Cream Of Watercress Soup

Cream Of Watercress Soup

Gary Solomon
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Cream Of Watercress Soup.

This soup is simple and elegant. It leaves you feeling as though your taste buds have been treated to something very special. I usually serve this delicious soup with tea sandwiches for a luncheon. I finish this light meal with some fresh fruit cups, slices of freshly baked pound cake with a raspberry coulis and hot delicious coffee. Purchasing crisp green watercress will make all the difference. You will need two large bunches. Don't worry about there being too much because it all gets pureed in a blender. That fresh clean crisp rich soup is pleasing to the palate and a treat any time of the year.

Watercress-2 bunches, crisp and fresh coarsely chopped.
Swanson Chicken Stock-4 cups.
Butter-4 tablespoons.
Flour-2 tablespoons.
Lemon Juice-1 1/2 tablespoons, freshly squeezed.
Heavy Cream-1 cup.
Salt-1/2 teaspoon.
Black Pepper-freshly ground.


Clean and dry the watercress. Place the coarsely chopped watercress into a pot with the chicken stock. Simmer for 10 minutes stirring occasionally. Carefully transfer the mixture into a blender and puree. Make sure the blender top is on snuggly or you will have a hot mixture spilling out. Set aside. In the same pot melt the butter over a medium flame. Stir in the flour and cook the mixture until it starts to turn lightly golden. Do not allow the mixture to brown. Pour the watercress mixture into the pot with the butter and flour mixture. Mix well. Add in all the other ingredients and stir. Serve slightly warm with some lovely tea sandwiches. Enjoy

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