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Latest Updates
- Added Mythwright Gambit raid to the Account Raids auto-checklist.

- Fixed dummy item is used for those missing in the items API. This allows the Account Hero section to finish loading and calculate the character attributes.

- Changed switched to HTTPS ( Your settings, checklists, notepads, and history must be  manually transferred to this version of the site.

- Added Hall of Chains raid to the Account Raids auto-checklist.

Previous Updates
- Added new currencies and keys from Daybreak release to the Account Wallet.
- Workaround cached map data containing all Path of Fire zones and Domain of Istan is used instead of ArenaNet live data, until the API is fixed.

- Added Twilight Oasis fractal to the daily calendar.
- Added Domain of Istan Palawadan meta event on the timeline.
- Added Daybreak Living Story API content to account pages and Domain of Istan to the map. Note that the Path of Fire zones are missing due to ArenaNet API bug.

- Added sand portals usable by jackal mount (Display > Show zone gateways). Credit: antm753
- Added daily achievements in Path of Fire with placeholder coordinates.
- Added Account Characters Path of Fire profession specialization icons.
- Added Buried Treasures from Path of Fire to the Collectible Items section. Credit: antm753

- Added ranger pets from Path of Fire to the Collectible Items section.
- Added Account Minis for Path of Fire items.
- Added Account Materials for Path of Fire items.

- Added dedicated timers for Casino Blitz and Buried Treasure, allowing you to subscribe to them for voice and desktop notifications (click on its time to subscribe).
- Fixed workaround for accessing non-existent ArenaNet API item even though it may exists in other API endpoints; a dummy item is used instead.

- Added timers for Path of Fire meta events (beta). Credit: Wiki, Reddit, and GW2 forum users
- Added expiration tag and timestamp for individual Pact Supply recipe in the spreadsheet.
- Changed re-added Halloween Mad King Says timer to the dashboard and timeline.
- Changed moved Serpents' Ire from the timeline to the Chains page and calibrated to its sliding schedule.
- Changed added more Petrified Wood nodes in Ember Bay and changed its map bookmarks route. Credit: Almace

- Added search bar to filter the Directory and Options page.
- Added Chinese translation for game strings and corrections. Credit: danroger
- Added Path of Fire currencies to the Account page.
- Added Path of Fire skins to the Wardrobe page.

- Added Path of Fire zone entries for showing zone completion locations and dynamic events. Click on "Display" on the top right of the map for filters.
- Added Path of Fire items to search database and Museum.

- Added a faux item to the Gem Store Wishlist. Subscribe to the "Free Gem Store Item" item to get an alert when there's a 0-gem item on the gem store.
- Added Desktop Notifications. Get little popups of boss icons or other alert events that activate in conjunction with the voice notifications. Enable this option from the "Alarm" menu on the top right corner of the map, under "Desktop Notifications". After you clicked the checkbox, the browser will ask you for permission; please click "Allow"; if you click "Block" you must manually modify your browser so it can allow notifications from the site again. This feature has been tested on Chrome and Firefox, and is expected to work on Edge, Opera, and on the Mac. You may use this link to turn on notifications, then choose the type of alerts you want from the Alarm menu or the Gem Store Wishlist.

- Added Right click on map > Compass > Options > Choose file. Ability to import GW2 TacO markers by selecting the .xml file in the "POIs" folder from downloaded marker packs. Also imports Augmented Tyria .json route files.
- Added Orrian Pearl and Oyster to resource nodes section and Waterlogged Chests to collectible items section. Credit: Tekkit

- Added One Path Ends release items to the database and account material storage.
- Added Siren's Landing map entry.
- Added Shattered Observatory fractal to the daily achievements.

- Added account Delivery Box of gold and items to be picked up from the Trading Post.
- Added right click on the map > Zone > Map URL to auto-copy current coordinates as a URL.
- Added Freshwater Pearl (Mussels) resource node Map Bookmarks. Credit: Jannax
- Changed the Daily Fractal "Scale" and "Island" have their own rows showing their icon and number.

- Added Rift Stabilizer locations to the Collectible Items section. Wiki for more info. Credit: Palingenesis
- Changed Gem Store Promotions tab on the dashboard use layout similar to Pact Supply, with item names included.

- Added results list for Wardrobe search bar.
- Changed the native HTML select elements have been replaced with custom search bars, this allows WvW servers and map bookmarks to be selected on the overlay (due to a bug with the overlay frame covering the dropdown menu).
- Changed HUD buttons on the top right of the map must be clicked on to view their respective popup menus, as opposed to hovered on. This behavior is similar to the "File Edit View" menus.

- Added Account Achievements search.
- Added map powerups for the gateways Display filter; in Draconis Mons these are Oakheart's Essences.
- Added Primordial Orchid (Fire Orchid Blossom) resource nodes.
- Added Rock Collector, People Watching, Lessons Learned collectible achievements. Credit: Palingenesis

- Added Account Achievements, Account Masteries, and Mists Champions unlocks (auditable).
- Added Personal Checklist is rearrangeable using the buttons on the right side of each list item.
- Added right click on the map: "Zone" > "Draw resource route" to trigger the resource route generator.
- Fixed middle click a path pin not triggering the optimize path function.

- Added Account Mail Carriers (auditable).
- Added Dynamic Events map now uses API's icon if available.
- Changed standardized the Sale Promotions and Gem Store Wishlist objects. The promotions dashboard now properly displays Black Lion Weapon Ticket items.
- Fixed Automatic daily audit not considering the audit options such as "convert currencies".

- Added button on account bank menus to filter items for cleanup. This filter uses the same function as the Account Cleanup tool but with additional parameters, such as food excluded and upgrades included.
- Added Directory page-group collapse state is remembered.
- Added unsubscribe link for each alerted gem item.
- Changed refactored gem store item subscription from two separate arrays into one associative array.
- Fixed workaround for Chrome 57 lag when viewing the Account Characters page. This was caused by the .svg guild banners. These have been replaced by plain API guild banner PNG images that are uncolorized without backgrounds.

- Added "Directory" as the default page. This plate covers the entire side panel; use its links to access almost all of the site's content.
- Added Super Adventure Box character progression.
- Changed dashboard moved to the Directory.
- Changed language selection moved to the Directory.
- Changed PvE alarm and WvW narration options moved to "Alarm", next to the "Display" map popup options. Moved all Alarm options to the "Alarm" map HUD button popup, and likewise for Map options to "Display".
- Changed if opted, Timeline and Dashboard are collapsed rather than completely hidden.
- Changed closing the Account Panel will clear all generated contents such as banks and wardrobe UI, this is to relieve the browser—for example—of the thousands of bank slots generated.

- Changed moved timeline buttons and indicator time to improve clarity. Dragon's Stand and Dry Top are in their own lines. Use the button on the left of each line to hide those you don't want to see.
- Changed the world boss touring feature will cease if the map is ever manually moved.
- Fixed window and toggle buttons not being translated.

- Added Account Titles to the characters overview page.
- Added unified bulk fetch and cache functions for API endpoints with ID numbered data. Account Hero now bulk fetches all characters' equipment, specializations, traits, and skills.
- Changed dynamic event map now draws the true area-of-participation rather than displays approximated paintbrush ellipse images.

- Added Account Gliders. Only the backpack skin will be audited if the glider is of a combo.
- Added WvW victory points and potential points to scoreboard; objectives' yak and upgrades to tooltip.
- Added backup map details cache for all API available languages.
- Added Harathi High Sage and Massive Earth Elemental to the Legacy Bosses section. Estimated 1-1.5 hour instance-based respawn cooldown since the boss is last killed.
- Changed item search, gem and pact dashboard, and Trading Tracker use bulk fetch.

- Added "Compass" pins to replace "Range"/"Weapons" tool. Right click on the map for the Compass context menu, allowing you to lay an assortment of map icons such as: events, NPCs, squad markers, travel methods, and resource nodes. The checkmark by the input bars enables custom properties for the compass, such as range circles and icon tooltip comment. Note that your previously stored siege weapons will not be transferred. The current set of compass icon images may be overridden in the future; if that happens your compasses will only lose their icon but keep all other properties. Use the Help context menu item for usage information.
- Added context menu submenus automatically reposition so they do not appear outside of screen.
- Changed custom map markers with configurable icon, range circle, and comment are now called "Compass" pins. The personal pins when double clicked on the map that are used to lay routes are now called "Path" pins.
- Changed sale data moved to its own file and will be re-downloaded when the gem store dashboard or wishlist is opened. Individual items now have an expiration countdown (removal from gem store or no longer discounted).

- Added Gem Store Gallery and Wishlist with text and sound alerts when an item you subscribed to is available on the gem store or is on sale at a discount. Click the Help button on that page for more info.
- Added dashboard for Tile Mode.
- Added Museum history of the items database API from 2013-2016. Credit: GW2.FR Database

- Added home instance cats page now also automatically marks the unlocked cats on the map. This works by sending the embedded map a src URL containing the unlocked cats' IDs.
- Fixed added conditionals in map populate function since WvW doesn't have Mastery Insights.
- Fixed tooltip overflowing the left side of the screen; now the tooltip sticks to the left edge if it's too long.
- Fixed Trading Tracker calculator lines breaking into new lines in Firefox.
- Fixed GPS coordinates not being updated because the check requires both X and Y coordinates to change; now it requires either X or Y to change.

- Added home instance nodes and cats account unlocks.
- Added home instance nodes are considered in the account value audit function.
- Added account completion status of daily dungeons and weekly raids.
- Added hungry cats map for collecting home instance cats. Credit: Palingenesis
- Added option for Audit History to record the sum of all currencies-converted-to-coin in an audit category. For example, currently the Wallet category only records the gold you have; now it may instead record the sum of gems, karma, laurels, dungeon tokens, etc. converted to gold, plus the wallet gold. Since almost all audit categories have multiple currencies (Outfits category for example consist mostly of gems), you will see raise in value for them.
- Changed clicking the display button now toggles the map's HUD (container for dashboard and timeline) rather than toggles the side app panel.
- Changed Account Audit no longer appraises Ascended Shard of Glory. Previously it was an analogue to ascended armor, but now the purchasable ascended armor require expensive crafting materials in addition to the shards.

- Changed daily fractals for tomorrow are retrieved from API and should always be correct.

- Added display options for Mastery Insights, Renown Heart areas, and sector borders.
- Added backup cache of map data (POIs, Hearts, Vista, etc) in case of ArenaNet API server downtime.
- Added route for unlocking important waypoints in the world map. Credit: Seventyfive
- Added button to condense the timeline, showing only the timestamps and world boss mini icons. You can also filter the timeline via the buttons left of each row; use the condense button to undo.
- Added Chinese names for Jumping Puzzles and Collectible Items.
- Added cooldown for event touring to prevent downloading of map tiles that would never be seen.
- Added search bar for fast filtering of map pins' load/save slots.
- Added events shown on the map when in max zoom will display their event name.
- Added timeline for Lake Doric event timers. Immelhoof, Agatha, and Cairn world bosses can be subscribed for voice alerts. Credit: Daskan
- Added WvW server/alliance relinking date as an initial message in the log.
- Added WvW bloodlust as a pseudo-objective in the center of the five ruins.
- Changed resynced daily fractal rotation for displaying tomorrow's fractals. Credit: Silaedru

- Added map instance capability for GPS. You can now see your character pin when in story missions, dungeons, raids, and special maps.
- Added Lake Doric zone to the map, along with Jade Shard (these nodes spawn randomly in the vicinity), and world completion route (right click on the Lake Doric zone, Map > Draw Completion Route).
- Added Cin Business, Letters From E, and Master of Puppets collectible achievements. Credit: dulfy
- Added Harathi Strongboxes (leather farm) to the Collectible Items section. Credit: [FARM]
- Added Bastion of the Penitent wing to the raid checklist.
- Added WvW ruins for Desert Borderlands.
- Added alert for when a new game build is available, based on the API. The reminder alerts have been moved from the Options page to the quick options on the Chains page, under the speaker icon.
- Changed deliberate colors for the Account Audit history graph lines. Added wallet karma to the history.
- Changed updated items database and records to The Head of the Snake release.

- Added ability to transfer your user settings and data across computers. Go to the bottom of the Options page for info. The Export button will generate a text file; email or USB drive that file to another computer and use the Import button to load it. You may use this feature to backup your Trading Post investments or Account Audit history. Importing the whole options file will clone the website; if you want to import just one type of data then open the file with a programming text editor and delete all the lines you don't need beforehand.
- Added user contribution of Pact Supply daily offers.
- Added option under Options page, Alarm-Reminders section for Mystic Forger daily.
- Changed updated items database and records to Lunar New Year 2017 release. Visit the Museum page to see new items recently added to the game.

- Added tooltip engine to render achievement details, seen in the Daily Achievements calendar.
- Added API charges number for gathering tool and salvaging kit item icons.
- Added Previous and Next traversal actions for item search results list.
- Fixed incremented the daily fractal sets by 2 days to sync with the game's apparent shift.
- Removed Pact Supply Network Agent daily offers list.
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2016 Updates
- Added Item Museum, a chronological bank of items that was recently added to game.
- Added Ascended Shards of Glory currency to the wallet and audit.
- Changed the tradeable bank filter button can be clicked multiple times to filter: tradeable items, bound items, and show all.
- Changed updated items database for Wintersday 2016 release.
- Changed updated Account Recipes record (last updated July 2016) with all current recipes.

- Added Simplified Chinese translations "zh"; Traditional Chinese moved to the "tw" language code.
- Added Map Bookmarks drop down selection in the Daily Achievements section, which will draw for you commonly used paths such as resource nodes routes.
- Added Pact Supply history for 2015-12 through 2016-12.
- Added Toggle HUD context menu (right click) item for WvW map, which will toggle both the server leaderboards and capture log.
- Changed Pact Supply dashboard will no longer disappear if expired, but expired items will not be listed.
- Fixed item database search unusable if selected language is not one of the API supported.

- Added Raid Checklist, which resets the same time as the weekly checklist. The number of checklist items can now be set in the Options page, Daily section.
- Changed crafting recipes unlocked from deleted characters will be counted via account recipes API.
- Fixed ArenaNet has fixed the missing bank tabs bug and the corrupt map tiles across Mount Maelstrom latitude.
- Fixed Account Audit conversion of 1 laurel is approximated as 3 Vicious Claws, instead of 3 laurels for 1 Vicious Claw. This fix will significantly increase your account value if you have lots of laurels. Also fixed ascended trinkets payment being recorded as 0, their associated payment is now properly converted to appraised coin (for example ascended amulets bought with laurels).

- Added map context menu for pins and weapons now have input bar next to the save/load list, allowing you to name your saved paths or siege placements.
- Added world completion route for Bitterfrost Frontier zone; right click the zone then Map > Draw.
- Added winterberries, resource nodes, mastery points, and thermal tubes for Bitterfrost Frontier zone.
- Added Icebound Chests to the Collectible Items section.
- Added "A Crack in the Ice" release items to the database and Account pages.
- Added Bitterfrost Frontier zone to the map and temporary map image until ArenaNet adds the actual map tiles.
- Added Nightmare fractal to the dailies calendar. It will take 14 days to record the new cycle for displaying tomorrow's fractals.
- Changed separated resource nodes type to their own checkboxes: Rich, Regular, and Hotspot.

- Added beta release of Account Audit History graph, which will save a short report of your audit every time you do one. This is stored in your browser's localStorage like every other things saved on the website, but will be compressed to save space. Click the "Print History" button at the bottom of the audit report to see your history in raw format. You may change the maximum number of audits saved in the Options page, Account section. Also, there is an option to automatically at daily reset open an invisible iframe that loads the audit page, so your history will be recorded as long as you visit the website after every reset.
- Added protection of count options (starting with "int_num") from being overridden by URL.
- Added personal pins can be middle clicked, this will optimize your path with the clicked pin as the starting point.

- Added Account Possessions a combined bank of your bank, inventories, equipped items, and material storage. You can search by typing any text that can be found in an item's tooltip, or by typing your character's name or item location. This replaces the "Equipment" account section.
- Added more launch pads from the wiki.
- Added press Esc key to close the console/message window (green text).
- Changed dashboard gem store pane always show exchange rate samples: gold needed to buy 100 gems, and gems needed to buy 100 gold.

- Changed guild mission names share a generation function. Search bar for all mission types.
- Fixed language selection list being hidden.
- Workaround forcing floor 2 to not see the corrupt map tiles in the Mount Maelstrom latitude.

- Added carving pumpkins to the Collectible Items section. Credit: Palingenesis
- Added Halloween 2016 items to the Account sections.
- Added filters to show Collectible Items by category.
- Changed chain bars' predicted status arrow replaced with little squares (same as countdown timers): gray is inactive, green is active, and orange is waiting/almost active.
- Changed all Account sections to use bulk fetching of item details and TP price via multiple-requests-in-one-URL method. This will overwhelmingly reduce load time.
- Changed get script functions to use cache.

- Added sleep timer to autohide the map menu buttons when in Overlay mode.
- Added Ember Bay world completion route. Right click the Ember Bay map zone and "Map" > "Draw completion route".
- Changed personal pins when shown with path will be directional arrows, and white pins if without.
- Fixed Firefox using synthetic-sounding English voice because Firefox 49 added Web Speech. Firefox will now download multilingual mp3s as before and not use its voice system.
- Fixed gold value having commas in the Trading Tracker not being able to flank price alerts.

- Added Outfits and Finishers to the account panel and Audit account value function.
- Added option to be alerted by voice the start of day or night time (Options page, Alarm section).
- Added WvW borderlands labels on the map can be clicked on to zoom to that borderlands, or right clicked to default map view.
- Added timeline timestamps toggle, click the top row to toggle between 5 and 15 minutes spacing.
- Added unsorted GPS locations for Collectible Items: Mursaat Tokens, Mursaat Tablets, and Cami's Journal Entries in Ember Bay. Credit: Palingenesis
- Changed Account Inventory will not fetch item (slot) data until you expand a "bank tab", which represents a character's inventory.
- Removed temporarily the fractal daily row from the Daily Achievements calendar, due the API having outdated information. Must wait 2 weeks for new cycle to be recorded.

- Added Petrified Wood resource nodes. Removed poultry due to low price versus effort.
- Added Ember Bay zone entry for GPS location, Thermal Tubes vector, item database for account page, resource nodes, mastery insights, and jumping puzzle. To see the Thermal Tubes, hover over the icon and checkmark "Show zone gateways" and pan to Ember Bay.
- Added vignette for overlay mode (inner shadow on the website's edges), to blend the window.
- Added Text-To-Speech for Chromium version of overlay so alarms and WvW narration works.
- Changed Bloodstone-Crazed Creatures on the timeline are only shown when their tab (Special Bosses) is expanded on the Chains page. Removed Special Bosses from the Timetable.

- Fixed account panel menu overflowing when app panel is aligned to the left.

- Added tomorrows' daily fractal islands, based on prewritten schedule.
- Changed app panel and clock facelift.
- Changed moved links for modes, resources, guides, and tutorials to the new "Menu" HUD button. Added titles to HUD buttons on PvE map. Restyled HUD for clarity.
- Changed condensed the toggle buttons for Gem Store promotions and Pact Supply into one line along with the daily achievements app, which can also be accessed from the dashboard.

- Added Silverwastes map meta events, Justiciar Hablion, and Unbound Guardian to the Legacy (unscheduled) chains tab.
- Added Chinese chain event names.
- Added WvW cannons, mortars, walls, and secondary objectives for all borderlands. Credit: Palingenesis
- Added "+" symbol next to WvW "host" server names (no symbol if that server is alone).
- Changed moved the language selection to the Options menu button popup.
- Changed recategorized all Heart of Thorns main events and Ley-Line Anomaly as a hardcore boss, so it is shown on the clock. Restored the clock icons.
- Changed to save space, copper value is visually hidden in account bank and bank tab tallies.

- Added unchecked/checked/hidden chain bar states are mimicked on the timeline boss icons.
- Changed recategorized Ley-Line Anomaly as a miscellaneous chain (like HoT events) instead of a special Living Story event, so it is placed in the regular list instead of its own window.
- Changed Bloodstone-Crazed Creatures timers moved to (a chains category below Scheduled).
- Fixed legacy stats in the "buff" property being added to ascended gear in the Hero page. Note that the stats calculation does not consider traits such as "Gain condition damage based on your precision".

- Added Bloodstone-Crazed Creatures timers (beta).
- Added Bloodstone Sightings (Bloodstone-Crazed Creatures) and Bloodstone Harvest (Bloodstone Slivers) collections to the Collectible Items page. Credit: Palingenesis, Dulfy.
- Added Nuhoch Wallow and Skritt Tunnel map teleports to the Show Zone Gateways map option. Credit: Palingenesis

- Added original world bosses to the timeline. The bosses behind the current ones are future bosses as seen by the timestamp above them. The icons can be clicked to view the event location and auto-copy waypoint to clipboard.
- Changed to reduce redundance, the clock icons are hidden until hovered over. This case is only for the non-embedded website mode and if your clock is set to the default compact size.
- Changed the clock background now dims according to the game's day/night time rather than the 15 minute world boss timeframe.

- Added Audit View functionality to the audit feature, allowing you to see each audit category as a bank, with the audited items (or items of unlocks) tallied and showing their individual appraised sell value; items that don't show up means they weren't audited and included in the final appraised value. To use this feature, click on the top header cell of an audit category column, for example click the word "Bank" in the "Audit Categories" table.
- Added Guild Vault to the account panel; the audit feature will also consider guild banks you own. The ArenaNet API requires you to be the guild leader (or at least an API key created by the guild leader) in order to view the guild bank.
- Added URL format for sharing your API key: the site domain name (, a hash sign (#), and the key (ABCDE012-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCDE012ABCDE012ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCD-ABCDE012ABCD). Note that the key must be exactly 72 characters long. URLs with fragment identifier will not be viewed or stored by Google Analytics, so I will not be able to see your key. Example URL:

Code: Select all
Again, please put your key after the "#", or else it will be exposed and logged by Google Analytics.
- Added short URL to server-specific WvW page. To see the server IDs list, click the pie chart icon on the top left of the WvW scoreboard. Example URL:

Code: Select all
- Fixed account recipes being audited multiple times because different crafting disciplines sharing the same recipe. Now all unlocks will only be audited once.

- Added Bloodstone Fen zone entry for generating map icons and GPS functionality. Added Mastery Insight and Skritt Burglar locations for this map to the Collectible Items section. Added Bloodstone Crystal nodes to the Resource Nodes section.
- Added Conspiracy of Dunces achievement (Sentient Anomaly gizmo) paper scrap locations to the Collectible Items section. Credit: dulfy, Palingenesis
- Added Unbound Magic currency to the wallet. For the audit feature, one Blood Ruby is considered as 37 Unbound Magic (average of resulting salvage 25-50).
- Added Ley-Line Anomaly circuit lines (orange) and spawn spots (red). In Timberline Falls the anomaly boss runs clockwise, in Gendarran Fields and Iron Marches the boss runs counter-clockwise.
- Changed ascended amulets have enrichment slot while other ascended equipments have infusion slot.
- Fixed readjusted WvW map zoom level to latest ArenaNet API change. For a while the website will not remember your initial zoom level as it will decide automatically the best zoom for your screen.

- Added Account Audit to scan all your items, unlocks, and gem store account upgrades and convert their associated currencies into gold for appraisal. This feature can be accessed below the Characters page; click the big Help button for more information.
- Fixed Account Audit considers the sum ingredients of Winter's Presence aura shoulder skin. Skins whose item simultaneously unlocks Light/Medium/Heavy version of the skins are only audited once instead of three times (for example Nightfury and gem store headwear).

- Fixed ascended trinkets having surplus stats because of previous workaround for the items API not combining stats.

- Added button on the WvW leaderboard (top left corner) to print out the servers population list.

- Added Ley-Line Anomaly living story events to the dashboard. Subscription alarm works with these events. The paths drawn connect the ley-line events locations according to the API; the boss may spawn at these line corners.
- Added alarm mode automatically switches to subscription whenever you subscribe to a meta event chain (by clicking the time next to the chain name).
- Changed HoT timeline coloring: gray is "pre-events", orange is "boss" events, green is "boss" events that are active.

- Added Account Transactions (Trading Post history) and Gem Exchange in the style of the game's Currency Exchange window.
- Added Trading Post buy orders and sell listings to the Trading Tracker, click the $ button (next to the item name search bar) to read the printout; double click that button to view the wiki page.
- Changed abbreviated WvW server names for alliances (world links) that have too many servers in order to fit the names.
- Changed to save space, copper value is visually hidden in coin-needed-to-buy-gems exchange.

- Added Account Cleanup a catalog that looks for unopened bags and "useless" items in your bank and inventories. Useless items are such as Junk rarity items, trophies, and unlocked collections items.
- Changed updated WvW objectives PPT value to match patch.
- Changed bolded HoT chain names on the Chains page. Heart of Thorns timeline's active events show time until that event starts again, rather than time until it ends (because the event after it already shows that time).

- Added search bar to the map zones list under the icon. Type a location name, a zone name, an event name, or a location type ("sector", "waypoint", "point of interest", "vista", "hero challenge", "heart") to see a list of map locations. Click on a result to zoom to it. Note that you must have the Show Completion or Show Dynamic Events option checked for the locations to be downloaded first; hover over the icon to change these options.
- Added Sell and Buy TP prices (before taxes) next to item search results.
- Added Account Catalog's bank search bar also functions as an account wide item search. Select an item from the search result to see a list of where it it resides in your account.
- Added Account Recipes that shows all the crafting disciplines' recipes in separate categories as seen in game. You can use the bank search bar to not only filter items in the bank tabs, but it will additionally show what characters can craft the item you selected from the item search list.
- Fixed Trading Post tracker not accepting new items for calculators below the first one.

- Added Custom Account Catalog can be augmented with your own bank tabs (Screenshot). The Account Catalog is a virtual bank/collection of the most common game items, with designation of where they are located in your account (if you have them). To customize your own catalog, click the + icon on the top right of the bank to create a new tab, then click the cog icon next to the new tab to edit it. Use the input bar and search for an item to be added to your custom tab, or use the other input bar to rename the tab. Click on an item slot you added to show the menu to move or delete it.
- Added Item Database search input bars recognize keyboard Up, Down, and Enter events, for selecting an item from the search results list without having to click with a mouse.
- Changed the Trading Post tracker uses in-house item search database. You can add items to the trading calculators by entering the item's name in English, German, Spanish, French, or Simplified Chinese depending on your selected site language. You can also type partial words of an item's name (separated by spaces) to find the item, such as "pow blo" to find "Vial of Powerful Blood" rather than typing out the name in order.

- Added Skritt Burglar locations to the Collectible Items section.
- Added bank menu button to toggle between smaller or bigger bank UI size. Condense the bank permanently by going to the Options page, Account section.
- Added Dyes Palette to the account panel.
- Added off-screen detection for context menus.
- Changed WvW Kills to Deaths ratio bar graph constrained to 0 to 2:1, meaning a 0% bar graph is extremely low kills and extremely high deaths, and 50% bar graph is 1:1 equal kills and deaths, and 100% bar graph is twice the number of kills over deaths (or an even better K:D ratio).
- Fixed dynamic events map not finish drawing icons because of null zone object.

- Added skills bar (healing, utility, elite) to the Hero section of the account page.
- Added attribute numbers (Power, Precision, etc.) for account equipment that have selectable stats, such as backpieces and legendary equipment. The ascended equipment's values are bugged from API.
- Added Ascended Equipment catalog with coin value, based on how many Damask/Elonian/Deldrimor components total needed to make one piece and assuming components cost 10g each. Containers' value assumes you pick the highest valued equipment piece.
- Added Shared Inventory Slots to the Account Inventory section.
- Added Account Catalog, a wardrobe-style bank and "keychain" of toys, tonics, tokens, and various fun or cosmetic items.
- Fixed Daily Achievements Calendar not showing dailies as seen by Heart of Thorns players.

- Added option memory for the Toggle HUD command when right clicking on the PvE map, so the Dashboard and Timeline will not show up again if you reload the website/overlay.
- Added large map controls for touch devices.
- Changed cached database of Materials and Minis account bank for faster loading.
- Changed toggling the coordinates bar when using the overlay also toggles the digital clock next to it. If you don't like this change, please reply at the overlay's thread.

- Added translations for Ranger Pet names in German, French, Spanish.
- Added Lost Precipice and Gilded Hollow zones. These instances will also work with the GPS overlay.
- Added minis to the Account Armory.
- Added ruins and bloodlust for WvW Alpine.
- Added WvW kills and deaths by borderlands. Hover over the K:D bar graphs to see.
- Changed adjusted WvW objectives and labels to Alpine Borderlands. Because the new map has a different zoom level, please change your initial zoom level in the map options under the icon.
- Fixed WvW fallback not updating objectives or scoreboard. WvW fallback is the alternate v1 API the website uses when it fails to receive data from ArenaNet's v2 API. Note that the v1 API does not include both servers in World Linking, so if nothing updates when you are using the fallback, try changing your server to the one you are paired with.

- Added Heart of Thorns adventures and jumping puzzles with a search bar to the Jumping Puzzle section.
- Added search bar to find Ranger Pets by their name.
- Added daily fractal islands and daily JP/Adventure/Dungeon. Modularized daily box icons generation. PvE daily icons can be clicked on to zoom to the best place to complete it.
- Added input box to change personal path/world completion route color. Hover over the icon on the map pane for the "Path Color" input box.
- Added map toggle for showing map tiles. Right click the map and "Map" > "Toggle map". This will hide the map texture, leaving only a blank map but showing any map icons and paths displayed. This allows you to use the game's minimap with native textures and resource nodes and NPC icons, while still seeing the stacked overlay's world completion route.
- Fixed Dynamic Events map option not drawing event circles because v1 API "event_names" is disabled.

- Added Account Armory beta release. View your account and characters outside of GW2. Features available in this release: Bank, Materials, Wardrobe, Hero, Inventory.
- Changed WvW shows paired server names from the World Linking beta. Differentiated WvW guild claim and objective age label color. Added previous objective owner icon to objective tooltip.

- Changed split the daily and weekly reset timestamps. Daily timestamp resets everyday at 00:00 UTC, and weekly timestamp resets every Monday at 07:30 UTC. "Weekly reset" time is the same time as when guild missions and raids reset. According to the wiki, Black Lion Chest Key reset time is 1 hour after the weekly reset. You can check the reset timers at the Personal Checklist section.

- Changed GPS follow character checkbox is now a set of radio buttons with the new option "Zone" follow, which automatically moves the map to whichever PvE zone or WvW borderlands your character is in. By default "Character" follow is in PvE, and "Zone" follow is in WvW. Remember to change your initial zoom level (from the icon options) to fit your overlay window size.

- Added autoscroll capability. Normally when you click the middle mouse button on a webpage that has a scrollbar, a compass would appear and you can move your mouse to automatically scroll the webpage. Because uses a custom scrollbar plugin, this ability had been disabled. This feature is now restored by JavaScript emulation.

- Added Ranger Pets to the Collectible Items section. Click on a map pet icon to mark that entire species as tamed; right click to zoom in/out. Click on a listed pet icon to view that species only. Credit: Palingenesis.

- Added tooltip engine to render item details. Hover over gem store and TP item icons to show the item's information like in game.

- Added fallback for WvW. When the site cannot retrieve new objectives state data several times, it will revert to ArenaNet's v1 API, which usually has less downtime than the default v2 API. The site will still try to connect back to the v2 API, as it has more information like Kills/Deaths and objective times which v1 API lacks.
- Workaround Chrome Text-to-Speech having a robotic voice instead of regular natural voice. To workaround this Chrome bug, the website will manually select the voice (instead of Chrome selecting the voice by language). Current issue for this workaround is that if the website speaks immediately after the website has loaded, it will have the robotic voice initially.
- Fixed guild claiming labels not updating after an objective has been unclaimed.

- Added WvW focus graphs by borderlands score. This shows which enemy borderlands that server has earned the most/least points from (excluding EBG). Compare this with the other focus graph which counts the PPT from non-native objectives owned by that server (including EBG).
- Workaround WvW scripts only execute after WvW stylesheet has been loaded, so styles are not conflicted.

- Added launch pad icons. To show these, hover over the icon and checkmark "Show zone gateways". Ingame launch pads turn you into a human cannonball, allowing high-altitude gliding.

- Added shrine, sentry, and supply depot as secondary objective icons. Toggle these from the icon on the WvW map.
- Added power-to-range tooltip for catapult and trebuchet on the siege weapon selection; note that this assumes flat terrain and no significant elevation difference. Right click on the WvW map and go under "Range" to lay siege weapons. Put the range value in the custom input box and create a custom siege weapon to visualize the range.

- Added WvW live map with full overlay compatibility. Announcement post and instructions. Features include: zoomable self-adjusting map, filterable voice narration, tier leaderboard, succinct log, objective age and claiming labels, destructible walls markings, siege placement tool and mesmer portal range, and supply calculator. WvW is used entirely on the map, so you do not need to have the side panel open.
- Added video demo on how to use the website and GW2Navi overlay.

- Added quick toggle buttons to toggle the clock and chain bars (icon shaped like two arrowheads).
- Added tooltip background image same as GW2's tooltips.
- Added calculation for Personal Path distance (in game range units) and time required to traverse that distance (while under swiftness buff).
- Changed removed Flash copy to clipboard, the auto-copy system now uses the browser's native clipboard capability.
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August 6th, 2016, 10:18 pm #3

2015 Updates
- Added to the Collectible Items section: Noxious Pods (Dragon's Stand), Crystallized Supply Caches (Tangled Depths), and Airship Cargo (Verdant Brink) locked ground chests. Credit: BoyC.

- Added language switch links include the current URL structure, so changing the language should return you to your current "page".
- Added adaptive zooming for the zoom links under the compass icon. The resulting zoom level will depend on your screen/overlay size.
- Added console commands help printout. Click on the map so you have the text input on the bottom left corner selected, then type "/help" and press Enter to show a list of console commands.
- Fixed removed caching for Trading Tracker looped AJAX functions. This should keep the TP prices and exchange rate as fresh as in the API.

- Added Stopwatch to show the time elapsed, hover over the Speaker/▼ icon on the Chains page to see the buttons. You can also enter your own time in the input box to start a countdown, and write your own text-to-speech for the voice alarm when that countdown finishes.
- Added ability to save your current Personal Pins. Right click the map and go in the "Pins" context submenu for the Load/Save items, which will do that action for that numbered save slot. You can use this to store resource nodes gathering routes. Read the map guide for instructions on how to use pins.

- Added a Resource Route Planner, to use it: click the button under the Resource Nodes section. This will generate a route, starting from the east-most node, to every nodes that are currently displayed on the map (excluding those that you have clicked on and became transparent). The console will print a list of chatlinks to copy and paste in game for you to follow, in addition to the cost and time for the route.
To set a different starting point:
1. Find the east-most personal pin, which should have only one line connecting it.
2. Double click that line to insert a new pin (try to place it near the east-most pin).
3. Click-hold and drag the east-most (old) pin to where you want the new starting point to be.
4. Right click on the map > Pins > Optimize
- Added wood resource Hotspots category for probable areas of where trees spawn. This replaces the previous "Zone" grade resources.
- Added sub-menu for the map context menu (seen by right-clicking on the map).
- Changed You can now quickly toggle the Dashboard and Timeline by right-clicking on the map and choosing "Toggle HUD". Added an option (Options page, Map Section) to always show the HUD regardless of the page you're on.

- Added achievements "Jungle Totem Hunter", "Treetop Retriever", "A Study in Gold", "No Mask Left Behind", Mastery Insight, and Strongbox locations to the collectible items section. Credit: Dulfy, Palingenesis.
- Added automatic dailies retrieval via daily achievements API. The Daily Calendar now shows today and tomorrow's dailies, including today's daily recommended Fractal scale and Activity. The icons can clicked on to "check them off"; this "checklist" is not saved.
- Added initial zoom level option under the Map/WvW button (Not Yet Released).
- Changed overlay mode's timeline is moved to the top, and dashboard to the bottom. This way you can have the timeline in full view if you resize the overlay window vertically.
- Changed split the chains data file to two: "scheduled" (Scheduled World Bosses, Dry Top, Heart of Thorns Meta Events, Living Story Events) and "unscheduled" (Temples, Legacy Bosses) chains. Scheduled chains data are always downloaded, but unscheduled chains data are only downloaded when you have opened their section on the chains page.

- Added Pact Supply Network Agent daily offers to the Dashboard. The items are randomly chosen by the game at daily reset and the vendors must be manually visited to view their inventory, so refresh the website some minutes after daily reset to see the updated list. The location of these vendors change 8 hours after daily reset. This website feature is planned to be available for about 1 month, then it will be deleted because of expected waning user's interest and webmaster's time/gold cost for the manual visits.
- Added preliminary computer generated world completion route for Heart of Thorns zones. These are not actual walkable routes but to give you a sense of direction. A walkable route is planned to be added.
- Removed Daily Calendar and Login Rewards Track due to obsolescence and redundancy. The daily calendar now only shows today's daily achievements. Visit the wiki for a history of the achievements and login track rewards.

- Added Open world chest icons can be clicked on to check them off just like jumping puzzle icons.
- Added Hero Challenges in Magus Falls zones.
- Added Heart of Thorns timers in the style of world boss chain bars. Checklist feature is working, but map pathing and rewards are still being worked on.
- Added Heart of Thorns meta events timeline. Also available in Simple Mode and Tile Mode. Credit: Famme
- Changed converted boss icons to 256 colors for lower filesize.

- Added Heart of Thorns explorable zones for world completion icons and events.
- Added Lion's Arch world completion route. ArenaNet has updated the LA map tiles.
- Added Gateways map display option. This will show inter-zone portals and asura gates.
- Added Hero Challenges in Central Tyria to Collectible Items.
- Changed updated dungeon gold reward amount. Please report errors.

- Added context menu for map functions. Right click on the map to see it.
- Added World Completion routes, right click on a zone then choose "Draw completion route". If the paths are not showing, use this link. You should use this feature while using the GPS overlay in game. Credit: Rill Soji, mrnice.
- Fixed the app panel scrolling down automatically when selecting a text input box.
- Fixed not being able to TP search for an item that has an apostrophe (') in its name.

- Added Weekly Personal Checklist, in the same form and function as the Daily Personal Checklist. Click the "7" button to view it. This checklist resets at the same time as the game daily reset at the Saturday-Sunday moment (midnight UTC).
- Changed The personal checklists have been compartmentalized; click the Dungeon/24(Daily)/7(Weekly) buttons to view that checklist. Warning: your old personal checklist text will be overwritten due to a variable name change. The saving function will continue to work with your new text entries.

- Added Subscription Mode alarm now works for Living Story events. Click on a timestamp of a Living Story event chain on the dashboard to subscribe. You can change alarm mode by hovering over the speaker icon on the Chains page. You can set the alarm prep time in the Options page, Alarm section.
- Added Living Story events to the Dashboard. Currently the Mordrem Invasion Event is included.
- Added gem store sales items (with gold amount needed to buy gems for that item) to the Dashboard (previously called generic countdown). Click on the sale item icon to go to its wiki page. Note that your browser may show the old cache of the site before new items was added, so press F5/reload on your browser to get the update.
- Changed the Dashboard is shown on the top right corner of the map pane if you are viewing the Chains page. Click the (X) icon to close it. If you want to see the Dashboard again, click on the Chains/Timers button on the menu. If you want to disable the Dashboard, go to Options page, Map section.
- Changed Text-To-Speech voice alarm provider for Firefox/IE/GW2Navi (non-Chrome browsers) from to ResponsiveVoice.JS. This provider supports the same voices and languages as Chrome's.

- Added progress bar on chains page, similar to the clock minute hand, showing the percentage of the time left in the 15 minutes-per-boss frame. Green means the current boss has not been predicted to die yet, orange means it may have died, red means it likely have died.
- Added Tile Mode showing boss timers as tiles that scale to your window size.
- Changed Timetable boss icons can be clicked on to check off that boss. Timetable times can also be clicked on to subscribe. Timetable bars mirror the checklist and subscription state of the chain bars.
- Changed moved some often used Chains options to the quick options popup. Hover over the speaker icon on the Chains page to see these moved options.

- Added volume slider in the alarm options popup. Hover over the speaker icon on the Chains page to see.
- Changed converted JPs, Collectibles, and Dry Top map persistent icons to dynamic. This will improve map performance when you have opened multiple map sections, as the icons will only persist when the sections are still open.
- Changed daily world boss will use minimum time-to-complete statistics for event prediction, because many people will doing them, the chain should finish quicker.
- Changed Triple Wurm removed from auto-copy waypoint chat code, due to infrequent play.

- Added Resource Nodes checkbox to display non-rich (possible regular node locations), by default only permanent rich nodes and plant farms are displayed. Added more resources. Added path lines for hard-to-reach nodes. Nodes on the map can be clicked on to "check it off". Resource categories can be hovered on to see Trading Post sell prices.
- Changed Timetable is sorted with the current chains on the top, instead of ordered by the chains since reset.
- Fixed Chrome not speaking the alarm. The system has been moved from the Google Translate API to the Speech Synthesis API. This speech system does not support Czech, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian.

- Added manual copy chat text for Dry Top under the map timer.
- Added option to align the app panel to the left or to the right (default). Hover over the icon and checkmark the option.
- Added manual copy waypoint code to the bottom of chain bars.
- Changed personal map pins (created by double clicking an empty spot on the map) can be created more than once.

- Added option to show colored borders over map zones. Hover over the icon and checkmark the option. Region color code: Maguuma Wastes-Tan, Maguuma Jungle-Cyan, Kryta-Green, Shiverpeaks-Blue, Ascalon-Orange, Orr-Brown.
- Added generic countdown to special events in the game. This countdown will disappear after a while. If you need to see it again, hover over the Chains menu button.
- Added Lion's Arch Exterminator target screenshots for the karka Princess dragonite converter achievement (hover over the numbered circles to view the screenshot).
- Changed the Follow Character option for the overlay GPS will move the map to your character's position only when your character have moved.

- Added TP calculators can be rearranged by clicking the two arrow buttons on the far right side. An up arrow will swap the current calculator's data with the calculator above it, and vice versa.
- Changed the vertical sidebar showing page sections as icons is now a horizontal bar (below the menu bar) that is shown when hovered over.
- Changed Dry Top chat links re-ordered by priority instead of geography. Credit: Famme.
- Fixed Dry Top events Mites and Explosives not appearing at X:50 mark.
- Removed only English, French, German, Spanish, and Mandarin chain names will be displayed, otherwise English is used.

- Added Dry Top event nicknames and timestamps to Dry Top map.
- Added Troll's Revenge JP and Lion's Arch Exterminator collectible. Credit: Sputti.
- Added Guild Missions in English, Deutsch, Español, Français. Credit: Palingenesis.
- Changed the Dailies cycle is not repeating, so the site must update the dailies calendar manually everyday shortly after reset. However, the PvP profession dailies seem to be repeating.

- Changed Chains page font and element sizes for readability and compactness. English language shows the boss names, until you hover over the chain bar to see its meta event name.
- Changed Dailies calendar will be updated everyday after reset until the new monthly rotation is completed on 2015-06-19. Days beyond the current will show the old dailies, which should be ignored.

- Added all Explorer Achievements that require world search for items on the ground to the Collectible Items section. Added Silverwastes Bandit/Shovel locations and Matrix Cube Key potential spawn spots. Credit: Palingenesis.
- Added typing a number into the TP item name input box will assume that number is an item ID, and the associated item will show in the search result if it is a valid ID. For example, using to search for Sam, you get the URL: so typing "46467" into the input box you will retrieve Sam in the calculator.
- Added button to print saved TP calculator data to the console that's copy-and-pasteable as a .CSV file to Microsoft Excel.
- Changed updated scroll bar plugin for better response in IE11/GW2Navi.

- Added digital clock showing local time can be clicked on to switch between 24 hour or AM/PM.
- Added French, German, Spanish translations for Resource Node types, Jumping Puzzle names, and Collectible Item names.
- Added mini-dungeons and open world basic/splendid chests to the Jumping Puzzle section. Credit: Wiki, Palingenesis
- Added Lost Badges and Golden Lost Badges to Collectible Items section. Credit: Dulfy, Palingenesis
- Added buttons to show/hide Resource Nodes based on type (metal/plant/wood).
- Added line paths to trace the numbered rings of Collectible Items.
- Changed world completion icons are created and destroyed in the DOM on-demand depending on current moused zone, instead of all zones having icons created at once. This provides 50%+ map performance increase for IE11 / GW2Navi.
- Changed removed custom cursor CSS from map markers. This provides 25%+ map performance improvement for IE11 / GW2Navi.
- Changed Collectible Items map rings are generated each time a checkbox for that collectible type is checked, instead of all types generated when that section is opened. This is to conserve browser memory usage.
- Fixed stored checklist (string of 0s and 1s) not resizing properly when updated with a new checklist that had items removed or added.
- Fixed GW2Navi camera marker angle incorrect when game camera pitch is not parallel to ground. Solution:

Code: Select all

var cameraRotationInDegrees = Math.atan2(array[2], array[0]) * (180 / Math.PI);
...where array is fAvatarFront[3] or fCameraFront[3] from Mumble Link API, and [2] is y value and [0] is x value. Credit: Palingenesis

- Added Level and Reward icons for world bosses in the expanded chain bars. Note that champion loot bags are the sum of lootable champs and bonus champ bags. If you find the amount to be incorrect, please report it.
- Added in Options page > Alarm whether to alert you when the world boss itself is predicted to arrive (the final event in the chain begins). You should change the Predictor statistics to "Min" for consistency. This feature is useful for lazy people afking and not doing the pre-events. Edit: I found there's an easier way to know when the boss spawn, simply enable audio in the background (your GW2 game options):

Code: Select all

Options > Sound Options > (uncheck) Mute when GW2 is in the background
- Changed refactored some images into CSS sprites for faster pageload: events, dungeons, dailies, menu and UI icons.
- Changed modularized chain categories' HTML and map generation for faster page load.
- Changed Dry Top event icons and rings are not generated until you expand the Dry Top list in the chains page; this is to save initial download size. You can view them automatically by going to the URL or (case insensitive).
- Changed map scrolls to current boss event first without the upper level zoom, so you only download the map tiles once.
- Fixed autosubscribe alarm not doing so at server reset.

- Added daily achievements calendar to show a complete list of possible dailies (32 days shown). Hover over the icons to see the achievement's name; some icons can be clicked on for map views. Note: The current Guild Wars 2 dailies system repeats each month, with the numbered day of the month having the same sets of dailies.
- Added icon to signify the world boss is today's Daily World Boss. Some days may have fractals in place of that daily slot, so the icon will not show up.
- Added in Options page > Alarm > Subscription Mode ability to autosubscribe to the daily world boss on server reset.
- Changed Mobile Mode has the app panel centered, some visual enhancements.

- Added daytime clock (above the local time digital clock) to tell the minutes of daylight or night time remaining in game.
- Added local time digital clock can hovered over for tooltip on ArenaNet Washington US time and UTC time.
- Added hour numbers on the hourly clock ticks.
- Added in Options page > Alarm > Subscription Mode ability to automatically unsubscribe from a boss after the final alarm has rung.
- Changed clicking boss icon on the clock will zoom to its map location, double clicking it will checkmark it like in the chain list. This feature is the opposite in overlay/simple/mobile mode.

- Added mobile mode. This mode will restructure the website so you are only viewing the right panel. The map panel is not shown. If the site has horizontal scrolling, try double tapping your phone/tablet so that your browser zoom-to-fit the whole site, which should be navigatable with vertical scrolling only.
- Changed moved the Dry Top event chains to their own chain tab, below the Scheduled Bosses tab. To view them, on the Chains page click the "Schedule Bosses" tab so it collapses the world boss list, then click the "Dry Top" tab to expand the DT list.
- Changed map will no longer scroll to Dry Top events when touring option is enabled (hover over the icon in the map pane for map options). Map will no longer scroll to world boss events when the Dry Top chains list is expanded.
- Changed disabled map dragging in smaller device, as to not interfere with scrolling the website.

- Added GPS support for GW2Navi. Read its thread for more information.
- Changed native OS scroll bars to custom JS/CSS scroll bars. You can still scroll the pages normally using the scroll wheel or moving your mouse to the right edge, but autoscroll will not work anymore. This is to reduce horizontal space usage particularly in the overlay program.

- Added Login Rewards track to the Daily Achievements section. It shows the current "official" reward of the day for someone who never missed a day. If you are behind or ahead of the track, then click the square that corresponds to your track as seen in game. The track advances one square automatically at server reset time.
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January 1st, 2017, 12:40 am #4

2014 Updates
- Added map option to view all possible (not necessarily active) Dynamic Events in every zone. Hover over the icon and checkmark that option to enable it. This is useful for the new zone-based "Event Completer" daily. You should disable this option if you are not using it often, as it may slow down your browser due to the excessive amount of icons to generate (over 2000 events).
- Changed updated the daily achievements map guide for the new Daily System.

- Added option in Timer section to auto-expand either World Boss or Living Story (e.g. Dry Top) chain bars. This is a way for Dry Top players to view the DT events list without having the world boss events cluttering the same view.
- Added count of JPs you checked off on the JP section.
- Added gw2spidy (TP search provider) added the latest items (Halloween and Living Story) up to this point.
- Changed Disabled map pinch-to-zoom feature so phone/tablet users can zoom the entire webpage. To zoom the map, those users should see zoom buttons appear on the top left corner of the map panel.
- Fixed TP notification triggering twice on initialization.
- Fixed TP notification not working for items with special characters (') in their name.
- Fixed TP manual refresh not working when auto-refresh option is disabled.

- Added Gem Coin Dollar exchange with notification for high gem or coin conversion. Each rectangle boxes in the exchange subsection has hoverable tooltips. The exchanges are separated as columns.
- Added Arithmetic calculator to the Trading section.

- Added Rhendak the Crazed and Nebo Terrace legacy bosses to the chains page.
- Fixed Silver price being wrongly converted in period separated format. Price notifications should work properly now.

- Added Trading Post voice notifications using almost realtime prices via the new official API. Instructions at reddit thread. More features to be added to it.

- Added Trading Post calculator for doing investments.
Hover over the $ symbols to see their meaning, and click the [?+] symbol for currency syntax.
- Added Clean URL for sections. You can go to a page's section by putting the section name after the site's URL, example: will lead you to the personal checklist.

- Added Dragon's Reach Part II events in Challenger Cliffs. Click the two gold stars on the clock to auto-copy chatlinks for current and next set of events.
- Added Challenger Cliffs Lost Coins. Credit: Mattsta.Ninja.
- Added few more Buried Locked Chests in Challenger Cliffs.
- Changed moved Map Options and Map Zones to separate popup windows. Hover over those buttons on the top right corner of the map pane to see the popups. Click to show only the map. Click to center the map.

- Added map completion option to display POIs, Vistas, Skill Points, Hearts, and Sector names; POIs can be clicked like waypoints to get chatcode. Enabling this will take the site longer to load initially because your browser has to download icon data and generate them. (Go to Options page, Map section to enable; click the [+?] nearby to reveal toggling options).
- Added notepad in the map page for writing down game notes. It functions very much like the Personal Checklist, except you can have multiple lines.
- Changed Made it easier to flick the map to pan by decreasing the LeafletJS threshold and throttling mousemove events.
- Workaround Firefox SVG URL History bug now reapplies the clock's shadow filters every time the address bar is updated (which is the cause of the bug).

- Added Clickable star icons on the clock pane to automatically copy-to-clipboard the current and next set of events in Dry Top.
- Added Option to exclude the site promotion URL in clipboard text.
- Added Buried Locked Chest collectibles for Prospect Valley. Hover over the map rings to see screenshot (where the baby dolyak stand is where the chest will be). Credit: Alexei Maistruc (Prospect Valley) and Mattsta.Ninja (Uplands).
- Added Czech, Italian, Portuguese translations. Removed Dutch translations because apparently according to Wikipedia most Dutch people know English.

- Added Dry Top Uplands events from Entanglement release. Credit: HEnny7555
- Added Coin Collector Uplands collectibles. Credit: Sputti
- Fixed sound/voice alarm now works on Internet Explorer / GW2Navi. The voice is English regardless of chosen language.
- Fixed waypoint clipboard now works on Internet Explorer / GW2Navi. May be glitchy on IE; hover over the waypoint icon so that it becomes a scissors icon, then click it to get the chatlink. If you don't see the scissors icon, move your mouse out and over the waypoint icon again until you do.
- Changed switched cursors from .png to .cur format so Internet Explorer / Navi can also have custom cursors.

- Released GW2Navi beta.
- Added full support for GW2Navi overlay app. Download it to use GW2Timer in game!

- Added Collectible Items section in the map page for tracking achievements where you have to search the game for items on the ground. Currently there are Coin Collector (credit: DeadlyDonut) and Dive Master (credit: Dulfy) locations. Click a ring in the map to toggle between three colors considered as "Not Found Yet", "Tracking", and "Found". The state/color of those rings are saved in your browser.
- Added Living Story (LS) chains showing Gates of Maguuma / Dry Top events for the current quarter hour timeframe. If you don't want to see these chains, click the gray [x] at the bottom right corner of the chain bar or just checkmark it. Subscribing to a LS chain does not affect the voice alarm.
- Added option to turn off auto-expanding of orange chain bars which shows their list of pre event names.

- Added simple clock mode. Click the local time on the clock to view the site with just a clock and boss names/icons.
- Changed clicking on clock boss icons now checks them off. To view the boss map location as before, double click the icon.

- Added translation of events for Deutsch, Español, Français. Translation of world boss names and waypoint/alarm text for Deutsch, Español, Français, Nederlands, Polski, Русский, 中文. Alarm in non-English languages require Chrome browser.
Click the "A ⇔ あ" on the clock to switch languages.
- Updated waypoint chat text and Text-to-Speech alarm to include concurrent bosses.
- Changed chains can now be active concurrently. Hardcore bosses are entered in the schedule properly. Still testing concurrency feature and yet to refactor waypoint/clock/speech accordingly.

- Workaround updated June 17 patch's new schedule with temporary one, with the "Hardcore" bosses only entered once right after midnight UTC.
- Fixed clock and timer not updating to new boss after timeframe.

- Added Boss subscription alarm. On the chains page, check the farther left checkbox to enable this alarm mode. Clicking on the time on a chain bar will subscribe you to that boss, and you'll be alerted when the boss' chain is 30 and 15 minutes from starting. whatever minutes you specified in the Options.
- Fixed custom checklist will now be saved.

- Added Personal Checklist section in the Map page. You can check off dungeon paths and even write your own daily checklist. These can be auto-cleared at daily reset or you can manually clear them.
- Fixed checklist clearing happening twice after reset.

- Fixed Maw (Svanir Shaman) timeslot at 14:15 UTC timeslot because of inherent error in GW2's official schedule.
- Changed checklists by refactoring them into using a single string per checklist in localStorage (instead of one localStorage entry per checklist item). This will ignore your previous jumping puzzle checklist, and I apologize for that. The reason is to have it done earlier in the month and without a deprecation stage.

- Added side menu to expand the clicked header/section and hide all others.
- Added address bar update functions to write and restore the current page and section on browser reload.
- Fixed Firefox will render the clock correctly with circumference and hands visible.

- Added compact clock to the Options menu > Timer section (you can restore the old big clock by unchecking this option).
- Added Jumping Puzzle map icons as alternative to checkboxes, includes the JP scenery screenshot when hovered over.
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