirl of Mr. Munch! I have a crush on Munch as well...

I'm the biggest Munch fangirl you'll (probably) ever know!

Jasper: Okay Munch, this is the last of the pepperoni. If you eat this one, our snowman isn't going to have a nose.
Munch: I'm sorry Jasper, it's just that this snowman looks way too much like a pizza! *covers eyes*
Jasper: *puts final topping on* There. All done! What do you think, Munch?
Munch: *eyes still covered* Oh yeah, it looks great.
Jasper: Munch, you're not even looking at it!
Munch: Believe me Jasper, it's for the best. If I look at him I'm probably going to eat him!