EFFECTIVE RESULT - ...of selling underfunded cryo contracts

EFFECTIVE RESULT - ...of selling underfunded cryo contracts

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December 24th, 2010, 10:46 pm #1

The effective result of years of selling underfunded cryonics contracts is that the wealthy cryonicists who CAN afford to keep up with inflation and higher tech are doing so on the BACKS of the LESS wealthy cryonicists who live for the dream but FALSE promise of a grandfathered contract... which CANNOT be promised... or which was made on a GAMBLE of "economy of scale" which has not and will not kick in... which LESS wealthy cryonicists pay tens of thousands over the years for membership dues... sustaining the organization FOR the END RESULT of the wealthy cryo...

The less wealthy cryo will end up dropping out.. or there will be a continual TURNOVER of dropouts and newbies at the bottom... feeding membership dues in... with Alcor magazine NEVER "featuring" the dropouts... it's called CHURNING in the sales businesss.... the wealthy cryos get their org funded through CHURNING of the underfunded suckers at the bottom.

No log in needed at this time to post. Let's hear your story on your life insurance! The funding gap situation at Alcor is serious and demands everyone's attention.