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Welcome to the complementary forum to

This is an inclusive forum, so don't worry about posting in a wrong category.
You do not need to register to post. I will respond usually within 3-12 hours.

Suggested Topics for Discussion:

StarCraft maps
  • Download help
  • Map requests or submissions
  • Map search questions
  • Map making questions
  • Map of the Day selections
When requesting a map, please tell me its filename if you remember it, and give its tileset, dimension, and the year when you played. This will greatly help me in pinpointing the map.

Ready to post?
Please make your thread title descriptive so others can find it :^^:

Thread Title Initialisms:
UR = Upload Request (upload a map you made, you may need to give me the link to it if I don't have it in my hard drive)
MR = Map Request (I will find it in my hard drive and try to find it elsewhere online)
Please tell the filename, tileset, and map size of the requested map if you remember.
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How do I install this in order to play a custom map on LAN or with friends?

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Download the StarCraft client and install it; use Blizzard's tech support if you need help. If you want to play custom maps, download the map packs and unzip them to

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C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft\Maps
Go to the game's Multiplayer section and login, then click the Create button to host your own game, after picking a map.
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