Transfer Chaser Guide (2016-08-23 Living Story)

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Reward Summary
Use a radar to find objects in 5 different maps. You have 30 minutes to find 5 objects per map. Achievement is found under General > Current Events > Transfer Chaser.

The Five Maps
Talk to the female charr NPC "Seis Burntheart" in her current map for the "Speak with Seis Burntheart" one-time achievement. The dates below are her historical travels in which she left behind an interactive "Elemental Sprite" NPC for doing the actual map event.
  • 1st Frostgorge Sound [&BG8CAAA=] Elder's Vale
    2016-08-24 to 27
  • 2nd Snowden Drift [&BLUAAAA=] Highpass Haven Waypoint
    2016-08-28 to 31
  • 3rd Lornar's Pass [&BCoBAAA=] Nentor's Consolidated Mine
    2016-09-01 to 04
  • 4th Bloodtide Coast [&BKYBAAA=] Marshwatch Haven Waypoint
    2016-09-05 to 08
  • 5th Southsun Cove [&BNcGAAA=] Camp Karka Waypoint
    2016-09-09 to 12
  • Malchor's Leap [&BJgCAAA=] Western-Most Vista (Current Map). Note that this is not an achievement/event map, this is only for the speaking to Seis Burntheart achievement if you haven't already the first time.
    2016-09-13 to ...
Elemental Sprite (seen in previous maps).

Seis Burntheart (only seen in the current map).

Visual Guide
Click the image below for visual explanation:

1. Get the Sensor Tracking buff from Seis Burntheart or Elemental Sprite NPC.
2. Place the game camera on top of your head (hold Right Mouse Button and move your mouse down).
3. Use the Special Action key to show the 5 symbols pointing to the green smoke orb locations.
4. Your character is the center of the "compass", so follow straight to any of the symbols' direction.
5. Interact with the green smoke orb when you find it, and find all 5 before the 30 minute sensor buff expires to complete the non-repeatable achievement for that map.

  • Sensors (green smoke orbs) locations may not be the same for every player. The orbs are not named (yellow text over the object), so you'll have to look at the ground carefully.
  • Green symbol means you are within two longbow's range of the orb, blue means you are within ten longbow's range of the orb. If you see red symbol, then just waypoint far away in that direction.
  • The symbols may be buried in the ground, so use the Special Action key on flat terrain or while gliding/midair.
  • You may repeat this activity once per day in each map, but it'll only count as a regular event completion (karma/XP reward).
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