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Making videos of CEC animatronics
Hanging out with Chuck E Cheese and Rock-afire animatronics
Chuck E Cheese Songs from 1980's-2010's (Addicted to Together We've Got It 2017)
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"Its always easy being part of RPCEC"

Home to Two Studio C Alphas, One 3-Stage, Three Studio C Betas, One Studio C Cappa, Five 1-Stages, and Five 2-Stages.

You know you're a CEC fan when...

You spend countless hours watching showtapes on YouTube
You write fan mail
You can sing CEC songs by heart
You follow me @RPCEC1 on Twitter XD
You follow me @rpcec26/@rpcectv/@rpcec on Instagram XD
You're the only one in the showroom all day
You can state a fact about each character
You petition for keeping animatronics
You call it a mech, not an endoskeleton!!
You pretend to be a walkabout CEC
You know what CEC stands for
You spent the time to read this whole list! ???