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Guide for the Guild Wars 2 multitool web app and overlay.
Video demo if you prefer to watch instead of read.


You can set how big the clock pane is, or even hide it: compact size (default) full size, if you have a large monitor bar size, if you want it even smaller no clock, if you don't need the clock and want maximum space

Boss Icon
Single click to zoom to its map location. Double click to check off that boss' chain from the chains list. Note: A chain is a series of in game events, or "meta event". A boss is usually the final event in a chain in which you fight a boss character. The website uses the word chain and boss interchangeably sometimes.

Chain Waypoint
Click to auto-copy a chatlink with the closest (and likely uncontested) waypoint to the boss of that meta event chain. The code within brackets [] will be converted to a waypoint link in game when you map chat. Don't include the site's name in the clipboard text Do include (to tell others about the site)

Chain Timeframe
ArenaNet conveniently spaced the meta event chains 15 minutes apart, so chains neatly fit four quadrants of a clock. Going clockwise, the green slice marks the beginning of the current active chain and the next; the three boss icons you see afterward are the chains that follow the current (past chains are never shown on the clock).
The orange tick (small line) marks the minimum time the chain is completed (as by a full map zerg), and the red tick is the average. Black ticks are the next chain's mark time that are yet to be colored. Faint black/gray ticks are hour marks of a clock.

Digital Clock
The top clock shows the minutes of daylight or night time remaining in game.
☀ 80m means there are 80 minutes of daylight left, and a sunrise is happening.
☀ 75m means there are 75 minutes of daylight left.
☀ 5m means there are 5 minutes of daylight left, and a sunset is happening.
☽ 40m means there are 40 minutes of night left.
The bottom clock is your local time; click it to switch between AM/PM or 24 hour format. Hover over your local time to show the tooltip for the ArenaNet time in Bellevue, Washington US (PST/PDT); usually game releases and new gem store items happen at 9:00 in the morning. The UTC time is the "server time" in game.

Menu Bar
Click an icon to go to a "page" of the web app. Going into the Map or Help page will load new HTML into the current page and update the address bar with a URL to redo the act of opening that page.

Chains page shows a list of meta event chain "bars", which themselves contain a list of their events. You can check off chains and set alarm on this page.

Map page shows map related guides and interactive tools.

Help page shows chain walkthroughs and information about the website.

Options page shows customizations and settings for all of the website.
Language Selection
Hover over the Options button to see list of available languages. English, French, German, and Spanish are supported by ArenaNet and have translations for all event names and world icons. Other languages will only have translations for some UI elements. Language will also affect chatlink text and text-to-speech alarm.

Chains Page
Chains Tab
Click the tab to expand/collapse the list of chains (seen is the Scheduled Bosses tab).

Alarm Quick Options
Hover over the alarm icon to change alarm mode or turn it off. Each option has an explanatory tooltip. The Info Alarms are independent of boss alarms, simply check it to turn it on.

Current Chain Bar
Click the boss icon to check off that chain.
Click the chain name to expand/collapse the list of events below.
Click the gray [x] button to permanently hide the chain bar from the chains list. To undo, hover over the ▼ icon on the Chains page and click the uncheck button.
The options there will also allow you to hide the chains' events list and put all chain bars in a collapsed state. Or use this link: (all chain bars will be collapsed) (active chain bars will be expanded)

Chain Time
Up arrow (⇑) means time until the chain is predicted to finish.
Down arrow (⇓) means the chain has been predicted to finish and is counting down to the next timeframe's chain.
Hover over the time to see the schedule for that chain, sorted by recency.
Click the time to subscribe to the chain (see alarm explanation).

Schedule Time
If you want to show AM/PM or 24 hour time format, hover over the ▼ icon on the Chains page. Or use this link: (24 hour) (AM/PM)

Events List
Click an event name to zoom to map location:
- Gray event names are past events (predicted to have finished if you were in game when the chain started)
- Bright orange are the predicted active events.
- Faint orange are the predicted future events.
Hover over the small orange icons (left side of event names) to see event details and statistics.

Chain Extra Info
This shows the maximum level required to do the chain's events, the rares you're rewarded (from ground chest and shaky bonus chest), the champ boxes you accumulate (from looted champs throughout the events and shaky bonus chest), and dragonite totaled (from ground chest and shaky bonus chest).

Next Chain Bar
Chain bars and names colored as so are the immediate chains after the time shown expires.

Future Chain Bar
Chain bars and names colored as so are the future chains after the time shown expires.

Past Chain Bar
Chain bars and names colored as so are the chains just before the current, which may be still active (though unlikely because few meta event chains last more than 15 minutes).

Other Chains Tab
Click the Legacy Bosses and Orr Temples chain tabs to view chains that are not pre-scheduled (they happen depending on your map instance). They all are world bosses still and give the same reward. Go to the zone in game and check the places they happen, if they aren't then ask map chat when they last finished. For temple chains, if the waypoint closest to the temple is contested, then that means the events for that temple is happening; otherwise it's still on a 1-1.5 hour cooldown.
Click the Full Timetable tab to view a 24 hour schedule of world bosses.

Dry Top events
Click the Scheduled Bosses tab to collapse it, then click the Dry Top chains tab to expand it. You may bookmark the URL to view the Dry Top map and events automatically.
The time shown is the minutes past the hour, which corresponds to which set of Dry Top events will be active. Each "chain" bar shows the three sets of Dry Top events, which occur every 5 minutes divided in an hour (12 sets).
The left waypoint icon will auto-copy to clipboard the current Dry Top events, and the right waypoint icon the next set of events. Paste it in game to tell players where to go.

Sound Alarm
Alarm Quick Options
The alarm is a spoken sound that works for Scheduled Bosses. Example.
Checklist Mode:
- At the start of every chain timeframe (quarters of hour), the alarm will tell the current world bosses (excluding Heart of Thorns meta events).
- When the current world boss has been predicted to die, the alarm will tell the next world bosses and the time until they start.
Subscription Mode:
- Click on a chain bar's time to "subscribe" to that chain. (Signified by an asterisk * next to the time). Click it again to remove the asterisk (unsubscribe).
- Optionally, set the time before the chain starts (X minutes) that you should be alerted, by going to Options page, Alarm section, Subscription subsection.
- When the chain is about X minutes before starting, the alarm will tell you the world boss name and that X minutes.
The subscription alarm mode works for all scheduled world bosses, Heart of Thorns meta events, and Living Story events.

More features can be seen in the Options page, Alarm section. Hover over the options to see explanatory tooltips.

Stopwatch and Personal Timer
Timer Tools
Hover over the Speaker/▼ icon on the Chains page to see additional timer tools. The Stopwatch row allows you to start a count-up time, which you can start/pause, stop, and record a "lap" time. The stopwatch font size can be changed in the Options page, Tools section.

Below the stopwatch row is the Personal Timer row, which is like an egg or toaster timer, allowing you to put a custom amount of minutes, which when that time expires (after you have pressed the start button), will have the website speak to you the alert text (which you can edit).

Overlaid on the map panel is a seasonal information pane called the dashboard. This will show, if available, the countdowns to official events announced on the ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 website. If a gem store sale or new gem store items have been added, the dashboard will show those items' gem price and the gold needed to buy that amount of gems. Lastly, the dashboard will also show timers for special temporary Living Story events, in the same manner as world bosses.

Official Event is happening (green square) and is counting down and showing when it ends.
Official Event has not started yet (gray square) and is counting down and showing when it starts.

The dashboard is only shown when you're on the Chains page. You can close the dashboard by clicking the (X) icon. Or use this link: (never show the dashboard) (show the dashboard)

Interactive Map
The map has its own user manual.

WvW Live Map
Watch the video demo of the WvW features.


The website is divided to two parts: the map where you see the world, and the app panel where you view pages. You can hide either, but not both. (show the map) (don't show the map) (show the app panel) (don't show the app panel)

The app panel can be on either side of the screen: (align to the right, default) (align to the left)

These options can be accessed by hovering over the icon on the map.

Simple Mode or
This mode shows just the clock pane. You can click on the boss icons to check them off, or the waypoint icon for clipboard. This mode is useful for experienced world boss runners who just want to know what's up next.

Mobile Mode or
This mode shows the right panel only. The style is tailored for mobile phone/touch users, so some interfaces are enlarged. The scrolling is no longer fixed to the panel; you will instead scroll the entire webpage. Map-only features are hidden since the map pane is not shown. Some animations are also disabled for faster page rendering on slower (phone) machines.

Tile Mode or
This mode shows the timer chain bars only. You can view the scheduled bosses or the timetable as large tiles that scales to your screen size. Use this mode on your laptop, tablet, or low vertical space monitors. You can access options and languages on the top right corner.

Overlay App
World Completion Map with GPS
All features of the website can be used as an overlay in Guild Wars 2. Download the desktop app.

Pages and URLs
Page's sections
Some pages have a list of expandable sections. Click on a header to expand/collapse the section and read its content. The popup bar on the top (▼) is a shortcut to those headers, you can click any icon on the popup bar to view that section only.

Address Bar
When you load a "page" on the website, unless it is a link to another website, you always stay on the same webpage ( The address bar simulates website directory by updating its query string whenever you open a page or a section.
Example of key=value and ampersand (&) separated structure:

Code: Select all§ion=Collectible&article=chests&go=4816,16443,1
The usual structure of a URL is: page > section > article > go
page is any content layer that takes up the entire right side panel below the clock.
section is a discrete content of a page.
article is a special URL key currently used to pre-check checkboxes of that name within a section.
go can be a XY or XYZ string of comma separated numbers that are: x coordinate, y coordinate, and zoom level. In place of numbers, you can put a one-word name of a zone, for example, "Blazeridge Steppes" is "blazeridge" and "Black Citadel" is "citadel". Read the zones list for a list of zone shorthands. The third coordinate, or zoom level, can be a number between 0 and 6, where 0 is ground level (max zoom in).

The website supports clean URLs.
The example URL above can be shortened to:

Code: Select all,16443,1
where the first word after "" is the "Page", and the type of the "Page" is quite lenient: it can be a page's section, a zone shorthand, a WvW server ID, a mode, or even coordinates: will open the Personal Checklist. will show you the Dry Top map (because the shorthand "dry" is included). will show the Jade Quarry WvW live map. will show the Simple Clock mode.,20067 will show a spot in Southsun Cove (good for pinpointing to people locations in game).

That is all for the power user's tour of If you have questions then reply to this thread (registration not required).
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