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Guide for the interactive map. You should use the GPS overlay app to use all of these features in game without having to alt-tab. If you're doing world completion, please also read this guide.
Video demo if you prefer to watch instead of read.

Interactive Map
The map works like the in-game map: you can drag move/flick the map and scroll wheel to zoom. Right click on a blank area of the map for special map functions.

If you're on the chains page, you'll see colored lines drawn on world boss areas. Each different colored line is a single step in the chain of events. They are color-ordered as the mnemonic "ROYGBIV": Red Orange Yellow Green Indigo Violet, so red is the first step in the chain.

Icon Functionalities
Single click to get chatcode, double click for wiki, right click to zoom.
Single click to get chatcode, double click for wiki, right click to zoom.
Single or right click to zoom.
Single or right click to zoom.
Single click for wiki, right click to zoom.
Copy (Ctrl+C) the chatcode, for example [&BPMAAAA=], that you paste (Ctrl+V) in game for a chatlink that can be clicked on to view the in game world map.

WvW Toggle
Click the button to toggle the map to the WvW map (The Mists).
Watch the video demo of the WvW features.

GPS Options
Hover over to see GPS options (for GW2Navi overlay users).
Click the button itself to center the map to your character's in game position. Double click the button to zoom in/out.

Map Options
Hover over to see Map options.
Click the button itself to hide the right side panel so to show just the map on your browser. (show vistas/hearts etc.) (do not show them)
Note that waypoint icons can be toggled to be shown regardless of the world completion option.

Zones List
Hover over to see the list of zones; click a zone name to view that zone (double click for closer).
Click the button itself to default the map view and zoom (double click for closer).
Use the search bar to find map locations such as POI, hearts, and events. Use the search keywords "sector", "waypoint", "point of interest", "vista", "hero challenge", or "heart" to filter by the location type. Note that you must have the show world completion or show dynamic event options enabled in order to search for these locations.

Dynamic Events
An open world GW2 event map, turn this feature on by hovering over and checkmarking that option. This will show you all the events that can happen in the zone you're currently moused over. Single click an event icon inside the event ring to view its wiki page, right click to zoom. Some in game events are simply dormant, and just need a player to be in its area for it to become active, so use the map as a guided path to do daily events if there aren't people in the map calling them out.
Warning: There are lots of icons to download and generate, so your browser may be slowed down; you should turn this feature off after you're done using it. (show zone events) (don't show zone events)

Path Pins
Use path pins for planning travel routes. Below are ways to manipulate pins...
- Create a pin: double click an empty area on the map (Multiple pins creates a path).
- Insert a pin between a path: double click a part of the path.
- Delete a pin: double click that pin.
- Delete all pins: right click the map for the clear pins function.
- Move a pin: hold click and drag that pin.
- Move a pin to center: right click that pin.
- Check off a pin: single click that pin.
- Get coordinates of a pin: single click that pin.
- Get coordinates of a path: single click on the path.
- Generate a path: paste the coordinates you were given when you clicked on the path into the coordinates bar and press Enter.
- Optimize a path: middle click that pin, it will become the starting pin. (show paths drawn from personal pins) (don't show personal paths)

Right clicking on the map will reveal the context menu, and from the "Pins" submenu, you can use additional functions:
Save - save the pins you currently see on the map to that numbered slot.
Load - load the pins you have saved from that numbered slot.
Optimize - generate a short path from the starting pin to every other pins.
Chatlink - get an ordered list of waypoints closest to the pins, to be used in game chat.
Undo - restore the pins to the previous addition or insertion you manually made.
Clear - remove all personal pins from the map.

World Completion Route
Right click on the map to show the special context menu. From the "Map" submenu, you can quick toggle all world completion map icons (hearts/vista/etc), or draw an efficient route to complete the current hovered zone. Use the GW2Navi Overlay GPS app to follow the world completion route in game.

Compass Pins
Compass pins are like path pins, but instead of connecting paths, each of them can have an optional range circle and even comments. Use compasses as measuring tools or map bookmarks of your favorite locations. Right click on the map then: "Compass" > "Options" > "Help" to learn more. Compass pins can be saved/loaded to specific slots just like pins, and the Export/Import feature can be used to share for example your personal gathering maps or treasure hunts.

URL Commands
The "go" command:
You may want to show another player an exact location somewhere in the game, to do this, attach a coordinates to the website's address: + coordinates
where coordinates is the two numbers you see when you move your mouse on the website's map. Click anywhere on the map to get and copy the [xxxxx,yyyyy] code, then make an URL like say,17537 and the website will view those coordinates.

The "draw" command:
You can draw a path by double clicking on the map to lay personal pins. Click on a line between these pins to get a list of coordinates. If you paste these coordinates to the website's address like say ,[3287,18612],[3177,18878],[3456,19339],[2922,19388]]][[3147,18431],[3287,18612],[3177,18878],[3456,19339],[2922,19388]] then following that link will make the website redraw those pins. This example is a solution to the Heart of Thorns personal story mission "Sign Cutting".

Resource Nodes
Permanent, rich resource nodes and plant farms are shown by default. Click the "Show possible nodes" checkbox to show potential nodes like orichalcum and lemongrass. Nodes on the map can be clicked on to "check them off" as you gather them in game. Draw a route from any visible nodes by clicking the button. To do the gatherer daily, turn on the "Show zone rectangle" map option (from the icon) for color coded region.
Heart of Maguuma
Maguuma Wastes
Maguuma Jungle

Jumping Puzzles, Adventures, and Open World Chests
The jumping puzzle (JP) map icons are where the JP's "entrance" is located. Click on the map icon or the checkboxes to check off a JP after you have done them. Click the links next to the JP name to view video walkthroughs.

Collectible Items and Ranger Pets
Collectible items may be achievements or "resources" such as chests that are scattered in the open world. You may click on the map circles to check them off.

Guild Missions
Click the guild mission icons (tabs) to view that mission type. The mission names are bold gold colored and act as checkboxes; clicking a mission name will toggle its associated paths or markers on the map. The waypoint icon next to the names will auto-copy a chatlink that you can paste in game to your guild chat. Go to the links next to the mission names for walkthroughs.

Reply to this thread if you have questions or suggestions. You do not have to register.
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hello, nice app, but please, i use map at second monitor, so i need that app stay in "focused" mode and DONT fade to gray when i move mouse cursor away, please how can i set this ??


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Try this
"≡" menu > "Options" submenu > Turn "Opaque on Focus" option off.
Right click overlay window bar > Choose "100%" opacity.
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thanks man, this is what i need, I am ashamed that I dont figured it out myself

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