Leon Wagner's Secret Rice Stuffing

Leon Wagner's Secret Rice Stuffing

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Leon Wagner's Secret Rice Stuffing.
By Gary Solomon

Holidays mean so much to us at deliciouscookies.com and sunnybrits.com. They are a celebration of life and remembrance of times gone by. So many times I hear from viewers who are depressed at holiday time. Especially those not being able to be with family due to proximity. More likely than not it is facing the fact that friends and family may have died.

While partnering with Jackie Jackson, webmaster of Sunnybrits.com, to create the Delicious Cookies web site, it became so clear to us that recipes are a direct link of remembrance. Family and friends recipes that have been handed down are a part of that person here and now. The recipe invokes fond memories of that person. A recipe is a link to someone we love. Whether here in the physical world or not, always in our memories.

Here is a recipe my friend David Wagner shared with his father at holiday time. Mr. Wagner always made his Secret Homemade Rice Stuffing recipe. All of you that use traditional bread stuffing will find this recipe a pleasant change. We have eaten it many times at deliciouscookies.com and highly recommend it.

David has even been asked to bring the stuffing to others homes for the holidays who can't live without it!

Uncooked White Long Grain Rice-2 cups.
Bacon-6 strips. Pork Breakfast Sausage (in tube)-1 package.
Turkey Liver-cooked and then chopped.
Pepperoni- 3/4 cup chopped.
Mushrooms-1 1/2 cups chopped.
Onion-1 large minced.
Celery-3 stalks chopped.
Celery leaves- 1/2 cup chopped.
Scallions-6 chopped.
Oregano-1 teaspoon dried.
Fresh Parsley- 1/2 cup.
Old Bay Seasoning-1 1/2 teaspoon.
Bell's Poultry Seasoning-1
1/2 teaspoon. Salt and Black Pepper -to taste.

Cook the rice in boiling water and strain. Allow to cool completely. Crisp the bacon in a pan. Remove and drain on paper towels. In a clean pan break up the breakfast sausage and brown. Drain on paper towels.

In a clean pan cook the liver until firm but slightly pink. Remove liver from pan and chop well. Using a clean pan once more sauté the onion and chopped celery stalk until translucent. Add the mushroom and cook until softened but not sweating. Add into the pan the pepperoni, sausage, liver and bacon. Incorporate well. Add in the scallion, celery leaves, parsley and seasoning. Toss lightly. Finally add in the cooked cooled white rice. Heat the mixture through. Refrigerate overnight and then stuff the Turkey before roasting.

This stuffing may be cooked separately in a covered casserole. You'll just love it!


Submitted by Gary Solomon.

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