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Note: Any updates to the site is used by the overlay automatically, without you needing to "upgrade" the overlay program (GW2Navi), because it is mostly just a web browser. You do not have to overwrite your options or bookmark files unless stated otherwise in this changelog; your GW2Timer data are stored in "GW2Navi\bin\cache\Local Storage" in case you want to backup. Download latest version.

2017.10.01 - Mirror - Fresh folder
- Added .exe launcher to automatically find Java. Moved the bookmark and all .ini files to the /bin subfolder in order to accommodate this method.
- Changed recompiled with Java 9 SDK. You should uninstall all previous versions of Java and install JRE 9 then restart your computer. The overlay frame's scaling in large UIs (such as 4K resolution) should be automatic; you will still need to use the browser zoom feature to scale the website.
- Changed allow negative window positions in case of multiple monitors.
- Changed allow "https" prefix in domain name for JavaScript injection restriction.

2017.05.29 - Mirror - Overwrite All except bookmarks
- Added right click the Projection Mode (3D) knob > "Window" submenu for zoom adjustments.
- Added while dragging the knob (tilted G button), hold Shift to move the projection; hold Ctrl while dragging to resize the projection. Use the "Sizes" submenu to load or save the current projection size and position.
- Added Hold Alt + LeftClick the knob to toggle maximized/windowed. Hold Alt + RightClick the knob to minimize the overlay.
- Added Projection Mode (3D) has separate opacity options for focused and unfocused state, just like Frame Mode (2D).
- Added browser console log for reading website script errors. Access this from ≡ > Log
- Added the filename to execute when you click on "New Window" can be changed in options.ini
- Fixed last visited option using URL without overlay mode query string.
- Fixed workaround the dropdown select menu being under the overlay; now those menus are replaced by CSS search bars on the website, so you should be able to use the daily map bookmarks and WvW server selection normally.

2017.03.01 - Mirror - Overwrite All except bookmarks
- Added Github repository for downloading the overlay and examining the source files. This "commit" method allows smaller and more rapid updates, because the entire program does not have to be reuploaded when a small change is made.
- Added alternate "Projection" mode (3D) that shows the website as fullscreen over the game. This window has drawbacks such as bugged scrolling, low quality colors, and slower performance, but is useful for immersively displaying world completion routes or WvW objective icons on your entire screen. Run the 2D version for the regular frame mode.
- Added high-visibility cursors that are replaceable with your own custom made ones in .png or .gif format. Access this by right clicking on the overlay bar, or by right clicking the "G" knob in Projection mode.
- Changed upgraded to Chromium 54.0.2840.99 with faster performance even when the overlay is maximized. Also supports WebGL for 3D graphics.
- Fixed browser process not terminating after program exit.

2016.10.05 - Download - Mirror - Overwrite All except bookmarks
If the embedded site does not work, delete the "GW2Navi\bin\cache" folder.
- Added "Reload" (browser hard refresh) and "New Window" functions to the Options menu. The embedded site can be refreshed by pressing F5.
- Added selectable opacity in the Options menu for when the overlay is in focus.
- Added taskbar tray icon. Single click the tray icon to focus the overlay, double click the tray icon to minimize the overlay to the notification tray. Right click the tray icon for additional window functions.
- Added right click the "_" icon on the overlay bar to minimize to tray.
- Added right-clicking the "G" icon while the overlay is maximized will make the overlay clickthrough and "fullscreen". This is to be used after you have hidden the website's terrain floor, by right clicking the map > Map > Toggle Terrain, so only paths and markers are visible. Set your opacity around 20% for the fullscreen overlay to be visible enough over the game.
- Workaround quick buttons (1234AB) being illegible/invisible because of different background color from the menu bar; go to the overlay's options and uncheck "Enable Native".

2016.09.18 - Download - Mirror - Fresh folder
This marks the beginning of support for the Chromium version only, which is currently only available for Windows 64 bit; source code is included. If you need 32 bit then please download the versions before this.
- Added Chromium 49.0.2623.110 browser engine to replace Internet Explorer 11, using forked snippets and compiled CEF thanks to Farly Fitrian Dwiputra (ffd114). Worked around Chromium browser constantly taking focus:

Code: Select all

Changed browser cache to relative folder. Changed .bat file to .exe with program icon. Added icons to the Chromium navigation bar.
- Added client side Text-To-Speech synthesis (after loading script from the site) to allow the Chromium version to have timer alarms and WvW narration.
- Added New Window menu item in the Bookmarks submenu to start another instance of the overlay. Note that they will all share and save to the same options.ini file.
- Added web search query string to be used in the address bar, changeable in the options.ini file.
- Added URL scheme requirement for last visited URL.
- Added browser zoom level remembered in the options.ini file. If you have a 4K monitor, use zoom level 4.0 to have the equivalent recommended appearance of a 1080p monitor.
- Changed README.png file with updated screenshots and features.
- Changed faster default GPS update rate (50 ms icon and enter "50" or higher in the input box.
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Internet Explorer Version Changelog
2015.11.27 - Download - Source - Overwrite Executable
- Added Click-through ability, allowing you to see the overlay but still be able to click through it and interact with GW2 underneath. To enable clickthrough, right click the "G" button on the overlay (top left corner). Note that when clickthrough is enabled, you will not be able to interact with the overlay. To stop clickthrough, you need to focus on the GW2Navi program by: alt tabbing to GW2Navi or clicking on GW2Navi on the Windows taskbar. With this ability along with opacity change, you can resize the overlay however large you want and still be able to interact with the game's areas and buttons.
- Added string length limit for bookmarks and URLs.

2015.04.09 - Download - Source - Overwrite Executable and Options
- Added quick buttons. Buttons "1234" changes the clock pane's size (and the overlay window with it) in ascending order. "AB" changes the overlay window size to tall or wide sizes. "±" toggles the rightside app panel to show/hide, thereby allowing you to view just the map pane. The buttons "1234AB" can be tailored by entering your own desired width/height and JavaScript to execute; open options.ini to see.
- Changed all elements (not just a blank area) on the overlay bar respond to click-drag. So if you want to move the overlay, hold left click anywhere on the top bar and move your mouse.
- Changed most elements (not just a blank area) on the overlay bar respond to right-click. Right click on the top bar to view the menu to change sizes/colors/opacity. When you have that popup open, you can press on your keyboard: "S" then a number, to load a size preset; "C" then a number, to load a color preset. Or press a number without a letter, to load an opacity level.
- Changed right clicking the "G" button minimizes the whole program to the taskbar, the "_" button does the same thing when left clicked.
- Changed consolidated the menus to two menus: One accessed from the ≡ (main menu for options and languages), the other from right clicking anywhere on the overlay window bar (context popup menu for sizes and colors).
- Changed faster default GPS update rate (100 ms icon and enter "100" or higher in the input box.

2015.02.08 - Overwrite Executable and Options
- Added GPS functionality. Hover over the icon for GPS options. Click this icon to center on your in-game position, double click to zoom in/out.
- Added menu to choose the window border thickness (Window > Border). Choose 0 to have a borderless overlay.
- Added right click the menu bar to open the context menu showing additional options. This also shows the opacity range menu, which was moved from the Window menu.
- Added "Last Visited" option for whether GW2Navi opens your last viewed location or opens the homepage at the beginning. If GW2Navi fails to append the "mode=Overlay" parameter in the gw2timer URL, you can reset by going to (Browser > Homepage).
- Added "Enable GPS" option to turn on GW2Navi reading of Mumble Link API shared memory containing GW2 character and location data.
- Added ability to save color themes in (Window > Colors).
- Added bookmark to WvW Intel, a WvW live map website adaptable to smaller screens (in this case overlay windows). If you need to use GW2Navi as a WvW overlay, go to this bookmark then choose your world server, then click the [+] icon on its map to expand a borderland. You should create a custom Size preset when using this website.
- Changed selecting a preset size on GW2Navi will execute JavaScript on the GW2Timer site, equivalent of you selecting the clock pane sizes in the Options page. You may edit the JavaScript in the options.ini file.
- Changed the minimize button has been moved to a single-click "menu", titled "_". Click on it to minimize GW2Navi.
- Changed increased the number of custom window size presets (Window > Sizes) from 4 to 8.
- Changed scroll bars have been replaced by JavaScript scroll bar on the website. This saves space and removes the unattractive white space of the native scroll bars.

- Changed clicking the Bar and Compact Size menu commands also makes the browser go to a URL with query string telling GW2Timer to set the clock pane to that respective style. You can customize the URLs in the options.ini file.
- Added minimize button "w" next to the "G" button. Click the "G" button to miniaturize GW2Navi, the "w" to minimize.
- Added clarification of hotkeys. Currently you can quick load the respective window presets by keystroke Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3, Ctrl+4. You must have any menu ("Browser", "Window") expanded for the keystroke to work. Also, you can hold Alt to see the underlined letter in each menu item names for quick keyboard access of the menu commands.

- Release initial.
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IE Version Troubleshooting
Website is not responding.
"≡" menu > "Reload", or click on the website then press F5 to refresh.
Delete Cache Solution (note this will wipe the site's memory)...
Open Internet Explorer 11 > Cog Icon > Internet Options > Advanced tab > scroll down to "Security" section and checkmark "Enable DOM Storage" then restart your computer. If that doesn't work then try clicking both the "Restore advanced settings" and "Reset..." buttons on that window.
If you're using Windows 10, try enabling IE11 by:
Start Menu > search and open "Turn Windows Features on or off" > enable Internet Explorer in the list.
Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Windows Components > enable Internet Explorer in the list.

I can only run X bit version.
The JRE bit version you installed should correspond to the GW2Navi bit version you run, not necessarily your operating system's bit version.

Website looks messed up.
If you're using the Internet Explorer version, you need to upgrade to IE11 first. Try the IE11_fix_readme.txt in the misc folder. This is because the overlay is using your older Internet Explorer engine instead of IE11.

The map is very slow.
Click the ± button on the overlay window bar to hide the right app panel, which should make the map perform faster. Hide map icons when you don't need them anymore by closing the app sections or the world completion icons.

Java and .jar
If you have the right version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed and ran both the 32/64bit versions and it doesn't run, then your computer probably was not configured to run .jar files.

Method 1: Set .jar file association to javaw.exe
1. Right click GW2Navi_Win64.jar, click on "Properties".
2. On the Properties window, click "Change...".
3. On the Open with window, click "Browse".
4. Find javaw.exe, in a folder something like:

Code: Select all

C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_92\bin\javaw.exe
5. Click OK on all windows then double click GW2Navi_Win64.jar to run.

Method 2: Shortcut execution of the file
1. Right click the .jar file and click Create Shortcut
2. Right click the newly created shortcut and choose Properties
3. Under the Shortcut tab look at the Target: textbox and affix

Code: Select all

java.exe -jar 
to the string.
Example of a resulting Target string:

Code: Select all

java.exe -jar "C:\Program Files (x86)\GW2Navi\GW2Navi_Win32.jar"
Click OK to update the shortcut and double click it to run.

If that does not work then find where java.exe was installed, for example:
C:\Program Files\Java\jre8\bin\java.exe
which results in the shortcut target:

Code: Select all

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre8\bin\java.exe" -jar "C:\Program Files\GW2Navi\GW2Navi_64bit.jar"
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