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I develop the website and its overlay as a hobby, and people using it is intrinsically enough motivation to keep me working on and improving it. Below are recognitions and praises by notable people and regular players.

Gaile Gray (ArenaNet Communications Manager) 2017-03-22
wrote:Oh my goodness, that’s great!

Guild Wars 2 Official Twitter Page (English) 2016-11-24 (Retweet)

Guild Wars 2 Official Twitter Page (English) 2016-10-09 (Retweet)

Guild Wars 2 Official Twitter Page (English) 2016-08-15 (Retweet)

Guild Wars 2 Official Facebook Page (French) 2016-02-22
wrote:Que vous cherchiez le bon chemin pour atteindre votre objectif lors d'une randonnée de guilde, que vous souhaitiez savoir combien de temps il vous faut encore attendre avant que la nuit ne tombe en Tyrie ou que vous souhaitiez savoir dans combien de temps commencera le pré-événement d'un boss, GW2Timer a été fait pour vous. Des zones de récoltes au comptoir de la compagnie commerciale du Lion Noir en passant par les événements dynamiques de chaque zone du jeu, ce cartographe condense et combine en réalité un grand nombre d'outils pour votre confort : (disponible en 10 langues à ce jour).
Google Translation:
"Whether you seek the right path to achieve your goal during guild trek, you want to know how long you have to wait until night falls in Tyria or want to know how soon pre-event a boss begins, GW2Timer was made for you. Harvesting areas to Black Lion Trading Post Company to Dynamic Events of each area of the game, the map condenses and combines a variety of tools for your convenience: (available in 10 languages so far)."

Guild Wars 2 Official Facebook Page (German) 2016-02-22
wrote:Wo auf der Karte gibt es überhaupt Events? Und wie komm ich da hin? Wann ist der nächste Boss? Und wann bricht die Nacht herein? Antwort auf diese und viele weitere Fragen liefert - ein umfangreiches Karten-Werkzeug mit vielen Sonderfunktionen.
Google Translation:
"Where on the map there are the events? And where do I go? When is the next boss? And when is nightfall? Answers to these and many other questions can be found - a comprehensive map tool with many special features."

Guild Wars 2 Official Twitter Page (French) 2016-02-22
wrote:Que vous cherchiez le bon chemin pour atteindre votre objectif lors d'une randonnée de guilde,... #GW2 #GW2HoT (1/2)
... ou que vous souhaitiez savoir quand se couchera le soleil, GW2Timer a été fait pour vous : #GW2 #GW2HoT (2/2)
Google Translation:
"Whether you seek the right path to achieve your goal during guild trek,... #GW2 #GW2HoT (1/2)
... or want to know when the sun will set, GW2Timer was made for you : #GW2 #GW2HoT (2/2)"

Pat Cavit (ArenaNet Programmer) 2015-03-05
wrote:I love fan projects like - it's amazing what folks have built for @GuildWars2

Amadahy (Reddit User) 2018-03-13
wrote:Thank you very much!
What's funny is I thought the answer was going to be Anet inadvertently altered the API on their end and it broke your work.
I noticed it because I'm a big fan of the Hero page 'without' selecting a specific hero (I use it to, say, get a quick overview of who needs ascended this or that), and saw many of my heroes were missing. That one character is relatively new, and I thought it would be fun to only use items I found or could buy with karma.
Glad something good came out of it, and hopefully it wasn't too much of a pain to fix. Really big fan of your Account UI.
itohe (YouTube User) 2017-10-02
wrote:MINIprésentation de l'utilitaire 'GW2Navi' Overlay pour GW2
ghoulbakura (Reddit User) 2017-08-26
wrote:Thank you for this, another excellent addition. And thank you for all your work as well on what is arguably the most useful, well-designed GW2 application there is!
Ashantara.8731 (GW2 User) 2017-08-17
wrote:Still, when you are interested in events, there is no better source than GW2 Timer.
Vigilant Walrus (NeoGAF User) 2017-07-06
wrote:The thing is, a fuckton of things of going on at all times. is an invalueable tool to really see what is going on and where. Then you can use the LFG tool to join a squad, and jump in.
Valius One C (YouTube User) 2017-07-02
wrote:Daily užduotys su greitai ir paprasta
Rheyo (YouTube User) 2017-05-29
wrote:[GW2] 2017 World Bosses Overview: Perfect Activity for New players
Vissarionn (Reddit User) 2017-03-26
wrote:Best site ever. I use it since the release of it, it has everything and the dev improves it all the time.
Bellum (YouTube User) 2016-11-04
wrote:GW2 Timer Guide, für alle die sich Fragen wann welcher Boss und (Meta)-Events erscheinen.
moabird7 (Twitter User) 2016-10-13
wrote:@GW2Timer I've been using your website for the better time of my GW2 experience, I absolutely adore it.
Kyraler (Reddit User) 2016-08-14
wrote:Can anyone please make a step-by-step video tutorial for and how to use it properly? I just feel to dumb to find everything or to find the right settings when I'am looking for something >.< ... and it reeeeally looks like the most powerful tool for gw2 out there...
Lytalm (Reddit User) 2016-08-01
wrote:GW2timer is love, GW2timer is life! Sleazy Gizey (YouTube User) 2016-06-04
wrote:Best Tools to use with Guild Wars 2!
四月 (Chinese Player) 2016-01-08
wrote:1、非常强大的 GW2Navi Guild Wars 2 Overlay (为了方便描述,下文统称GPS
wolfeng_ (Reddit User) 2016-01-03
wrote:Like people have said, Gw2timer overlay app is THE BEST choice for map completing guides.
mythix_gamer (Reddit User) 2016-01-03
wrote:I highly suggest downloading the overlay and setting it up like he describes. I just recently did it and it is life changing for world completion. Using it for leveling up between stories on my revenant.
Elsenrise Guild [ESR] (Thai Player) 2015-12-07
wrote:เครื่องมือช่วยในการเปิดแมป GPS และ GW2timer Tool
Guild Wars Update (YouTube User) 2015-11-26
wrote:Guild Wars 2 - Herramientas útiles | GW2Timer
Famme (Creator of 2015-11-22
wrote:Looks great /u/Drant! When I made mine my thinking was "I'm waiting for AB to start, I should create a quick timer that people can use until gw2timer gets a more fully-featured one."
E-NOR (Taiwanese Player)
Lady Shark (YouTube User) 2015-06-19
wrote:Lugares marcados de misiones de clan, podemos encontrar el recorrido que hacen los npc de misiones. Tenemos los sitios de carreras y etc. También tenemos eventos y logros que podemos buscar y encontrar con facilidad, por ejemplo: Monedas, insignias, etc que tengo en el canal :) Y mucho más!
WoodenPotatoes (YouTube User) 2015-04-12
wrote:So this is really the power of Guild Wars 2 Timer--we can expand this, and have a look at the individual events here, we know exactly what waypoint we want to go to...
...for example daily achievements will be listed here, the amount of dungeon paths you've done can be viewed, the jumping puzzles are available in game, all the resource nodes that can spawn in the game, there's a lot of stuff, a very powerful powerful tool.
Carighan (Reddit User) 2014-05-25
wrote:I got stuck on Love how it tries to predict when the pre-events are done. :)
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