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Decist stuff;

Democratic Centralism - Eduard Dune ... duard-dune

Several considerations – democratic centralist ... centralist

Critique of the Comintern program - Vladimir Smirnov ... ir-smirnov

Letter to Sapronov - Isaak Dashkovskij ... ashkovskij

2 letters to Smirnov - Timofei Sapronov ... i-sapronov

The Katushka affair and the left turn - Stepan ... urn-stepan

New forgery - decists

Letter to decists - Vladimir Smirnov ... ir-smirnov


Under the banner of Marxism (index)

Abstract labour and the economic categories of Marx - Isaak Dashkovskij ... ashkovskij

The law of value under capitalism in the Essays of Isaak Rubin - Vladimir Dunaevsky ... -dunaevsky

Towards a theory of the development of the world market and the world economy - Isaak Dashkovskij ... ashkovskij
International exchange and the law of value ... ashkovskij
International exchange and the law of value (conclusion) ... ashkovskij

Necessary rehabilitation - Vladimir Poznjakov ... -poznjakov

On one "contradiction" in the economic system of K. Marx - Sholom Dvolajtski ... dvolajtski

Kautsky's theory of proletarian revolution - Isaak Alter ... saak-alter

On the evolution of abuse - Lev Kamenev
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The translation of these 5 articles on money needed serious improvement. The improved versions will appear in a forthcoming official publication (, so skip on reading these old versions.

The measure of value under paper money currency – Wolf Motylev ... lf-motylev

Hilferding or Marx? - V. Poznjakov ... -poznjakov

The quantity theory of money - S. Legezo ... y-s-legezo

Nominalism and the problem of the value of money - G. Dashevsky ... -dashevsky

Credit romanticism in golden pincers - Zachary Atlas ... hary-atlas
Review: Karl Korsch - August Thalheimer (final edit not by me) ... korsch.htm

Georg Lukács and his theory of "Reification" - Israel Weinstein ... -weinstein

Red virgin soil (index of first two years)

Journal of the Communist Academy


Revolutionary Hangover - Rosa Luxemburg ... ngover.htm

Bordigism - Antonio Chiarini

Review of Reichelt and Rubin by Paul Mattick ... ul-mattick

Review: Herman Gorter's Imperialism, the world war and social democracy - Vladimir Sarabjanov ... sarabjanov

About the book of S. Frank. - Georgi Plekhanov ... -plekhanov

Marx's Theories of surplus value - Georgi Plekhanov ... -plekhanov

Critical introduction to Rosa Luxemburg's economic works - Wolf Motylev ... lf-motylev

Marxism and imperialism – Fedor Kapelusz ... r-kapelusz

Democracy inside out - Fedor Kapelusz ... r-kapelusz

Class collaboration? - Rudolf Hilferding ... hilferding

The currency peace. The road to the restoration of the gold currency - Rudolf Hilferding ... hilferding

Review: Economic and social relations in the Israelite-Jewish empires - Arkady Erusalimsky ... rusalimsky

Notes of a layman - Iuda Grossman-Roshchin ... n-roshchin

On the design of a constitution of the RSFSR - Yakov Sverdlov ... v-sverdlov

Kautsky stuff;

State socialism - Karl Kautsky ... atesoc.htm
The abolition of the state - Karl Kautsky ... lition.htm
The free society - Karl Kautsky ... reesoc.htm

Review: The Mohammedan-Arabic cultural epoch (August Bebel) - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Review: Conventional lies of our civilisation (Max Nordau) - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Extract from Kautsky’s Die Vereinigten Staaten Mitteleuropas (1916) ... ropas-1916

Different critics of the Bolsheviks - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Money matters - Karl Kautsky

Money, treasure-building - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Bolshevik matters - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

'A destroyer of vulgar-Marxism' - Kautsky's review of Korsch (final edit not by me) ... r-marxism/

A correction on Friederich Engels - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Interesting material in English (not translated by me);

Review: Kautsky's The road to power - Grigory Zinoviev ... socialism/

The action of the mass - Karl Kautsky

The new tactic - Karl Kautsky

The crisis of capitalism and the shortening of working time - Karl Kautsky ... rking-time

On Croce's book - Georgi Plekhanov ... /croce.htm

Dialectical materialism and the philosophy of dead reaction - Vladimir Nevsky ... mir-nevsky

Marxism and materialism - David-Hillel Ruben ... llel-ruben

Bruno Bauer and Karl Marx: The influence of Bruno Bauer on Marx's thought - Zvi Rosen ... -zvi-rosen

The ordeal in France - Norbert Guterman ... t-guterman

Kamo - Maxim Gorky

Yakov Sverdlov - Klavdiya Sverdlova ... -sverdlova

Two typical theories of money - A.P. Hazell ... -ap-hazell

The world crisis - Herman Cahn

Studies in the classical theories of money - Karl Niebyl ... arl-niebyl

Monetary crisis of capitalism: origin, development - Aleksei Stadnichenko ... adnichenko

Behind the soaring price of gold - Ernest Mandel ... est-mandel

Myth, philosophy, avant-gardism: philosophic myth-making and the literary avant-gardism - Yuri Davydov ... ri-davydov

Sapronov and the Russian Revolution - Yurii Colombo ... ii-colombo

Trotsky: A Bibliography. By Louis Sinclair. 1989, 1352 pp. 2 vols. (scan just until 1918):

Psychology of the private individual - MG ... ividual-mg

Non-translated material;

Chronological notes - Karl Marx ... -karl-marx

2 reviews of Marx's 1859 A contribution to the critique of political economy ... al-economy

Psychoanalyse und Marxismus - Vladimir Jurinetz ... r-jurinetz

Review: Lissagaray's Geschichte der Commune von 1871 - August Bebel ... gust-bebel

Zur Beleuchtung der Währungsfrage - Heinrich Oldenburg ... -oldenburg

Zur Revision des Parteiprogramms - Max Zetterbaum ... zetterbaum

Always in the minority - Julius Martov ... ius-martov

The Lübeck party congress of German Social-Democracy - Julius Martov ... ius-martov

The accumulation of capital and the problem of imperialism (Exposition and review of Luxemburg's theory) - Sholom Dvolajski ... -dvolajski

Der imperialistische Raubstaat - Nikolai Bukharin ... i-bukharin

An der Wende zweier Epochen - Victor Chernov ... or-chernov

Drei Kleine Schriften über Marx - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Phasen und Zeitschriften des Marxismus - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Einige Stunden bei Karl Marx - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Die 'Erfolge' der Diktaturen. - Karl Kautsky ... rl-kautsky

Karl Kautskys literarisches Werk - Werner Blumenberg ... blumenberg

Allerhand Marxkritiker - Karl Korsch ... arl-korsch

Comment Paul Fabra critique Marx - Pierre Rimbert ... re-rimbert

Bolshevik (journal). Political-economic biweekly of the central committee of the Russian communist party.

First edition of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Rudolf Hilferding bibliography and materials ... bliography

Aus der Werkstatt der deutschen Revolution - Emil Barth ... emil-barth

Finance and productive capital - Aleksandr Finn-Enotaevsky ... enotaevsky

Qualifizierte Arbeit und Kapitalismus - Hanns Deutsch ... ns-deutsch

Documents and materials of the 1917 Petrograd soviet (+ of the Military Revolutionary Committee) ... rad-soviet

Accumulatie en crisis - Sam de Wolff ... m-de-wolff