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Guide for the Trading Post program at and the mobile version.
Video demo if you prefer to watch instead of read.

Arithmetic Calculator

A basic expression calculator that accepts numbers, operators, and parentheses:

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+ addition
- subtraction
* multiplication
/ division
() order
Example expression:

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Type an expression in the input box and press Enter or click the "=" button to perform it. Scroll through your previous expression history by pressing the ↑ (later) and ↓ (earlier) keyboard keys.

Item Tracker and Calculator

Progress Bar
This bar is the time until the tracker refreshes prices and notify you on price conditions; the notification is a spoken Google voice, so please have your speakers on. The refresh interval is changeable in the Options page, Trading section.

The tracker continues working as long as you have the website open on a browser tab. If you click the stop button, it will no longer download prices and check conditions for alerts, unless you click the refresh button to resume.

Click to expand all TP calculators
Click to force refresh data
Click to stop the auto-refresh.
Click to mute notification speech if the program is currently talking. If you want to stop notifications, remove the price threshold you entered, or uncheck the notification checkbox in the respective TP calculator

.CSV Click to get a Comma Separated Values file of all inputted calculator data. Use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel to view it.

Transferring Data If you want to copy the website's TP data to another computer, go to the bottom of the Options page for the Import/Export feature.

Account Transactions view the Account page to see your in-game Trading Post transactions.

TP Calculator (spreadsheet view)
The default view of Trading Post calculators show you the item name and current buy and sell price. Click on the arrow buttons on the right side to rearrange the rows/calculators. Hover over a row to reveal the calculator. To change the number of calculators, which is the number of items you can track, go to the Options page, Trading section.

TP Calculator (expanded view)
Each calculator remembers the item, your buy and sell price, the quantity, and your price conditions for notification (all the dark shaded input boxes). The first row/calculator in the list contains tooltips on each input/output boxes' function.

To enter an item into a calculator, click the name input box (the longest rectangle) and start typing (in English, German, Spanish, French, or Simplified Chinese depending on your selected site language). The search bar accept partial matching of item names, or an item's ID number. If you see the item you want in the search results, click it to accept it into the calculator. You can also click the "S" for the graphs webpage, and the "$" button for listings (or double click to go to the item's wiki page).

Notification Thresholds
The six cells at the bottom of every calculator are for notifications:

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Your Buy (A) < Current Buy Price (B) < Your Buy (C)
Your Sell (D) < Current Sell Price (E) < Your Sell (F)
The program will notify you if the equality conditions above are true.
Suppose you want to buy-order Mithril Ingots when they are 1 silver or less, then put in cell (C) "1". So if the current buy price--cell (B)--is equal to or less than 1.00, then you will be notified by a voice announcing the item name and the condition.

Another example, suppose you want to sell Mithril Ingots when they are 1.50 silver or higher, then put in cell (D) "1.5".

If you want to be notified whenever you are "outbid" (assuming you are the highest buyer or lowest seller), then double click the current buy or current sell output boxes to automatically flank the notification thresholds with 1 copper.

The syntax of gold price is as follows:
0.1 = 10
.01 = 1
1 = 1
1.55 = 1 55
2.4.7 = 2 4 7
2..6 = 2 0 6
230.6 = 2 30 60
920.. = 920

Gem Exchange

Each column is a separate exchange. The first column, for example, exchanges your coin (gold) to gem or dollars/euros, and also displays how much gems or dollars needed to get your amount of coin. Hover over each rectangular box for tooltip on the exchange type.

The gem notification subsection is similar to the TP tracker item price notification, but it will only notify you if the current prices are above what you put.

GW2Navi Overlay
The overlay program views all of, so you can use the TP app while in game. If you prefer to have the overlay program displays the TP page every time it starts, then open "options.ini" in the GW2Navi folder and replace the text as so:

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URL_HOMEPAGE =§ion=TP&mode=Overlay
Note the added "mode" parameter to the URL so that the website adjusts font sizes and UI elements accordingly for the overlay app.

If you need further help in using the TP app or have suggestions for new features, then reply to this thread.
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When the TP tracker refreshes, it resets "Your Buy" and "Your Sell" to the the current highest and lowest buy and sell for that item, respectively.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how it works?

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Each calculator has a self-option represented as a checkbox. Hover over a calculator and read the tooltip. Currently there are two checkboxes (self-options) per calculator. The top checkbox is the one you're looking for, which is the Overwrite option; uncheck it to not have it reset your own price.

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