Papa A La Huancaina

Papa A La Huancaina

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Papa A La Huancaina.

This is a light and creamy sauce that is used to pour over hard boiled eggs and boiled red potatoes. It originated in Peru. My friend Victor's brother Hector introduced it to me one evening when he cooked some local traditional Peruvian dishes.

He painstakingly showed me how to make the sauce as it is a Holguin family secret for generations. It was served to us poured over a platter of warm boiled red potatoes that were quartered. Hector said that the sauce it just as delicious poured over a platter of hard boiled egg halves.

Aji Amarillo is a Peruvian Hot Pepper mixture that can be purchased at many ethnic specialty food markets. We agree, this dish is scrumptious!

Vegetable Oil-1 cup.
Lemon-juice of 1/2 lemon.
Aji Amarillo-2 teaspoons.
Feta Cheese-1/2 cup.
Evaporated Milk-1/2 cup.
Bread-1 cup of fresh bread. chopped.
Saltine Crackers-enough to thicken sauce.
Salt and Pepper-to taste.
Red Potatoes-8 large, boiled, quartered.
Hard Boiled eggs-8, cut in half.

Place in a blender the 2 raw eggs, oil, lemon juice, Aji Amarillo, Feta Cheese, milk, bread, salt and pepper. Blend until smooth. Add enough Saltine crackers to the blender until a slightly thickened consistency is obtained. Salt and pepper to taste. Arrange the boiled potatoes and eggs decoratively on a large platter. Pour the Papa a La Huancaina sauce generously over the potato and eggs. Sprinkle with some additional Feta cheese. Serve with hot crusty bread for dipping and a small green salad. Good eating

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