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Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: Characters portrayed in the following belong to Metz, Katims and UPN. No infringement intended.
Rating: MA
Summary: Liz after departure is all I can say.
Coupling: Liz/Sean, maybe some Liz/Max

July 30, 2001
            I'm Liz Parker and... I can't describe it. I've kissed... a few guys in my lifetime but Sean... I can't, there are no words for what he does. Using Max as a comparison is the easiest but most confusing. Sean's lips are slightly pink where Max's are more tan colored. Max's lips are really firm and full. Sean's are... less full and not quite firm but definitely pliable.
            Guess it's safe to say that I've been kissing him a lot these days... and really liking it... I just don't know what it means.
            Then, there are his hands. Max's are strong with long fingers that are graceful. The kind you expect on a ruler, smooth but slightly rough. Sean's are thin and long, quick... but I guess they'd have to be for picking locks and moving quietly...
            It seems as if I'm measuring them up but I never really could. Sean is a favorite fruit that I could have all the time. Max is more exotic, a taste of something that comes along once a season...

            Liz put down her pen and slid her journal into a drawer of her dresser. Lying back, she was startled to find Sean staring at her. "Was I boring you?"
            "You fell asleep." She shook her head at him. "Don't even try to deny it. You were snoring."
            "Was not. I just shut my eyes." He protested and sat up to lean against the headboard.
            "For thirty minutes?" She laughed at him. "Was I that boring?"
            "Never... I think it was that Curie chick you made me watch." Sean poked her in the side.
            "I think Marie would take offense to that." Liz sat up and faced him. "You know that you have to go soon, right?"
            "Geoff making his way home?" Sean shrugged and didn't move.
            "Yeah." Liz looked him over and had to hold back a laugh. His hair was sticking up and whether that was from their make out session or his nap she couldn't determine. His clothes were rumpled and his neck held the beginnings of a hickey. "You want me to cover that up?"
            “On your neck." She reached forward to tap the red flesh.
            "Nah. Wear it with pride, like a war wound." He sat up and leaned in to claim a kiss. Liz opened her mouth at the slightest probing of his tongue. She sighed and then pulled back. Slowly her brown eyes opened to look into his. "I know. I gotta go."
            "Yeah." She nodded with a slight smile. "Call me or something. Ok?"
            "I pick 'or something', Parker." Sean reached down to put on his shoes. While he was turned, Liz noticed the places his shirt had wrinkled as a result of her clenching it in her fists earlier that evening.
            "Hey Liz?" A voice drifted in the window. Liz snapped her head up just in time to see Max hopping in the window.
            "Max." She nodded stiffly, adjusting her shirt so that it rested the way it was supposed to on her small frame. "What are you doing here?"
            "Oh." Max said simply, taking in Sean and the quiet of the room. "I didn't mean to interrupt. I'll just go."
            "What do you want Max?" Liz sighed and scooted to the edge of the bed.
            "I just wanted to talk but I guess I should go." Max made to go out the window again. He paused just once and then pulled himself out.
            "Didn't think he was still around." Sean grunted as he shoved a foot into a shoe.
            "We're... friends... of some sort." Liz whispered, hugging herself. "What's wrong?"
            "Nothing." He shook his head. "Nothing at all."
            As he left through the window, Liz flopped back on the bed. "Somehow, I don't believe you."

            Liz waded through her tables, checking on her customers and smiling every so often as was needed. All she could think about was how long until her break? How long until she could call Sean? How long until she could see him, kiss him? Liz smiled at another customer as she left the bill on their table.
            "Lizzie?" Geoffrey Parker called her to the counter.
            "Yeah Dad?" She asked, motioned to another table that she'd be right with them.
            "Sean DeLuca just called here... for you." He scratched at his neck and crossed his arms. "You... aren't dating him, are you?"
            "Yeah. I am." Liz nodded slowly and began turning to go.
            "Sweetie, are you sure that's a good idea?" Geoff reached out and touched her arm. He pulled the pencil from behind his ear and twirled it between his fingers. "He's a few years older and... he's been in quite a bit of trouble from what I hear..."
            "He's a nice guy, Dad." Liz protested. "He treats me nice, he's not a bad influence and he's ... great..." She trailed off realizing that nothing she said could change her father's mind about Sean. "I've got tables to wait."
            "Okay. Let's talk some more later." He nodded stiffly. Liz nodded and turned, no longer quite as sincere in her smile as she had been three minutes before.
            Liz ran through her shift in a haze, not really sure if she was coming or going. She smiled when needed, accepting 'sorries' and 'how you doings', not to mention a few 'Alex was a good guy' comments. They were all meant to make her feel better but it had been months and while Liz was finally ready to accept it, she didn't need pity.
            When Sean settled himself at the counter while she cashed out her apron, she was extremely grateful. Then her first most genuine smile of the day emerged. "Hi."
            "Hey. Did you get my message?" Sean asked, leaning forward.
            "Message?" Liz turned to see her Dad at the other end of the counter taking an order. "Apparently not. Why? What's up?"
            "Nothing, but Geoff did not seem very impressed with my call." Sean raised an eyebrow.
            "He'll get over it. I swear." Liz smiled and then leaned over her receipt book for a kiss. "Mm. Missed you."
            "Want to get out of here?"
            "Yeah, just let me change." Liz nodded and gathered her money; tips went into her pocket and everything else into an envelope for her father.
            "Need help?" He teased her.
            "I think I can handle it. I'll be right back." Liz laughed a little and disappeared into the back room. Sean's eyes followed her until she let the door swing shut behind her, and then traveled the restaurant. He wasn't surprised to find Max sitting at a booth, staring at the door.
            Sucking it up, Sean got up and approached the younger man's table. "Max."
            "Hey." Sean nodded to Max, not facing but not turned away from the booth.
            "Hey." Max barely looked up but did have enough common sense to take his eyes off the back door.
            "You hang around a lot. Ok. Fine. Liz doesn't seem to mind. Ok." Sean nodded slowly. "I'm not threatening you, just letting you know that I notice even if she doesn't. If she ever tells me she hates it when you stare at her, I will do something about it."
            "So, you guys are... together now?" Max asked, his eyes on his drink.
            "Yeah. I don't know why you're surprised." Sean squinted his eyes slightly. " You're the one that did her wrong."
            "Just treat her right. I... I only want her to be happy." Max whispered so soft that Sean wasn't sure if he'd said anything at all.
            "I always do." Sean shook his head and made for the back room.
            Liz was brushing out her hair in front of the mirror. "I hope you weren't mean to Max right now. He's a really good guy... most of the time."
            "We just had a little chat." Sean shrugged and leaned on the lockers beside him. "You didn't tell him that we're together?"
            "He knew." She replied softly.
            "You never told me what he did to you." Sean pointed out and waited for her answer. She stared into her mirror for a long time, not moving, not saying anything. "Liz?"
            "Did you know that he's got a kid?" Liz whispered and looked at him. "Guess it doesn't matter but that's the reality of it. Let's go. I don't want to talk about Max anymore. Not today."
            "Okay. Where are we going?" Sean led her out the front of the restaurant, being careful not to look in Max's direction. He stopped in front of his Bug and waited for an answer.
            "Let's go somewhere we can be alone." Liz smiled coyly and raised an eyebrow. "You pick the place."

            Liz lay back on the blanket that Sean had spread on the desert ground. They weren't any place special. He had just gone off road until they couldn't see the road anymore. Curling her hand around her bottle of coke, she sighed and waited for Sean to join her. He had gone in search of a bottle of beer that he was sure was in the trunk.
            It should bother her that her boyfriend was four or five years older, that he drank, that her father didn't like him but she couldn't find herself caring for one moment about any of that.
            "Here it is." Sean pulled a Styrofoam cooler from the trunk and set it beside the blanket. "Are we cloud chasing?"
            "Nope, they're pretty few and sparse." Liz wrinkled her nose up at the sky. Wisps of white that tried to call themselves clouds were what were up there. She watched Sean sip his beer as he sat beside her. "You always keep a blanket in the backseat?"
            "You never know when you're gonna go on an impromptu picnic, or need a cover story when you're hiding from the cops. A blanket helps." He shrugged and swallowed a gulp of the bitter fluid in his bottle.
            Liz adjusted her skirt so she could turn on her side and watch him better. They talked a little about her day, a little about his, a little about plans for the next day. It was halfway through his second beer, that Sean and Liz had started kissing. She could taste the alcohol in his mouth. She leaned into him, sighing when she felt his hands on her body.
            His left hand danced along her ribs and stomach, occasionally brushing against the underside of her breast while his right hand supported her head as he explored her mouth. Her fingers ran through his short, soft hair, drifting down his back and arms from time to time. She felt his hand on her thigh and waited but his left hand just rested there, squeezing once in a while.
            It took a lot of strength for her to pull away but she did it. She had to know. She didn't know why but she did. "Sean, do you want to sleep with me?"
            "What?" It was almost enough to startle him.
            "We always make out and you just... stop moving forward at a certain point. I was wondering if you wanted to." She whispered, suddenly embarrassed for herself.
            "Parker..." He started. "I can lie and say no and piss you off or I can say yes and piss you off. Which one do you want?"
            "Sean, can you just answer the question?" She pleaded and lay her head back on the blanket.
            "Parker, it doesn't matter what I want, ok?" Sean whispered and brushed her hair out of her face. "Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you wanna look at it... we won't be having sex any time soon. Okay?" Before she could get another word out, he pinned her with a look. "You're 17 and I know that your father would not hesitate to turn me in."
            Liz nodded slowly, not sure whether to take it one way or another. He still hadn't answered her question. The mood was chilled for the moment and they just lay there, unmoving for a long time. "Sean? Have you ever...?"
            "Parker, why are you asking me that?" Sean pulled away slightly and took a long drink from his beer.
            "Why won't you tell me?" She asked, her voice soft, her eyes locked on her hands.
            "Parker..." He sighed and took another pull on his bottle. "You're gonna get hurt no matter what I say. If I say I have, then you'll be upset. If I say I haven't, you'll be upset."
            "Why do you think that?"
            "Because if I haven't, then you think I don't want you. If I have, then I must not have been in love when I did and I must not love you if I do want you." Sean finished and turned to look at her. "Liz?"
            "I won't be upset." Liz dragged her eyes up to meet his. "I'm just curious."
            "Are you sure?"
            "I'm sure." She nodded. "I just want to know."
            "Yeah." He nodded back. "I have." He waited for a response but she didn't give one. "You're not gonna ask me anything else?"
            "It's none of my business. I just wanted to know if you had." She lowered her eyes to her hands, watching in the peripheral as he finished off his beer and reached for another. "You can ask me the same question."
            He raised the bottle to his lips and stopped. He seemed to be thinking about something but didn't say a word. He took a long pull on the bottle and stared at it.
            "I know what you're thinking." Liz whispered as she sat up. "Why ask me when you've already heard? Everyone knows I slept with Kyle Valenti. It was the hottest gossip last fall. Did you hear? Liz slept with Kyle and Max saw..."
            "You know my stand on gossipmongers." Sean whispered quietly.
            "Max believed it too." Liz turned to him. "He was there and he almost believed it. I didn't though. We were just talking, in bed, under the covers, with little clothing. We didn't even kiss. There was no proof that we did and I let them all believe that it was true."
            "Now, why in the world would you do that?" Sean shook his head and waited for her to talk.
            "Maybe I was retaliating. You were right. I was suffocating but didn't even know it. All those eyes on me, waiting to see what I'd do next. You know, I can't get a haircut without someone seeing and spreading word... I can't get a B on my report card without someone voicing a theory on why my grades dropped." Liz took a deep breath. "It felt good to know that the things they were talking about weren't real. That there was something they actually did not know about."
            "Parker..." He started. "I don't care whether you've done it or not, or who you did it with."
            "Sean, I've never slept with anyone..." Liz interrupted and made sure he was looking at her. "Not with sex involved. I was just curious."
            "Yeah, well, it's not a big deal." Sean shrugged and lay down, one arm curled under his head. "It's pretty gross if you think about it."
            "Oh yeah?" She attempted a light smile and lay back beside him.
            "Well, yeah. Kissing starts it off, usually. There're mouths with breath that's not always fresh. There are tongues, saliva, and teeth. All pretty disgusting images." He picked his head up just long enough to take a swallow of beer. "Then you fumble around getting clothes off. You know why? Not because that's what you're supposed to do, because you don't want them to get all sweaty and nasty."
            "Ew." Liz scrunched up her nose at him.
            "Right. Then there's touching and groping and you get sweaty and doing it is really gross because... well... there are fluids and it's just really gross when you think about it." He continued. "So you end up with two sweaty sticky bodies and then what? You can't really just jump in the shower unless you want to offend the other person. I mean, all that gross for a few moments of pleasure that never seem to last long enough."
            Liz let out a calm sigh and stared up at the wisps of clouds, noting the darker hue to the sky. The silence filled the air between them as the blue sky turned to purple and then a rich black, stars twinkling above them.
            "Parker, this have anything to do with Max's kid?" Sean asked out of nowhere. Liz was shaking her head before she knew what she was going to say.
            "Sean. I don't want to talk about him with you. I told you. I'm just curious." She smiled and turned to him. "Are you jealous?"
            "No. I don't get how he could have hurt you so bad, be so obsessed with you and you just brush him off, protect him sometimes, even." Sean shook his head.
            "Can we not talk about himHe's not here. I don't want him here." Liz leaned over Sean, her hair falling around them. "I believe that I asked to be alone with you."
            "Is that right?" Their lips touched briefly.
            "That is exactly right." She murmured and lowered her face to his for a more thorough kissing.

Part 2
            Liz lay back on Maria's bed and tried to pay attention but her eyes kept drifting to the door. She couldn't help but wonder what time Sean was getting off work.
            "You're not even listening to me." Maria shrieked.
            "What?" Liz snapped her head around.
            "Exactly." Maria couldn't stay mad. "You know, it's good to see you like this again, even if Sean is the reason..." She stayed quiet for a while before speaking again, her voice grave. "You know this is killing him, right?"
            "Is it?" Liz propped herself up on her elbows and sighed. "I... I try not to think about it too much.
            "Chica, Max is miserable. Did you know that Sean basically told him to stay away?" The blonde brushed her hair over her shoulder.
            "He gets jealous." Liz gave a little smile. "I kinda like it."
            "Liz..." Maria groaned. "But seriously, Max."
            "What about him?" She flopped back onto the pillow, her hair fanning out around her. "Maria... I can't think about him without crying. You know, I can't get this image of them, you know, together. It's disturbing but it's there and knowing there is a baby somewhere that has his eyes and her hair... it's scary."
            "He loves you." Maria whispered. "I'm not saying it's right. I'm not saying that just because he still loves you after he slept with her that you should take him back but, babe, he's your soul mate."
            "I used to think that." The brunette admitted quietly, her voice soft. "But I'm not with him. I'm not his girlfriend. I'm not even his species... I am with Sean and damn it. I am happy for the first time in what seems like years."
            Maria stomped her foot. "Look. Sean is family and I... love him to some degree but seriously. Sean and Max. I would choose Max."
            "That's you." Liz sat up suddenly. "Why are you giving me grief? Just a moment ago, you said you were glad to see me like this again and now you're bashing me because of it."
            "I am not bashing you. I am just saying..." Maria trailed off, her eyes misting over. "I hate seeing you guys hurt and Max's hurt is getting to me. When I'm with Michael, I just want the two of you to be happy like us."
            "I'm sorry." Liz whispered. "I am but he made the decision to sleep with her, he didn't use protection and now he's a statistic." She kept going, not even noticing the door opening. "Honestly... I'm glad she's gone. I have always hated her but no. I will not take him back because he's my soul mate or because he saved my life. I have hurt and cried over him too long.
            "Maria. I am happy. I am... normal for the first time in over a year. Don't ruin this for me because you think I should be with Max. Don't try and lord it over me that you got Michael." Liz took a breath. "You did it. Congratulations. I'm happy for you. But think about the rest of us. We don't get happy endings like that. Alex is dead. We all hurt because of that... Isabel especially because I know she was so close to falling in love with him. Kyle... Alex died practically on his birthday... He's never going to forget that. He lived with Tess for a year and never knew what a monster she was.
            "There are things besides being with them. I... I'm leaving." Liz grabbed her purse and climbed off the bed. "I'm sorry but I can't deal with anymore of this crap right now." Going out the door, she plowed right into Sean.

            Liz fished around in her bag for her lipstick but it just wouldn't be found. She didn't even look up when the bathroom door opened and three people walked in. Two disappeared into stalls and the third stepped up to the sinks where Liz could see her out of her peripheral vision.
            "You're Liz, right?" The girl asked.
            "Yeah." Liz nodded stiffly. She had seen the girl around but couldn't remember her name.
            "Is it true that you're dating Sean DeLuca?" The girl twirled a strand of hair around her finger and waited for Liz's response.
            "Do I know you?" Liz plucked her lipstick from her bag and set about applying it but the girl kept staring at her.
            "You do know that he uses girls and then dumps them, right?" The girl went on.
            "Do I know you?" Liz repeated.
            "It doesn't matter." The girl insisted.
            "Oh but it does." Another voice replied and Liz resisted letting out a sigh of relief.
            "Hey Isabel." Liz called over her shoulder and ran the tube of lipstick around her lips. "How's it going?"
            "Fine. You?" Isabel sauntered into the bathroom and leaned on the counter between the girl and Liz.
            "I'm great." Liz flashed a smile.
            "That's good. You know what I absolutely hate?" Isabel leaned in as if to whisper to Liz. "I really hate girls who act like they know what they're talking about just to get a rise out of other people. I mean, really. Who cares who did who where? People who start up like that never have IQs higher than 53 anyway. It's a miracle they're able to think up such things."
            "I totally agree." Liz dropped her lipstick back in her bag. "Are you here with...?" She couldn't bring herself to say his name.
            "No. I left the brooder at home. I was just up for some shopping. Come on. Maybe we'll find something that'll make you blend just a bit better." Isabel nudged Liz to the door, leaving the girl to stew by the sink. When they had stepped into strip that made up the mall, they stopped.
            Liz shifted her weight from foot to foot. "Thanks for that... back in there... I've been getting some major flack these days."
            "No problem." Isabel quirked up a corner of her mouth. "I know how that goes. Walk with me." Isabel waited for Liz to do as told before she started talking again. "You're looking at the former queen of Roswell High. The one that scandalized herself by first dating the school geek, then secluded herself from her social circle to hang out with her brother and his friends. I'm the girl that slept with Sheriff Valenti and dated Grant Sorenson, that guy that tried to kill that rich girl. I'm the girl whose last two boyfriends died. I'm the girl that graduated early because she's pregnant with a dead guy's baby." Isabel took a breath. "Pick your rumor, Liz."
            "How have you been holding up?" Liz asked as they ventured into a store that held dresses much too expensive for either of them. "I heard that you might have met a guy."
            Isabel smiled to herself and flipped through the dresses on the rack. "Yeah, I've been working with Daddy in the office and he has this new guy there. He's older but then, so was Grant. I think it might go somewhere." The tall blond turned to her short companion. "So, you and Sean."
            "Yes. Me and Sean." Liz nodded; a smile crept across her face and reached her eyes for the first time in a long time. She fingered a silk dress and sighed. "I'm used to the stares. Max and I got them all the time, together or not..." She sighed deeply. "Everyone thinks Sean is this loser that is out to get into trouble. No one sees what I see and sometimes it makes me angry."
            "He's a jerk, Liz." Isabel shrugged and turned to another rack.
            "Maria's been after me to dump him and take Max back." Liz cleared her throat and caught Isabel's blank look. "Is he that bad off?"
            "He's bad but not like he was last summer." She flashed a guy walking past a killer smile before turning back to Liz. "He misses you but... I'm with you on this one. I see you and only wish I could be that happy after all that's happened. Granted, Sean would not have been my choice, to each their own. Max said and did some... incredibly hurtful things to me and I'm still trying to forgive him for that. I'll always love my brother but he's still got some growing up to do."
            Liz nodded solemnly and then took a leap of faith. "Sean overheard me arguing with Maria about Max."
            "How much did you get into?" Isabel's eyes widened and she let a dress slip from her fingers.
            "Just the general stuff. I don't think he heard much at all but... I ran out of the room and ran smack into him. He just stared at me." Liz let out a breath and continued to walk through the racks of dresses. "He didn't say a word. He just did that thing he does when he knows that I'm not going to explain to him."
            "And what's that?"
            "He shuts down and pretends that it doesn't bother him." Liz stopped so she could explain to Isabel what it was. "After Max told me about Tess and the baby, I was upset. After we said our goodbyes, I went to see Sean."
            "Why?" Isabel shook her head.
            "He's been there for me in all this time. With all this crap, he's been my rock. So I went to him and I tried to kiss away everything but when things progressed... I couldn't take it anymore." Liz stopped seeing the dresses in front of her. "I realized that sleeping with Sean wasn't going to make Max and Tess and the baby go away. I stopped and told him that Max had broken my heart and he pulled me into his arms and held me while I cried. He didn't say a word. He just held me and I could feel him staring at me. It's impossible to judge what he's thinking when he does that but afterward, it's like nothing ever happened." Liz finished slowly.
            "Liz, do you still love Max?" Isabel asked softly.
            "I'll probably never stop and I know that I'll never forget him but I can't keep hurting myself with him. Sean treats me like gold. He talks to me and sees me and knows that if I don't get out of Roswell, I'll die. He gets things that Max never will and I love that. I love it. I love that when I'm with Sean, Max doesn't ever cross my mind. Over the past few months, I've built something with Sean and I'm scared that if it ever ends, I'll break just as easily as Max broke me..."

            Liz moaned and leaned back against the back seat of Sean's Bug. Their mouths ground against each other's in an attempt to devour the other. One of her hands hand latched itself onto the back of his neck and the other had crept under his shirt to cling to the muscles of his back.
            Sean's hands sparked something inside her that she could vaguely remember feeling once before. One hand was under her blouse, caressing, teasing, exploring her braless breast. The other hand gripped her ass, pulling her against him, pressing his body between her legs.

August 10, 2001

            I'm Liz Parker and I have questions. Why is it that when you want a relationship to progress it doesn't? Why is that when in the ideal place, such as the desert on a blanket under the stars, nothing happens? Why is it that making out in a car up at Buckley Point, the most unromantic place I can think of, is where things progress?
            Sean took me up there with innocent intentions, I'm sure. He's working at security place on the side. I guess I could see how hiring someone have been in a detention center might be against policy. They don't let him near the back though. He sits at the front desk answering phones until a call comes in and he has to let someone into their own house. Like I said, he gets paid on the side. Apparently all of the security measures work too well and even the company can't get in sometimes. I think maybe he likes working with his aunt better.
            So we were up there, talking, just getting away. I mentioned to him that Max had stopped by and we talked a bit about nothing... and before I knew it, I was in the backseat.
            It's horrible to revel in the fact that Max's name had brought on the next level in making out for Sean and me. But it worked. I honestly have not seen Max in days...

            Liz stood in front of her closet and could not decide what to wear. When her mom walked in, she turned a little. "What do you wear to a movie when your boyfriend has seen everything you have in your closet?"
            "What does he think looks nice?" Nancy sat on the edge of the bed.
            "He doesn't have an opinion. Sean says that clothes are clothes." Liz sighed and turned away from her closet. "What is it, Mom?"
            "Sean." Nancy nodded, her tone completely serious. "I don't think it's such a good idea that you're dating him."
            "You said the same thing about Max." Liz quirked up an eyebrow. "Dad already tried Mom. I like Sean. He's a nice guy."
            "But he's not, sweetie. He's not. Boys like him just don't change." Nancy stood up and approached her daughter.
            "Mom." Liz gasped in shock, backing away. "Sean is a nice guy." She repeated slowly. "I don't understand why everyone is so intent on breaking us up. A complete stranger approached me the other day. Maria doesn't even want me seeing him."
            "There you go. She's his family and she doesn't think he's a good boy." Nancy clasped her hands in front of her.
            "No. That's not it. She just wants me to get back together with Max and I won't. If you'll excuse me, I have to get ready for my date now."

August 11, 2001

            I'm Liz Parker and I am furious. My parents are being totally unreasonable. I thought that the real thing was when a person's faults weren't what turned you away but made you appreciate the person more. Apparently that rule only applies to people who haven't been in detention centers.
            Sean isn't out to cause trouble. He's on probation. He's got six more months to go and then he's almost as good as new. It's not like he's out to molest me or make me get into trouble. He respects that I don't get into trouble... anymore and that I'm serious about using my brain to get out of this small little tourist trap.
            He's not looking to tie me down and no one understands what we have. Why in the world can't we be left alone?

            Liz shot out of the swinging doors and through the Crashdown, ignoring her friends and grabbing Sean. "Let's go, now."
            "Whoa. Slow down Parker. What's the rush?" Sean slowed her down, barely rising from his stool. He motioned for Maria to scat but she stayed where she was.
            "Because, if we stay any longer I'm going to kill my parents. Let's go." Liz pressed. "We'll skip the movie. I don't care. I just have to get out of here."
            "Chica, cool it. Go sit over there with everyone else. I'll get you some vanilla ice cream and we'll chill." Maria pointed to the rest of the gang.
            "You still don't get it. I can't stay here." Liz pulled on Sean's arm. "Let's just go."
            "Okay." He nodded and stood up. "Later, M."

            "You can't keep doing this." Sean shook his head.
            "Doing what?" Liz looked up from her smoothie at him. They had sat in silence in front of the other alien themed restaurant for half an hour.      
            "Running away from your crap." He tossed a fry back into the basket.
            "I'm not running away." She fixed a mask on her face.
            "Like shit you aren't." He opened the window to get some fresh air into the car. "You know, you don't talk about that asshole you used to date, you're not talking about whatever it is that's up with your parents... it's your way of hiding."
            "Since when are you the expert?" She countered. "You don't talk about the detention center, or your parents, or how much you hate being a human lock pick."
            "I'm smarter than I look. I know from multiple sessions with a therapist that you are running away from all the crap that's suffocating you." Sean absently traced the steering wheel in front of him and spoke to it instead of her.
            "Now is not the time for me to write my problems in mustard, Sean. That's not going to work this time." Liz brushed her hair out of her eyes and stared out the window. "It's not the time to play amateur psychiatrist."
            "That's not what I'm doing. I hate psychiatrists... but you're doing it again. You are running so fast that by the time you've gotten far enough away, you'll realize too late that you're alone." He spoke slowly and evenly.
            "Since when are you an expert, Sean? You've been in the center since you were 17. What are you going to run from in there?" Liz couldn't stop herself from fighting with him.
            "Everything, Parker. Just because you're stuck in a building with high walls and barbed wired doesn't mean that you don't run everyday from everything. From who you are, from who you'll become and most of all, who you were." He finally turned to look at her. "I don't know what crawled up your ass but remove it quickly because I'm not going to take your shit, Parker. Deal and move on. Don't use me as an excuse to hide."
            Liz slammed her smoothie down on the dashboard and bolted from the car. Faintly, she could hear Sean calling after her. She kept walking, not caring her shoes were too impractical for her swift pace, not caring that she had left her purse in his car, or that she had just left without a single word of apology.
            When she had made it to the park, she wobbled on her ridiculous shoes and twisted her ankle. A sharp pain shot through her foot as she fell, scraping her knees and palms as she tried to catch herself. Tears streamed down her face while she fought the pain. The throbbing in her ankle blocked out everything else; the granules of dirt embedded in her flesh, the wet pouring down her face and the footsteps approaching.
            Sitting on her butt, she slowly reached forward and pulled off her shoe as gently as she possibly could to keep from aggravating the swiftly swelling flesh. Touching it gingerly, she cursed. "Damn it."
            "Hey, are you okay?" A familiar voice filled her ears even as his shadow fell over her.
            "I'm fine, Max, just go away."
            Max knelt next to Liz and against her protests took her ankle into his hands. "It looks bad. Can I...?" He couldn't even finish his question; flicking a glance up to her face, he cleared his throat. "Will you let me help you?"
            "Just leave it, Max." Liz bit out and tried to pull her leg away but a shot of pain traveled up her leg, making her gasp.
            "Then let me take you to a doctor. It looks really bad." He insisted and started to lift her up off the ground.
            "Max, just stop." She smacked at his arms. "Just leave me alone."
            Sighing, he complied but sat next to her. "What's wrong?"
            "Nothing's wrong." She whispered. They stared at their feet for the longest ten minutes of their lives, watching Liz's ankle turn an angry shade of purple. "What are you doing here?"
            "I was taking a walk. I always walk through the park." Max whispered, then winced. Liz didn't know that. Tess was the one he had always ran into in the park at night. "I've been walking through here a lot and I saw you fall. I came over to see if you were all right but you don't want to talk about it. I would leave but I don't think you're in a place to be left alone right now."
            "Why does everyone insist on analyzing me?" Liz cried out and tried to get to her feet but ended up back on her butt next to Max.
            "You're not going anywhere and I'm not going anywhere." He raised an eyebrow. "We could talk."
            "I don't want to talk." She sighed and flopped back on the sidewalk, bumping her head lightly on the ground. "If I wanted to talk, I would have stayed with Sean."
            "I've missed you." The soft whisper made a dent in their speech. Nothing was said for another five minutes. "Does it have to be like this? Why can't we talk?"
            "What would we talk about, Max?" Liz looked up at him, her eyes shining. "I'm not going to talk to you about Sean. You're not going to talk to me about Tess because I don't want to hear it and your son is your business... I can't even talk to Sean about you.
            "I left him back there because I couldn't talk to him about anything that was bothering me." She sniffed, tears ready to fall again. "I can't talk about you and I can't talk to him about the fact that no one wants us together and it's driving me crazy."
            "Liz, what happened tonight?"
            "My parents don't want me to see him anymore and I hate them for it. They do it every time I'm happy. When I was with you and now when I'm with him and I don't want to lose him. I can't lose him now." She met his eyes. "I am truly sorry if it hurts you to hear that but I need Sean, he's good for me in so many ways that you are bad for me. I can't lose him because my parents think he's a bad person or because Maria thinks I should be with you or if strangers don't understand that Liz Parker could possibly be with Sean DeLuca and not get damaged in some way. I hate this town and the second I get a chance, I'm gone."
            Max slowly reached out and touched her shoulder. "I need you, Liz. I need you to be my friend because if you don't stand beside me, I'm going to fail."
            "I can't, Max. I can't." She sobbed and bowed her head.
            "You are so much stronger than we give you credit for and it's because we all feed off that strength. I'm not saying I want you to break up with Sean because even though I do, I like to see you smile and he does that. He makes you smile." Max touched her cheek lightly. "I will always love you and I don't want to wish bad things for you. I realize that I messed up and I don't deserve your love anymore but I can't help but hope that someday you'll see me as a person again."
            Liz let his words sink in and then looked up at him, wiping tears from her eyes. "Space Max. I need some, a lot of it and I don't doubt that I was in love with you. I was but I can't anymore. It hurts me more than it pleases me. I can't do that to myself again. I feel like every time I open myself up to you, I lose you. It's happened twice, three times and every time it gets harder and seems like it's not worth the effort."
            "Be my friend, Liz. That's all I want. I can't promise I won't talk about Tess or my son but you can't promise you won't talk about Sean." He sat back a little as he caught something out of his peripheral vision. "I don't have anyone to talk to that understands and neither do you now that we don't talk. I just want to know that we can talk."
            "Not now, Max." Liz shook her head. "It's too raw."
            "Liz?" Sean's voice drifted over their heads. Liz looked to Max and unconsciously did the thing that Sean had accused her of doing back before prom. She wanted to know what Max thought of her being with Sean. Max got to his feet and turned to Sean and Liz held her breath.
            "Hey Sean." Max gestured back to Liz. "See if you can't get her to go to a doctor. She's the most stubborn person I know and she sprained her ankle. She says she determined to stay there until she can walk on her own. She won't listen to me, something about a rule regarding ex-boyfriends."
            Liz couldn't help but crack a small smile when she saw Sean roll his eyes back in his head. "Well, Parker, am I going to have to drag Maria down here?"
            "No." She shook her head.
            "Good. I don't want to either, come on." Sean reached down and took her shoes in one of his hands and guided her arm around his shoulders so he could lift her up off the ground and held her against him. He was about to walk off before he turned to Max. "Thanks for staying with her."
            "Not a problem." Max shoved his hands into his pockets and began walking away.
            "See, what happens when you try to run away? You get more hurt by the fall than you would have if you had just stayed put and faced your problems." Sean chided her as he guided her back to his Bug.
            "Ah, I see. You're going to turn my pain into your point." Liz rolled her eyes at him. "I should just stay right here."
            "No you won't because if I have to, I will throw you over my shoulder and carry you home."
            "No you wouldn't. You'd leave me and complain of a bad back." She tossed at him.
            "Would not. I would never. I am much more of a gentleman than you give me credit for. I'd leave you my jacket, in case you got cold." He joked with her, happy to make her smile again.

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Part 3
            Sean helped Liz into the restaurant and sat her at a table. He pulled a chair around and propped her foot up on it. He quickly went about getting a towel with ice to help with the swelling. Gently he lifted her leg and slid beneath it to administer the ice and check out the damage. "It's not too bad."
            "It still hurts a lot." She whispered, wiping at a tear from her cheek.
            "I imagine that it would." Sean set the ice gently against the swelling flesh and hesitated to look up at her. "So, Max knows how to get things out of your ass?"
            "Sean..." Liz whined a little. Taking a deep breath, she dived in. "Look, I tripped over my own feet and he was walking through the park. He saw me and came over to help."
            "Oh." He nodded and shifted her foot in his lap.
            "If you really want to know... I was mad at my parents because they told me they didn't want me to be with you." She lowered her eyes to her hands. "On top of that, everyone else I know wants the same thing."
            "What? You think I can't handle it?" He tipped her chin up. "I know what everyone thinks of me. I don't care and it doesn't matter... except what you think." He shrugged slightly. "I still don't know if I can forgive you being a bitch tonight but I'll work on it."
            Liz let out a little laugh. He gave her a little smile then dropped his eyes to where his hands were cradling her foot. "It's late."
            "Yeah. I should probably help you upstairs and leave." He nodded and started to get up.
            "Sean," She sat up, halting his movement. "We're friends, at least, we're trying to be. He proved to me tonight that he respects that you and I are together. It means a lot to me."
            "You ever going to talk about it?" He asked, pulling her up into his arms so he could carry her across his chest.
            "Probably not any time soon." She shook her head. "But don't worry about it. I'm getting over it, just very slowly... besides, you help."
            "I do?" He asked as he nudged open the swinging door that led to the staircase.
            "Yep." She adjusted herself against him so that he could carry her more easily up to her apartment. "Don't worry about it, really. I'm with you and I'm sure all of Roswell knows it, none of them like it but who cares."
            "Exactly right." Sean nodded with a slight smile on his face.
            "Stop a minute." Liz ordered.
            "Because I want a goodnight kiss without the audience we'll have up there." She quirked an eyebrow up before their lips met softly. His tongue slid into her mouth to meet hers for a little tangling. Before they had consciously decided to end their kiss, a throat clearing made them stop.
            Liz looked up the staircase to see her father staring at them.

            "Relax, I'm fine. It doesn't even hurt anymore." Liz griped as she scooted down the stairs to the ground floor of her home.
            "Liz, you left last night and you got hurt because of him." Nancy followed her down with her books for school.
            "No. I left because of you and Dad." Liz shot behind her. "I hurt myself because I was too ashamed to tell Sean what I got into a fight with you guys about." She pulled herself up onto her good foot and turned to her mother for the crutches the doctor had given them. "I did tell him after I sprained my ankle and he doesn't care what you think."
            "We are just worried about you Liz." Nancy helped Liz into her backpack before she fitted the crutches under her arms.
            "Mom. I have a question for you." Liz turned to face her mother. "Since June... have I gotten into any trouble? Have I left without your knowledge? Have my grades dropped? Have you been up late at night worrying where I am?"
            Her mother just stared at her, not knowing what she was getting at.
            "That's right. You haven't. It's not because Sean is worried about violating his probation. It's because he has a respect for me... and for you guys... maybe he is a little worried for himself but that's not what comes first." Liz held out her arms. "Look at me. Have you seen me this happy in a year? No. Sean did that. Just be glad that I'm not knocked up, run away, eating out of a garbage can or something. If it wasn't for Sean being such a good person, I'd have been stuck in that park all night... alone."

August 15, 2001

            I'm Liz Parker and I don't want to hate my parents... I guess that sums it up.

            Liz let Max help her out of the Jeep. She let him carry her books. Let him guide her to her classes. He was trying really hard to be a good friend and not crowd her. When lunch rolled around, they were slightly more comfortable than they had been in weeks.
            Maria rushed over to the table. "Chica! What happened? I haven't seen you all morning." Then she saw her foot on the bench next to her. "What happened? If that idiot made you do something..."
            "Stop it." Liz's jaw dropped open. "Sean didn't do this. Geez. I did this... me and those stupid shoes you made me buy last week."
            "Yeah... um, he's the one that took her home after she refused to let me help her." Max shrugged his shoulders.
            "Well, fix her." Maria put her hands on her hips impatiently.
            "Maria, I saw a doctor, it's nothing. Just no hurdles for a couple of weeks. I can use these for a few days and then limp around until it feels better." Liz patted her trusty crutches that leaned on the table next to her.
            "What are you doing here?" Maria gaze shot past Liz. Liz and Max both turned to see Sean striding over with a paper bag in his hands.
            "Nice to see you too, M." Sean leaned in to kiss Liz quickly. "Brought you something. Two purposes." He handed her the paper bag and squatted to hide his face from the teachers and security guards.
            "What are you doing here? If you get caught..." Liz warned even as she opened the bag.
            "Got it covered. I'll say it's community service. I'm helping all the beautiful girls with brown hair and sprained ankles to feel better." He shrugged her off. "Open it. You can either eat it or put it on your foot."
            "What?" She laughed at him and then gasped as her hand met with something extremely cold. "Ice cream?"         
            "Vanilla. I know you like that stuff." He nodded, ignoring the stares and glares he was receiving from the people around them.
            "Thank you." She leaned over to plant another kiss on him. "Thank you, now get out of here before I never get to see you again."
            They exchanged one more kiss before Sean stood and strode off as if he had every right to be walking through the high school campus. Liz stared after him until she heard a snort from Maria. "Since when does he do sweet?"
            Liz cringed at the obvious contempt in Maria's voice. She couldn't keep quiet. "Maybe you'd know if you ever bothered to listen to me anymore instead of trying to make me see whatever it is you're dying for me to see."
            "Guys, cool it." Max intercepted the conversation. "Arguing upsets my digestion."
            Liz and Maria turned to him and shook their heads as if they didn't know what he was talking about. Laughing to herself as Max and Maria started in on one of their 'girlfriend' chats, Liz pulled the top off her ice cream carton and took a bite. The flavor rolled around her tongue.
            The silly grin left her face when she realized that everyone at her table was staring at her. "What?"
            "Nothing but could you come back from planet Sean for enough time to finish the afternoon classes." Maria raised an eyebrow. Liz then realized the bell had rung.
            "Right." Liz nodded and turned to see that Max already had her things together. "Let's go."

            Liz rolled the ball down the lane and knocked down four pins. "I suck."
            "At least you're knocking some of them down." Sean shrugged and sipped his beer in the dark. He watched her shadowed form limp over to retrieve her ball for another turn. "Your dad and I had a talk."
            His words sent her ball straight into the gutter. She turned with wide eyes, barely able to pick out the shape of his lounging body across three seats. "You talked to my dad?"
            "He asked me to stop calling. To stop dropping by, picking you up, talking to you... you know, the works." He shrugged and took a long pull on his bottle.
            "He didn't." Liz gasped and slid to her knees in front of him.
            "No big deal."
            "What did you tell him?"
            "Nothing." Sean shook his head. "I didn't tell him anything."
            "Oh." She nodded and cleared her throat. "Well, I don't know what he's complaining about, he was pretty bad when he was younger... only they had more creative ways of getting in trouble. Drugs and all..."
            "Geoff Parker a druggie?" Sean let out a laugh.
            "I don't have proof yet but I intend to find someone who could tell me since I can't ask Grandma Claudia." Liz let out a laugh. "I think rebellious behavior runs in my blood and mine is just starting to surface, you know? My grandmother was always doing these outrageous things and little by little I'm learning about things my dad did... I've been quite a handful since I really got to know Max... just ask my parents."
            "I want you to answer one question about Max." Sean stopped her speech. "Now, this is something that I've noticed since I've been back. Your parents and his parents don't really know each other, right? But they act like they're trying to avoid each other, which says to me that you guys did something bad."
            "That." Liz snorted and then let out a small laugh. "Well... Max and I have always gone to school together, since the third grade or something. He was my lab partner sophomore year and around then is when I noticed that he noticed me. I was dating Kyle at the time, actually." She saw him tilt his head at her. "What? Why does everyone do that thing with their head when I mention that Kyle and I dated?"
            "It's just unexpected. I don't really see the two of you together." He shrugged.
            "Anyway." She scoffed at him. "Max has always been in love with me and with us working together so much, Kyle got jealous. His friends beat Max up and I broke up with him. Max and I tried to get together but Max was afraid and then we barely talked for like two months and then bam. We clicked. We got caught in the Eraser room--"
            "People still go there?" Sean laughed.
            "Yes." She tilted her head at him. "What?"
            "I just don't see you in the Eraser room." He shook his head and sipped at his beer.
            "Anyway. Can I finish?" She held up her hands. "They called our mothers. Max's mom wasn't as shocked as my mom was. Apparently she was grateful that Max was expressing interest in females. Don't say a word Sean. I can already hear what you were going to say." She pinched his leg.
            "Ow." He droned.
            "Anyway. We kept getting in trouble for making out, sneaking out, you name it and then we spent the night in the desert and all four of them were pissed. My parent, his parents. We were grounded for a month before we could openly date again. And that is why my parents avoid Max's parents."
            "So... why did you guys break up? Sounds real... high school dreamy and all that." He watched her teeth fade as her smile did the same. "Blond chick?"
            "Yeah." She nodded. "I had to resort to some pretty desperate tactics to get him to make up his mind. I'd rather have him as a friend than lose him forever." She leaned forward to see him better. "It has been the longest year and four months of my life, Sean. And I'm finally moving on."
            "Uh-huh..." He nodded back in the dark.
            "Enough about my ex-boyfriend. Are you going to tell me about Gina Allison?"
            "Don't play that way. She had the nerve to approach me in a public bathroom and warn me away from you. You had to know about Max so I want a little something in return." Liz stood and climbed on to the row of seat to sit on his legs. "You're not leaving until you share."
            "What does she look like?" Sean rolled slightly so he was lying on his back.
            "Blond hair, green eyes, about three inches taller than me. Graduated two years ahead of me." Liz leaned forward to prop her elbows on his stomach.
            "Oh... Reggie..." Sean nodded. "Yeah. Ex-girlfriend, sophomore year, right. Really bad breath."
            "Is that all? I gave you my entire history with Max, excluding recent activity and all you're going to say is Gina Allison was your sophomore ex-girlfriend with halitosis."
            "Hali-what?" He lifted his head to take a drink.
            "Halitosis. Bad breath." Liz clarified for him. She pinched his chest to keep him from changing the subject.
            "Okay. Okay. Reggie and I went out for... about..." He kept stalling.
            "As long as it took to get in her pants and then you dumped her?" Liz offered and raised an eyebrow.
            "Something like that." He nodded. "If you've heard about it, why did you ask me?"
            "Why you keep asking me things you've heard about?" She countered.
            "Okay. I'll explain. Have you ever had something happen in your life so pivotal that when it's happened, nothing in your life seems the same?" Sean sat up, forcing Liz to as well. Liz bit her lip and nodded in answer to his question. "Yeah. I was the basic jerk before getting sent off and I'm not saying I'm the world's greatest guy now but things are different now. I don't see things the same."
            "Yeah, I know what you mean." She agreed and nodded stiffly. She began to rise off his legs to retrieve her drink when her leg got tangled in his, pulling them both to the ground, Sean on top of her. "Ow."
            "Yeah." Sean started to get up but he had to kiss her. When their lips parted, he brushed some of her hair out of her face. "There is definitely something about you Parker."
            "Why do you keep saying that?" Her voice was so soft as she looked up into his blue eyes.
            "You shouldn't be with someone like me but you are and that only enforces what I feel when I see you." Sean licked his lips. "I have honestly never felt like this. All I want to do is be something better than what I--"
            Liz cut off his speech with her lips, drawing him down, opening her mouth to him. His hands slid from their supportive position on the floor to the hem of her shirt. Liz ran her hands up his arms to his shoulders, muscles pronounced in the snug shirt he was wearing. Rolling slightly, Sean ran his hand from her side to her middle, finding the last button of her blouse and flicking it open.
            Liz sucked in her stomach as his fingers grazed the spot where a hole had once spilled her life's blood onto the floor of the Crashdown. That particular span of flesh was extremely sensitive and ticklish. She was grateful when he reached the next button. Before she knew it, his warm palm covered the flimsy satin of her bra. She gasped into his mouth, pushing herself into his hand.
            The whirring of the ice machine 20 feet away reminded them they were on the floor of the bowling alley. It was no place to reach new levels in their intimacy.

August 18, 2001

            I'm Liz Parker and I am horrible. I kissed Max... well, he kissed me. I don't even know what he thought he was doing but I didn't invite him... I also didn't push him away. WHY does he have to do this to me?
            I mean, we're partners in Physics. We were running some experiments in his garage and my mind wasn't even on kissing him. We bumped into each other and then we kissed. I wish I could say it was just a kiss but he like invaded my mouth. I can't say I hated it because it was a really good kiss.
            What am I going to tell Sean?

            Liz waited her tables in a haze. She kept tasting Max in her mouth, feeling his body against hers, and hearing her name from his lips. She didn't even hear Maria calling her until the blond girl grabbed her arm. "Ow."
            "Didn't you hear me?" Maria let go and threw her hands up in the air. "I said we're off. We're done. We're out of here."
            "Oh. right." Liz nodded and followed Maria into the back to change. "Right."
            "So, Mom's out of town." Maria sang out. "You're coming over right?"
            "Am I?" Liz pulled on a skirt beneath her uniform and rummaged around for her top.
            "Michael and I are watching movies but I don't want him to get the wrong idea about me inviting him over." Maria kept on talking. "I mean, not that the..." she lowered her voice to a whisper. "... sex is bad, it's great but..."
            "Maria, what are you even talking about?" Liz turned to her friend in just her bra.
            "Okay. I like making love with Michael, duh." Maria waved her hands around to get herself on to the point. "But I kinda promised my mom that no sex would take place in her house while she was gone. I would, for once in the past four months, like to do something with Michael that didn't end us in bed."
            "You're not serious, right?" Liz's jaw dropped open. "I didn't know that you guys did it... like all the time."
            "Well, when we do anything, it's that." Maria gave Liz a 'duh' look. "This is Roswell, there's nothing else to do."
            "Okay..." Liz pulled her shirt over her head and put her hands on her hips. "You guys use something, right?"
            "Of course! I am not Tess." Maria spat the name out as if it tasted like she had just licked the bottom of her shoe. She calmed down a little and leaned in to whisper to Liz. "We are so careful, it's not funny. I'm doing the pill thing and he wears two condoms because who knows how potent his little guys are, you know?"
            "You are so bad." Liz shook her head. "So, Sean..."
            "Yeah, yeah. He'll be there. He hates Michael and I don't know why?" Maria threw her hands in the air. "He is such a jerk."
            "Right..." Liz let out a breath and wondered how she was going to get through a night of movie watching with Sean and the happy couple.

            Liz found it hard to focus on the movie with Michael and Maria making out in the armchair next to the couch. It was even harder with Sean sprawled out beside her, his head in her lap. All she kept thinking about was that damn kiss in Max's garage.
            "When's the pizza gonna get here?" Michael lifted his head from Maria to ask Liz.
            "They said an hour and a half, we got 45 minutes now." She answered him, picking at the afghan on the couch arm.
            "Hey, what's with you?" Sean tickled her knee but she didn't respond.
            "Nothing." Liz shook her head and sighed.
            He nodded stiffly. "Yeah, they're being real disgusting huh. She made me promise I wouldn't say anything to him or else I'd wake up with one testicle."
            Liz couldn't help but laugh. "She didn't. What is your deal with Michael, anyway?"
            "He's not good enough for her."
            "We can hear you." Michael snapped at them.
            "That was kinda the point." Sean tossed back, never moving from his position on the couch.
            "Sean..." Maria warned then got off Michael's lap to drag him to the kitchen.
            Sean sat up and turned to Liz. "Parker, what's the deal? You've been weird all night."
            "It's nothing." She shook her head. "Really, I'm fine."
            "Right." They sat side by side without talking for fifteen minutes, without paying attention to the movie, and not touching. A voice from the kitchen broke into their silent state.
            "Okay, ran into the pizza guy in the drive, I covered it. So we have one large jalapeno, pineapple pizza and one pepperoni mushroom pizza."
            Liz's head snapped around to see Max setting the pizza boxes on the table. Their eyes met for a second before Liz turned away to find Sean looking at her.
            "Is it him?" He asked her seriously.
            "Drop it, Sean. Please." She whispered took his hand to lead him into the kitchen to eat. "Hey guys, think you can keep your lips away from each other long enough to ingest some food?"
            "Very funny." Maria stuck her tongue out at Liz. "Like you and Sean aren't constantly sucking face."
            "We're not. We can control ourselves..." Liz raised an eyebrow before plucking a paper plate from the table and handing it to Sean, who had yet to move from beside her. She snuck a glance back at him. "… most of the time."
            "A-hem. Are we accusing me for those temporary losses of control?" Sean pinned her with a look. "Because I can think of more than a few..."
            "And we'll talk about that later, when we don't have a nauseous audience." Liz cleared her own throat and then noted that there were only four chairs. She waited until Sean had taken a seat before planting herself on his lap. His left hand curled possessively around her waist. Without looking, she knew that he and Max were staring off. "So, that movie really sucked, didn't it?"
            "Movie?" Michael lifted his head, his mouth full of pizza.
            Maria and Liz immediately started laughing. Liz let herself relax but she kept herself slightly on edge. She was almost certain that Maria had asked Max to come over, she wondered if she knew about the kiss. The night was far from over.

            Liz brushed her teeth in the sink next to Maria. She glared at her friend's reflection. Finally Maria rinsed and spat. "What is your problem?"
            "You invited Max." Liz spat out her mouthful of spit and toothpaste. "Did he tell you about the kiss and you just invited him over to play matchmaker?? Huh? And in front of Sean?"
            "Ok, fine. Max told me you kissed him." Maria admitted slowly.
            "I did not kiss him, he kissed me." Liz shot out at her and rinsed her mouth out.
            "Come on, Liz. Max is being so good and adorable..."
            "And trying to get me to cheat on my boyfriend..." Liz sighed and then stood up straight. She had an idea. "I'm telling Sean about the kiss."
            "Go for it, then you'll fight and break up and you can get back together with Max." Maria crossed her arms.
            "That's what you think but you don't know Sean the way I do." Liz raised an eyebrow and exited the bathroom.
            Sean leaned against the porch railing and listened to Liz explain what had happened earlier that day in Max's garage. Arms crossed, he didn't make any move to stop her or walk off. He saw the glitter in her eyes. He had seen the same thing when she convinced him to break into the school with her. That look always intrigued him. "So, you kissed Max."
            "No, he kissed me." Liz shook her head and leaned against the house.
            "Uh-huh." Sean nodded. "So who's the better kisser?"
            "Sean!" She leaned forward and swatted him.
            "It's just that you seem a little too happy to be telling me this as calm as you are. Not that I approve of you kissing anyone but me but I'm thinking there's more to what you're saying here."
            "I was set up." Liz crossed her arms. "Maria knew all night and I didn't even tell her. She wants to break us up so I can get back together with Max, which I can tell you now is not happening."
            "What are you going to do about it?"
            "We are going to be ourselves." She smiled across the way at him. "That's if you're willing."
            "Be ourselves." He repeated.
            "Yes. We will go in there and pretend that none of them exist. You and I will pretend that we have the entire house to ourselves." She nodded her head slowly.
            "You're devious." Sean comment and reached out to pull her close to him. "Why have I never seen that before?"
            "You've never seen me mad before."

            Maria stepped outside and immediately spun around. "I thought you guys were just going to talk."
            Liz tore her mouth away from Sean's neck with a groan and felt his hands slide down out of her skirt to let her stand on her own two feet instead of where he had trapped her against the side of the house. Sean turned his head to his cousin. "You have the worst timing of anyone I have ever met and that includes my cellmate regarding our bathroom schedule."
            "What the hell do you guys think you're doing? Anyone could walk past and see you." Maria hissed and yanked Liz into the house. "Did I mention the nosy neighbors?"
            "What's going on?" Michael called from the living room. "What did you do to set her off?"
            "None of your business, Michael." Liz glared at him from across the two rooms. She reached back and pulled Sean into the house.
            "They were practically having sex for the entertainment of the whole neighborhood." Maria scoffed and stormed out of the kitchen.
            "Someone needs to refresh your knowledge of sex." Sean baited her. "Because... uh... what we were doing, was not even practically sex."
            Liz and Max both turned to look at Michael. He glared at them both. "Hey, it's not my fault she gets all dramatic about these things."
            "You know, if you were doing it right, she might not get so confused." Liz blinked at Michael, biting at her lip while he turned red. She felt Sean tense up behind her. "Calm down. No big deal." She pulled his arm around her waist.
            "I cannot believe you." Maria stood there with her mouth hanging open.
            "What?" Liz blinked at her and jerked her head in the direction of the living room.
            "How about we watch the movie?" Max suggested and scooted down the couch to sit on the end, obviously intending to have Liz sit next to him. Sean did sit on the other end of the couch but Liz sat in his lap. With all the blood rushing through her body from the make out session outside, Liz knew the night was even further from being over.

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Part 4
            Liz let out a moan when she felt Sean's hand slip up her thigh, just barely inside her skirt. She could practically feel a hickey forming where his mouth had fastened on her neck. She clutched at his arms to keep from sliding off his lap and onto the floor.
            An explosion ripped them apart. Flames blazed on the television as they both remembered they weren't alone. Liz ran a hand over her puffy lips, removing any lipstick that remained after that make out session. She had completely forgot where she was and what she was doing. Propping an elbow up on his shoulder, she tried to watch the remainder of the movie when she just really wanted to get her boyfriend alone.
            Sean cleared his throat and noticed the blush creeping up Liz's neck and withheld a snort. She had completely forgotten that they were just making a point to everyone else. It did a little something to his ego and all he wanted was some un-chaperoned time with his girlfriend.
            He snuck a glance over to Max, pleased to see how uncomfortable the boy was on the other side of the couch. He could practically hear Max grinding his teeth. The sick satisfaction that gave him also gave his ego a boost.
            Bored with the movie, he nudged Liz so he could get up. He turned to the living room full of people. "Anyone else want a beer?"
            Sean noted the way that Liz shot glances around the living room and then turned to him. "No one else drinks."
            "You sure? Maxie? Mikey?" Sean backed into the kitchen. "No takers?"
            "Nah." Max shook his head, eyes on his hands.
            "Don't like what the stuff does to people." Michael answered, clearly not wanting anyone who didn't already know why to ask. "You call me 'Mikey' again and you'll wake up next week with a full body bruise."
            Liz tossed a pillow at Michael to shut him up. Max suddenly stood up. "Liz, can I talk to you about something? Science?"
            "Um... sure." Liz nodded quickly and followed him back to Maria's room, leaving Sean alone with Michael and Maria.
            Sean took a swig from his beer and gestured to the two of them. "Science. Is that like a code word with them?"
            Michael just shrugged and Maria turned her eyes to the television, ignoring his question. Her voice was quiet when she spoke. "You could mind your own business once in a while. You don't own her."
            "I know that. Why don't you mind your own business once in a while, M." Sean shook his head at her. "You don't own her either."
            "She is my best friend and I have the right to tell her when she's making a mistake." Maria flashed her green eyes at him.
            "Oh. So now I'm not only the black sheep, the ex-con, I'm the mistake too. I get it. And Max can do no wrong." Sean set his beer down on the pile of pizza boxes on the table.
            "You have no right to talk about Max." Michael warned him.
            "I thought you were Liz's friends." Sean shook his head and thought about leaving for a split second. "You know with all the shit he put her through, it's no wonder she doesn't want him anymore. He walks around like he's the freakin' president or something, he tries to keep her available while he's out knocking up girls that couldn't hold a candle to her and he still expects her to want him. If I didn't hate him so much, I might have to hand it to the guy. He's a freakin' genius."
            "Look! I don't see how Max is any of your business." Michael pointed to Sean with a look that should have come off more menacing but even Michael knew what Sean said was true.
            "He is if he's trying to move in on my girlfriend." Sean reached for his jacket and had made it halfway to his car before Liz came rushing out behind him.
            "Sean!" She called out, resting her ankle that sent the smallest pinch of a pain through her leg when he turned. "Where are you going?"
            "For a drive."
            "I'll come with you."

            The drive was silent. Sean pulled up next to a boulder in the desert and turned off the car. He stared at the boulder for ten minutes before he took a breath. "She said I'm a mistake."
            "Maria?" Liz gasped and started to ask why when he cut her off.
            "She said that it was her responsibility to tell you when you were making a mistake. I caught what she didn't say when she said that." He nodded and picked at the steering wheel.
            "I don't feel that way." Liz told him strongly. "Why do you listen to anything she says? And since when do you listen to Maria? Huh?"
            Sean gave a small smile. "That's true. Did I tell you that she warned me off you when I first got out?"
            "Well obviously that didn't stop you from pursuing me relentlessly." She slugged his shoulder playfully. She leaned over the gearshift and kissed him softly. "For which I'm grateful..."
            "Oh yeah?"
            "Uh-huh." She murmured as their lips met again for a more passionate kiss. While trying to bring their bodies closer, the gearshift got in the way. Liz pulled away slightly. "You still have that blanket?"
            After a slow nod and a bit of awkward shuffling, the blanket was spread on the ground beside the boulder with only the stars as cover. Exchanging a soft kiss, they sank to their knees. Sean cupped the back of her head in his hand, his tongue lightly probing against her lips for entrance.
            Liz clutched onto his shoulders as she leaned back, pulling him on top of her. This was happening fast. She shut her eyes as his mouth drifted down over the familiar territory of her throat. His hand slid down over her shoulder and paused to caress the small swell of her breast before moving down to the hem of her shirt. Her hands ran over his back, running her fingers through his hair.
            Sean pulled away and drew his shirt over his head, tossing it to the far edge of the blanket. Then he made quick work of Liz's shirt, sending it the same way. Slowly, he brushed his lips over the soft flesh revealed by the edge of her bra. Liz shivered when she felt his tongue on her chest. Her hands slid over his exposed chest and back.
            Liz kicked off her Keds and drew Sean back up to her mouth. Their tongues slid against each other as their hands did all other exploring; over hard muscles and soft curves, flicking open clasps, pushing aside satin, seeking out small hard nubs to tease.
            He dragged his mouth away from hers, gasping for air. He brushed her hair out of her face. "Parker, be straight, do you want to do this?"
            She licked her lips and swallowed thickly. She knew what came next. Her head bobbed up and down. "Yes. I'm sure, Sean. I am so sure."
            Liz felt him kick off his own shoes and heard him curse when he realized he had to take off his socks as well. They both sat up, giving her a chance to slip her bra all the way off. Sean turned to her and looked her over. "I have always thought there was something about you Parker. Even when you were little... I knew you were going to be a knockout, be someone special. I was right."
            "Sean..." She whispered.
            "I just never thought you'd be with me." Before she could say another word, his lips were on hers. His fingers danced up her sides, cupping her breasts and rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. Liz could feel her breasts responding to his attentions and let out a moan at the sensations they evoked.
            Then his hands moved south, unsnapping the button on her skirt and sliding the zipper to its base. Liz lifted her hips slightly to allow him to slide both the skirt and her panties down her legs. The cool night air did nothing to cool her flesh when it hit.
            Hesitantly, she went to work on his jeans but her hands were too shaky to manage the button. Gently he eased her back onto the blanket so he could do it himself. Liz watched as he became exposed to her and held back a gasp when she saw his erection. Sean sent his jeans and boxers to meet the rest of their clothes.
            He leaned over her but didn't touch her. Her eyes drifted away from his lower extremities to meet his eyes. With his finger, he traced the side of her face in a silent question. She reached up and kissed him to give him his answer. As their mouths melded together, she felt his hand slide down her body to the juncture of her thighs.
            She gasped when he parted her folds and found the tiny bundle of nerves there. As he ran circles around her clit with his thumb, she ceased to recognize anything else. She never even noticed when she stopped kissing him. Her whole body felt like it was strung too tight and would pop at any moment. Then she felt it coming; her thighs trembled so hard she thought they might fall off.
            "Liz." When Sean whispered her name, she let go and cried out as the sensations washed over her. When she pulled herself together she felt wet and molten, achy for something else. She kissed Sean deeply and pulled him on top of her. When his thigh nudged for hers to part, they opened easily.
            His fingers probed at her opening for a moment before they were replaced with his erection. Liz slid her hand down to feel him and when met with slick latex, wondered when he'd procured a condom. His hand moved her hand away and laced their fingers together on the blanket.
            As gently as he could, he pushed inside her small body until he felt resistance. He stopped and couldn't figure what would be best until Liz started moving against him. Before he could stop her, she had lifted her hips and done it for him. Their mouths parted and Liz took in a sharp breath of air. Her fingers tightened around his and then finally loosened.
            The longer he was inside her, the less pain she felt. It had only been a moment's actual pain but the throbbing remained. Her eyes opened to find his blue ones waiting for her reaction. She gave a jerky nod and tilted her hips, gasping when she felt her clit rub against him.
            Sean began a slow pace, stroking in and out of her small body until she had relaxed enough to respond to him. She felt so incredible around him that he only hoped he could take her back to that place she had been moments before when he came. When his name slipped from her lips in a soft pant, he moved with more confidence.
            Liz gasped Sean's name over and over as his mouth worked at her throat and his body thrust into hers. He slipped a hand between their bodies to massage her swollen clit, making her breathing come more rapid. Neither could breathe when the end had come upon them.
            Liz didn't think she could move a muscle. Sean rose up and kissed her lips softly before moving off of her to dispose of the condom. That's when a chill went through her body. She realized she was covered in sweat that was quickly drying in the desert air. Then his warm body returned to her. Liz snuggled into him and met his blue eyes slowly. "Parker? You okay?"
            She nodded against his chest and shivered again. "I'm great."
            Liz closed her eyes when he pressed his lips to her forehead, wrapping his arms around her. "I think I love you, Parker."

            Liz opened her eyes to the pre-dawn glow in the DeLuca living room. Sean's arm tightened around her middle. She could just barely make out his face in the dim light. Wearing his T-shirt, Liz slid out of the pullout bed on legs that cried out in pain with every step.
            She crept into the bathroom to brush her teeth and remembered the rain that had forced them to leave their spot for the cover of the car. Once inside, Sean had pulled on his pants and tossed her his shirt. Liz had found her panties on the drive back. Then they had raced inside the house to keep from soaking what clothes they were wearing. Liz remembered waiting for him to pull out the bed and then they had lain together before falling asleep.
            Liz was just rinsing her mouth when she looked up to see Max standing in the doorway behind her. Their gazes locked in the mirror. Stalling, she rinsed her mouth again and wiped at her mouth with a towel. "Morning."
            "Morning." He whispered back. "I guess you guys got home alright. We got worried when it started raining."
            "You must not have worried too long because we came back when it started raining and you guys were already asleep." She turned to face him. "Max, I appreciate the attention but I can't be with you right now. I am with Sean."
            "You kissed me back yesterday." His gaze floated down to the floor.
            "I did but I wasn't expecting you to kiss me... I told Sean and he knows, okay?" Liz plopped her toothbrush down on the countertop and approached Max slowly. "Max, I... we... last night, Sean and I spent the night together."
            There was no mistaking the hurt that crossed his face in that instant. "So what? We're even? I had sex with Tess so you have sex with Sean?"
            "The only difference being that I genuinely care for Sean and I can freely admit it without worrying what you're going to think about it." Liz looked him in the eye steadily. "Don't ruin this for me, Max. I want to be with Sean and he loves me."

August 19, 2001

            I'm Liz Parker and I am no longer a child. Last night was the most incredible experience that I've had in... well awhile. Sean and I made love and every time I think about it, this goofy smile crosses my face. We made love in the desert under a sky of stars and then went back to sleep in his bed at Maria's. I haven't told her yet but I shouldn't have to. It's not like she was pulling at the bit to tell me she slept with Michael... but I'm not even going to think about that.
            I want to enjoy this feeling for as long as I'm able.

            Liz spun around nodded to the customer waving her down. "I'll be there in a minute, sir."
            Sunday at the Crashdown was busier than she had seen it in months. All her tables were parties of six or more. She rushed from the walk up window to the tables as fast as she could so she could work on refilling drinks and cashing out tables. So far all tables had left lousy tips. Then she tripped. Lucky for her she caught the plate in her hands before even the glass hit the floor.
            She got a round of applause as she stood up without even an upset pickle on the plate. She left the plate with the customer and made for a break when Maria pulled her aside. "What?"
            "What? Max looks like he died." Maria pointed to the booth where Max and Isabel were sitting.
            "Why do you assume that it has something to do with me?" Liz shook her head and pulled the antennae off her head. "I'm on break."
            "Liz... what did he tell you last night before you went gallivanting into the night with the Ex-con?"
            "Max wanted to tell me that he had a theory on his son and a way to communicate but I told him that I could hear it later because last night was not the time and I cannot believe that you told Sean he was a mistake." Liz shook her head at her friend, not even sure that they were best friends anymore. Things between them had been strained all summer but these past few weeks were almost unbearable.
            "Liz, the guy loves you." Maria tugged on her arm.
            "Sean loves me." Liz rebounded, ripping her arm from Maria's grasp. "Maria... Sean and I made love. Do you know what that means?"
            "That he tricked you, that he played you." Maria shook her head.
            "No. I wanted to, probably more than he did. I was ready and we made love last night because we care about each other and not about what people like you think." Liz held her position and waited for the inevitable retort.
            "People like me?" Maria scoffed. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"
            "It means that you cannot mind your own damn business. It means that because someone's life isn't going the way you think it should that it's not the way that person's life should be and you have to fix it. It means that you should butt out and let me and your cousin be happy." Liz saw her words sink into Maria's thick skull. "I don't know what's going on with you but I'd appreciate a little space... not only from you but from Max."
            "This will kill Max when he finds out." Maria whispered.
            "It didn't." Liz whispered back and pushed her way into the back room to spend what was left of her break.
            Liz nearly jumped up and shrieked for joy when she saw Sean enter the Crashdown. Then she sobered quickly, suddenly unsure of how she should act today. She had woken up in his arms, kissed him goodbye, written about the experience in her journal, told two people about it and just now it sunk in. She had made love to Sean last night. Was she supposed to act different now? What did he expect from her?
            Sean closed the distance between them, with only her in his eyes. Their lips brushed softly and their arms closed around each other. All her insecurities melted in that embrace. At least it wasn't awkward. Pulling away just barely, he lifted a hand to her face. "When do you get off?"
            "In about 20 minutes." She whispered and took in his scent. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you right now."
            "Oh yeah?" His blue eyes traced her face.
            "I'll tell you later. Sit. I'll bring you something."
            "Do I get a choice of what?" Sean asked as she detangled herself from his grasp.
            "No. You get to be surprised." Liz shook her head and backed away. She nearly bumped into Maria as she rounded the counter. Neither apologized, nor spoke, as they got out of each other's way. Liz went to the fountain and fixed Sean a Sprite with extra ice. Ding.
            "Order up, Liz." Michael's voice called out. She set the glass down and went to the window to see what he wanted. She didn't have any orders to pick up.
            "What?" She peered through the pick up window.
            "Look. I know we give you crap about Sean." He started but she turned away. "Liz!"
            "I don't want to hear it, Michael." She turned around and then noted he had shoved a burger through the window at her. "What's this?"
            "An excuse to talk to you. Maria is being a bitch about whatever it is that you guys are fighting about." Michael paused his speech when she gave him a look. "Take it to your boyfriend for all I care. The thing is this... What he said last night makes sense to me. Max and Maria are being impossible and the only reason I care is that it's making me miserable. But... the only reason I approve is that it proves what I've always said. You are dangerous to Max, more when you're with him than anything else. Least this way he thinks about going home and he's not always on my back."
            Liz waited for him to continue but it never came. "Well, thanks, I guess."
            "Whatever. Burger's getting cold."
            Liz picked up the plate and turned to grab the drink and set them in front of Sean at a table near the door. "Compliments of the chef."
            "What?" Sean looked up at her and she just shrugged. "It's not poisoned, is it?"
            "Michael's not that creative. If he wanted you dead, he'd strangle you or beat you to a pulp." Liz laughed and hurried to pick up the checks from her other tables.
            Maria stopped by Sean's table. They stared off for a minute. "Look... I'm sorry for what I said last night. Michael griped me out last night for saying it and.... I'm really sorry."
            "It's okay. Liz just reminded me last night that I don't give a flying shit about what you think." He picked up his burger and bit into it. He had to struggle not to laugh at the expressions she made while she thought about it.
            "Okay." She said finally. "I still don't approve of you and Liz."
            "Yeah. I gathered." Sean cleared his throat after he swallowed. "So, why would Michael care if you called me a mistake?"
            Maria flicked a glance to the fry cook and then looked back to her cousin. "It's just that someone used to do that to him. He doesn't like it done to other people."
            She turned to go but Sean stopped her. "M, when's Liz's birthday?"
            "You don't know?" Maria snorted and sat down. " Idiot. At the end of the month, start of Labor Day Weekend, that Friday."
            "Okay. Just checking." He sat back and thought it over. "Think Aunt Amy will give me more hours?"

            "Where the hell is Sean?" Liz slammed down the phone in the break room and then stormed out into the restaurant to clear her empty tables. She slammed the plates into the dish bucket and then slammed that onto the counter.
            Maria raised her eyebrows and walked away. Even Mr. Parker didn't attempt to ask her what was wrong. Everyone that knew Liz and her few bad moods stayed away. She scraped the plates and slid the bucket toward the sink. Of course the least observant person in the world commented on that. "Hey."
            "What?" She snapped at Michael and then made to leave.
            "What crawled up your ass? It's your turn for dish duty." He reminded her and then backed away when she turned back to him.
            "Look. I'm not doing the dishes. You do them if you care so much. I am going to my room and then I'm going to call Sean again and if he doesn't answer the damn phone… I'm going to hunt him down and strangle him." She spoke calmly and firmly, her hands clenching. "Unless of course you'd like to be the first one on my hit list."
            "I'll do the dishes." Michael nodded with wide eyes and then looked to Mr. Parker when she stormed off. "She fighting with him?"
            "She's been home every night for a week. He hasn't been calling. I don't know what's going on." Geoff shook his head. "I can't say that I mind he hasn't been around but I don't like to see her like this."

August 26, 2001

            I don't know what's going on. Ever since we made love, I haven't seen Sean as much. It hurts and when I do see him, it's only for a few moments and then he says he has to go. I don't want to think that he's cheating on me or that he's dumping me but what else am I supposed to think?

            Sean barely glanced up when the bell rang. Then his head snapped up when he caught sight of the beautiful brunette standing in front of the counter. "Hey." He flashed her a smile and leaned over the counter decorated with alien stickers. She backed up out of his reach. "What's wrong, Parker?"
            "You tell me." Liz whispered, her eyes shining. She had finally gone to look for him and he was at his aunt's shop. "I haven't heard from you since last Sunday and I can't help but think…"
            "Hey." He cut her off. "Don't think that. I've been really busy. Aunt Amy has me working my ass off." He looked up to catch his aunt's questioning look and dismissed it for the moment. "Sorry I haven't called or anything but I've been getting in real late and all…"
            Liz let him touch her arm and then blinked back a tear. "You'd tell me if there was something wrong, right?"
            "Yeah." Sean nodded and pulled her closer so he could kiss her lips. "Do me a favor and keep Friday open."
            "I can't, I'm working." She shook her head slowly.
            "On your birthday?" He squinted his eyes at her. She nodded a little. "Well, still, see if you can get off early."
            "I'll try." She backed away, still visibly upset but less so than when she had entered. "I gotta go. I left Michael to do my shift duties."
            He nodded and watched her go. Then Aunt Amy filled his field of vision. "Sean DeLuca if I understand even half of what that very hurt child was upset about, I will kill you. Liz is practically a part of the family and if you've hurt her… I will not allow you to use me as an excuse, a way of lying to her."
            "Hold on. Hold on." Sean held up his hands and reached inside his pocket for what he had picked up that morning. "Take a look at this. I still owe like two payments on it, which is why I asked for more time."
            Amy took the square box from him and opened it to find a pair of turquoise earrings and a matching necklace. "These are beautiful."
            "They're real too. I had a friend take me out to the Res to find them. Liz said that her grandmother's work fascinated her and that she was interested in the Native American tribes in the area…" Sean trailed off when he saw his aunt find the ring just underneath the cotton. "The lady said that was the kind of ring that men gave their women."
            "Well, I have to say that I'm surprised. I guess I shouldn't be but this is a nice gift, Sean. I'm glad that you're… being good." Amy returned the box to him. "I never thought that you and Liz could work out so well but I can see that she's rubbing off on you."
            "Well, she does that." He admitted solemnly. "I just want to make her happy and be better for her."

Part 5
            "Where the hell is Sean?" Liz slammed down the phone in the break room and then stormed out into the restaurant to clear her empty tables. She slammed the plates into the dish bucket and then slammed that onto the counter.
            Maria raised her eyebrows and walked away. Even Mr. Parker didn't attempt to ask her what was wrong. Everyone that knew Liz and her few bad moods stayed away. She scraped the plates and slid the bucket toward the sink. Of course the least observant person in the world commented on that. "Hey."
            "What?" She snapped at Michael and then made to leave.
            "What crawled up your ass? It's your turn for dish duty." He reminded her and then backed away when she turned back to him.
            "Look. I'm not doing the dishes. You do them if you care so much. I am going to my room and then I'm going to call Sean again and if he doesn't answer the damn phone… I'm going to hunt him down and strangle him." She spoke calmly and firmly, her hands clenching. "Unless of course you'd like to be the first one on my hit list."
            "I'll do the dishes." Michael nodded with wide eyes and then looked to Mr. Parker when she stormed off. "She fighting with him?"
            "She's been home every night for a week. He hasn't been calling. I don't know what's going on." Geoff shook his head. "I can't say that I mind he hasn't been around but I don't like to see her like this."

August 26, 2001

            I don't know what's going on. Ever since we made love, I haven't seen Sean as much. It hurts and when I do see him, it's only for a few moments and then he says he has to go. I don't wan to think that he's cheating on me or that he's dumping me but what else am I supposed to think?

            Sean barely glanced up when the bell rang. Then his head snapped up when he caught sight of the beautiful brunette standing in front of the counter. "Hey." He flashed her a smile and leaned over the counter decorated with alien stickers. She backed up out of his reach. "What's wrong, Parker?"
            "You tell me." Liz whispered, her eyes shining. She had finally gone to look for him and he was at his aunt's shop. "I haven't heard from you since last Sunday and I can't help but think…"
            "Hey." He cut her off. "Don't think that. I've been really busy. Aunt Amy has me working my ass off." He looked up to catch his aunt's questioning look and dismissed it for the moment. "Sorry I haven't called or anything but I've been getting in real late and all…"
            Liz let him touch her arm and then blinked back a tear. "You'd tell me if there was something wrong, right?"
            "Yeah." Sean nodded and pulled her closer so he could kiss her lips. "Do me a favor and keep Friday open."
            "I can't, I'm working." She shook her head slowly.
            "On your birthday?" He squinted his eyes at her. She nodded a little. "Well, still, see if you can get off early."
            "I'll try." She backed away, still visibly upset but less so than when she had entered. "I gotta go. I left Michael to do my shift duties."
            He nodded and watched her go. Then Aunt Amy filled his field of vision. "Sean DeLuca if I understand even half of what that very hurt child was upset about, I will kill you. Liz is practically a part of the family and if you've hurt her… I will not allow you to use me as an excuse, a way of lying to her."
            "Hold on. Hold on." Sean held up his hands and reached inside his pocket for what he had picked up that morning. "Take a look at this. I still owe like two payments on it, which is why I asked for more time."
            Amy took the square box from him and opened it to find a pair of turquoise earrings and a matching necklace. "These are beautiful."
            "They're real too. I had a friend take me out to the Res to find them. Liz said that her grandmother's work fascinated her and that she was interested in the Native American tribes in the area…" Sean trailed off when he saw his aunt find the ring just underneath the cotton. "The lady said that was the kind of ring that men gave their women."
            "Well, I have to say that I'm surprised. I guess I shouldn't be but this is a nice gift, Sean. I'm glad that you're… being good." Amy returned the box to him. "I never thought that you and Liz could work out so well but I can see that she's rubbing off on you."
            "Well, she does that." He admitted solemnly. "I just want to make her happy and be better for her."

            Liz put on her uniform and adjusted her antennae. "I cannot believe he's making me work tonight." She pulled her hair back over her shoulder and took a final look in the mirror. "Happy birthday, Liz."
            She trudged down the stairs and groaned at the amount of noise coming from the diner. Just then her mother looked up and shoved someone through the kitchen door. "Honey, you're early."
            "Yeah well Dad just said I was working tonight until close. No point doing anything else if I gotta be here anyway." Liz shrugged and almost made it through the doors when her mother pulled her back. Just then her father and Max emerged from the kitchen. "Max? What are you doing back here?"
            "Oh well, we ganged up on your dad. We're going to take you out for your birthday." Max shoved his hands in his pockets and kept glancing back into the kitchen as if afraid someone might hear him.
            "That's right sweetie. You shouldn't have to work tonight." Geoff agreed quickly, too quickly.
            "Okay…" Liz nodded her head slowly, obviously realizing they were up to something.
            "Yeah, so um… why don't you go get dressed?" Max suggested. "Something nice, comfortable. Something you could dance in if you wanted to. Take your time. Tonight is about you."
            "Okay… but…" She started to protest but her mother was already rushing her back up the stairs to her room.

            Liz was bowled over with shouts when she entered the Crashdown. There were people everywhere shouting "Happy Birthday!" She could hardly believe it. She was getting hugged and moved around the room to be greeted by everyone. Then she was ushered to the counter. Her parents kissed her cheeks and presented her with a cake.
            The party passed in a blur and as great as it was, she kept looking for Sean. Maria had been polite and courteous. Max had bent over backward to stay just out of reach. Michael had even offered a hug. But Sean was still missing.
            Liz was about to excuse herself to the bathroom to cry out her frustrations when an arm wrapped around her waist. "Miss me?"
            "Sean?" Liz turned and hugged him tight. "Where have you been?"
            "Well, I had to get dressed after work, then Aunt Amy had to help me wrap your present." Sean shrugged helplessly. "It took a while but here it is."
            He handed her the box and waited for her to open it. He was nearly deafened by her shriek. A crowd gathered to see what she had gotten. Liz pulled out a pair of earring and a necklace of silver and two colors of turquoise. "Sean, oh my god..."
            "Hey there's still another piece in there." He fished the ring out of the cotton and showed it to her.
            "Thank you." She whispered and kissed his lips softly, eliciting 'aws' from the crowd of people. "Dance with me."
            They managed to move to a clear space to dance. Several of other couples followed their example. Sean noted how relaxed she was. "Did you really think I wasn't coming?"
            "Sean. I didn't know what to think. You haven't exactly been around lately." Liz confessed.
            "I was working overtime to get you those."
            "You really didn't have to."
            "Yeah, I did." He argued. "But I am more interested in pulling you out of here as soon as possible."
            "Oh yeah? Me too." She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. "But let's stay for a few hours, then we'll take off before we have to clean anything."
            They both laughed and clung tighter to each other in the midst of all the people there to celebrate her birthday.
            Liz smiled as she opened her presents. Max had given her a fountain pen with her name on it for her journal. Maria gave her a gag gift of an ankle brace colored to match a pair of bright red shoes with incredible heels. Michael got her doorknob with a lock, which was promptly confiscated by her father and made everyone laugh. Kyle had given her a shirt that said she was dating an earthling from the planet Tuna. Sean was not impressed. Few people got that one. Betty Jo had given her a pretty blouse. Mark Silerio gave her a gift certificate for the music store. Isabel had been grandiose and given Liz a purse to match practically everything and then whispered that the real present was inside.
            Through the whole thing, Sean had managed to keep away from the Parkers. He talked to his friends that happened to stop in to eat. He kept his aunt company when the Sheriff left to answer a call. The Sheriff did give him some advice. "Play it cool, Mr. DeLuca, Liz is like a daughter to me and many other people in this city. She's a wonderful young lady and you must be special for her to recognize you. I trust that you'll see to it her famous judgment is still flawless."
            "Will do." Sean knew a warning even when masked with compliment. He'd just be careful.
            "I think he likes you." Amy said as she picked at her birthday cake and waited for the Parkers to make their rounds of the parents in the Crashdown.
            "Oh yeah. Felt it clinging to me." Sean sipped at his soda and made to turn away.
            "Believe me, Jim likes you and that makes me proud." Amy gave his shoulder a squeeze. "I am proud to say that you've come a long way from the delinquent that I know and love. He's right about Liz, too. She, except for maybe Max, has excellent choice in friends. My only problem with Max is Michael."
            "I don't like him either." Sean nodded.
            "There we go. More good judgment." She patted him on the back and turned to watch everyone having fun. "She's a great girl. She's human but as good as they get."
            Liz shot Sean a forced smile as yet another throng of people surrounded her with well wishing and the like. He couldn't help but smile back and then gesture with his head to the door. Later, she mouthed and turned back to her friends.
            He was lost in thought when a hand landed on his shoulder. He looked up to find Max standing there. "Look, I just want to apologize for… everything. I was serious when I said I wanted her to be happy. Not to blame Maria or anything but she didn't help. She can be quite convincing when she wants to be."
            "That's M." Sean nodded and turned away without so much as an acknowledgement of the apology.
            "Yeah." Max nodded to Sean's back and walked off. Sean then made his great escape, narrowly missing Mr. Parker on his way out the restaurant. He hopped into his orange Bug and waited. He didn't have to wait long until she ran out the door sporting her jewelry and the purse that Isabel gave her.
            "You will not believe what she put in here." Liz was telling him before she was even seated in the car. "There is a box of condoms and a hotel key. I'm going to kill her. I mean, what if my parents had looked inside the purse?"
            "A hotel key." Sean repeated.
            "I'm afraid of what will be there." Liz motioned for him to start the car. "I mean, there could be a stripper, the whole gang just waiting for us to show up, or it could be empty."
            "A stripper?" He snorted. "I didn't think you were into that."
            "It's an inside joke." She didn't offer any more explanation than that. "The question is, do we go?"
            "The question is, do you want to go?" He pulled onto the street and took a drag of the town.
            "I want to be alone with you. I want to properly thank you for the beautiful jewelry that I'm never taking off." She leaned over the gearshift to kiss at his neck. "I have really missed you these past two weeks. A lot."
            "Is that right?" He tried to keep himself under control, the last thing he wanted to do was to crash the car. "Well, our options are: check out the hotel room, go back to Aunt Amy's and make out until she and M get home, go back to your place and find that lock Michael gave you, take a drive out into the desert or Buckley Point."
            "Let's check out the hotel room first, then we'll see." She nibbled at his ear and ran a hand down his chest.
            "You know, we don't have to…" He trailed off, as he had to fight to stay on the road. "Parker, I’m gonna have to pull over if you don't stop."
            His words sobered her quickly. She sat back and clenched her hands together. Noting the alarm in his eyes, she quickly covered herself. "Then you better get there soon."

            "Well?" Liz tapped him on the shoulder as he peered into the room.
            "It looks empty." He pulled her into the room after him, kissing her soundly.
            "Hold on." She reluctantly pulled away. "Not that this isn't great, there's no guarantee there isn't a catch."
            "A catch?" He let her search the room and she found a note under the pillow. "How did you know that?"
            "I know my friends." She read the note aloud and started laughing. "A gift, an apology even, from the Ever-Burgeoning I Know An Alien Club. Minus the good Sheriff of course, he would never approve whatever use you two have for the present."
            "Okay. Want to let me in?" Sean sat on the bed cautiously. He remembered all that alien business from earlier in the year and wondered if that was the joke. "I don't comprehend Liz-and-her-friends speak."
            "It's nothing." She shook her head and climbed onto his lap. "There are no strings. This is a gift from my friends, most of who were giving me crap about you. Guess they figured out how I wanted to spend my 18th birthday."
            "How's that?"
            "With you." Gently, she pushed him backward to lie back on the bed. "Alone." Her lips grazed his just enough to tease him. "Preferably with a bed."
            "Oh yeah?" Sean knew he should be worried but for the moment he was just going to go with it. "And what are you going to do with me?"
            "I don't know. We could play Parcheesi." She raised her eyebrows. "I'm pretty good at poker… even better at strip poker but I'm sure that you don't want to play that."
            "Are you attempting to seduce me?" He squinted his eyes at her. A playful Parker was definitely fun but he had a feeling there was something else fueling this game she was playing with him.
            "Attempting." Liz repeated the word and sat back with a huff. "What is it, Sean? Why don't you want to be with me?"
            "Whoa. Slow down." Sean sat up as much as he could and put his hands around her waist. "I want you very much. I'm just not so sure this is a good idea. How do I know your friends aren't playing some cruel trick on us? How do I know we won't get busted?"
            "You're forgetting that I just turned 18 and it doesn't matter what they think or want anymore." Liz licked her lips and tried to push him back down onto the bed. He resisted and leaned in. Their lips brushed against each other’s before they fused their mouths together. She moaned when she felt his hands move up her waist to her ribs. His hands were so hot through the thin blouse she had chosen to wear that night. If she closed her eyes, it would be perfect, just the two of them and a bed. There could be no parents, no parole officers, no friends and no interruptions.
            The ringing of the phone sprang her eyes open. They both turned to it and groaned. “I swear…”
            “I’ll get it.” Sean leaned back and reached for the phone. “Hello?”
            “Ah yes, Mr. Ramirez I presume, this is the front desk. I’ve got a family member on hold. Shall I put her through?”
            “Um, sure.” Sean shrugged at Liz and listened while a few clicks marked the movements of the switchboard.
            “Liz, remember… no glove, no love.”
            “Isabel?” Sean lifted an eyebrow.
            “Oh my god, you aren’t Liz.” Isabel gasped on the other end of the line. “I take it the two of you are busy. Well, we’ll just say goodbye then.”
            Before he could say another word, a click ended the conversation. He replaced the receiver and turned to his girlfriend. “More happy birthdays.”
            “What did she want?” Liz stretched out beside him on the bed.
            “To remind us to use her present.” He let out a laugh and a little smile.
            “Which one?” She joined him in his chuckle.
            “Well, I would guess that she was encouraging the use of one while we used the other and vice versa.” They kissed briefly. “I don’t know if I approve of your friends getting us this room.” Her head tilted at that statement. “I mean, they didn’t even let me in on it. Who’s Mr. Ramirez?”
            “Well, then, we better get their money’s worth. They enlisted Isabel’s boyfriend’s help to get the room.” Liz ran her hand down his chest like she had in the car. It was deceptively soft, if she put more pressure she would encounter the thick muscles just beneath the surface. Before her hand could reach his pants, her cell phone went off. “I swear I’m going to kill who ever that is.”
            “I bet it’s your dad.” He told her solemnly pushing her hands away.
            She reached for her purse to pull out the cell. “Hello? … Hi Daddy… No. I’m spending the night at Isabel’s… No, not at Maria’s… I promise. Okay. … Uh-huh… Dad… Yes, I promise I will not go to Sean’s. Yes sir… yes… bye bye.” She turned back to him. “You were right. How do you do that?”
            “Must be the criminal instinct.” He shook his head sadly.
            “Oh yeah?” She crept back over to him. “What other criminal instincts do you have?”
            “Just one more thing. I keep falling for teenage brunettes with surprising personalities.” He shifted onto his back as she climbed on top of him.
            “Is that so?” She smiled and leaned forward. “And these many brunettes… do they reciprocate?”
            “Just one.” Sean lifted his head to meet her lips in a slow kiss. “She’s a real knockout.” He lifted one hand to tangle in her hair as their lips met again. Their mouths opened to each other to explore and taste. Her silken tresses fell all around them as they devoured each other. Slowly their mouths came apart and their eyes met. “Parker? Why are we here?”
            “To be together.” She furrowed her brow. “Sean, why do you keep stalling?”
            “Because I keep thinking there’s something else going on with you.”
            “There is nothing but you on my mind.” As she spoke her fingers reached between them for the hem of his shirt. Slowly she pushed it up. “And how much I want to make love to you right now.”
            Before he could say a word, her mouth was running along the top of his stomach. He could just let go and make love to her. He could just shut his eyes and let her hands make their way down his stomach to his pants. Suddenly, he sat up, almost throwing her off his lap. ”No. I’m taking you home.”
            “What?” Liz exclaimed and he adjusted his shirt and fixed hers for her. “What do you mean?”
            “I’m taking you home now.” He repeated and looked up at her so she knew he wasn’t joking. “There’s something that you’re not telling me. Let’s go.”

            Liz slammed the car door as she left Sean alone in the car without so much as a good night. She stormed into the Crashdown and up into the apartment. Geoff looked up from his counter the second the bells had jingled. He was outside and rapping on Sean’s window in seconds. Sean just looked up at him, without expression.
            “If you have done anything, any at all to her, you will pay.” Geoff warned, his anger rising when Sean turned on the engine. “What did you do to make her so angry?”
            Sean didn’t speak for a moment. He stared at the steering wheel for a just a minute before turning his face to Mr. Parker once again. “I wouldn’t sleep with her.”
            Geoff stood there stunned, speechless as Sean backed onto the street.

August 31, 2001

            What is wrong with me? Why won’t he make love to me? God, I feel like such a mistake. I threw myself all over him and he just said no. He was taking me home and he did. I can’t even think of a single thing that I did wrong. Does he just not want me now that we’ve been together? I could believe that everyone was right but that can’t be true. Sean is different, he is… he has to be.

            “Lizzie? Are you okay?” Liz glanced at the door, her father on the other side. “Lizzie? Sweetie?”
            “I’m okay, Dad.” She called back, her voice full of tears. “I’m fine. I just want to be alone.”
            “Are you sure?”
            “Yeah, Dad, just go.” Her voice was much stronger that time.
            “Ok, your mom put your presents in the living room.”
            Liz buried her face in her pillow. She had never been more humiliated in all her life.

            “What are you doing here?” Maria hissed when Sean walked through the door. “You’re supposed to be with Liz. Where did you leave her?”
            “I took her home.” Sean spared her a glance and moved into the living room where Amy had a bunch of alien themed items spread on the couch.
            “Sean. I thought you were going to spend the evening with Liz. I didn’t think you’d be home so early after you left with her.” Amy gave him a look. “Is everything alright?”
            “Yeah, everything’s fine. I just wasn’t up to the plans her friends made for us.” He shook his head, wanting very much to grab a beer and drown the memory of turning down a willing bed partner who happened to be the most gorgeous creature that he had ever met. “Not something I wanted to do.”
            “It’s her birthday.” Maria scoffed and plopped down on the couch. “She obviously liked the plans we had laid out.”
            “It wasn’t right.” Sean argued.
            “Okay, kids. I know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t born yesterday.” Amy scolded them lightly. “I’m very glad to hear you didn’t like the plans. I don’t like them either and if those plans ever occur on your birthday, Maria… Michael will not live to see another day.”
            Sean shot Maria a look and she immediately blushed but cleared her throat. “I’ll be sure and tell him.” She stretched out her arms and yawned loudly. “I am so tired. I am going to bed.”
            She scooted off to her room. Amy glanced backward over her shoulder. “I’m not an idiot.” She turned back to Sean. “She’s going in there to call Michael and warn him about the mother on a rampage.”
            Sean began helping Amy put away her things so he could pull out his bed. He carefully stacked up her catalogs and set them aside, and then one caught his eye. “Floral arrangements?”
            “Yeah.” Amy nodded, her head tilted slightly. “I order one every year for your dad. I was thinking you could help me this year…” She trailed off when he nodded stiffly. “I’m sorry they didn’t let you out to go to his funeral.”
            “Me too.” He nodded again. “Sorry Mom took off the next day, too.” He sat wearily on the couch, having abandoned any idea of sleeping. “They didn’t care about me anyway.”
            “Sean, my brother loved you. Broke his heart to see you mixed up with those guys.” Amy reached over to touch his arm. “He just didn’t know what to do.”
            “So he worked himself to death.” Sean shook his head, willing himself not to cry. “You know, she never loved him and I always wondered why in the world she stuck around so long. I think he might have loved her… It was just always so hard to tell with him.”
            “I know what you mean. Will and Olive were two very different people. I never got it, I was never able to really see them together but when we were young, they insisted they were in love.” Amy watched his expression change slightly. “Sean, what is it?”
            “Nothing. Just that, I used to hear that a lot. It was like no one but Mom and Dad knew why they were together and they weren’t sharing that secret with the rest of the world.” Sean took a breath and stared at a picture of his father as a little boy hanging on the far wall. “Mom was some pretty girl and Dad was the family screw up.”
            “No. I think that was me.” Amy gave a wry laugh. “You’re right. Olive was pretty and so smart and somehow not good enough for my brother. She never was in my eyes. His friends thought she was a goodie-goodie, her friends thought he was trouble.”
            “History doesn’t always repeat itself… does it?” He didn’t lift his head, afraid to look into his aunt’s blue eyes and see the truth there.
            “Sean DeLuca, my brother was a good man. He might have been mixed up with some crazy guys but he always stepped up and took responsibility for his actions. I know you know how your parents got married but believe me… at the time, they wanted it. They wanted to get married and have children and they did.” Amy sighed, there wasn’t much she could say to him that he didn’t already know. “You know, you are a lot like him but unlike Olive, I do think that Liz is good enough for you.”

September 1, 2001
            I’m calmer this morning but still upset. Dad said for me to not worry about working today. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.
            Sean. This hurts. He didn’t even give me an explanation. Okay, so he thought I was keeping something from him but what is that supposed to mean. I tell him everything… within reason. I don’t talk about aliens. I can’t. I just wish I knew what the hell was going on.
            Dad has been weird. He asks about Sean and I don’t say anything. It’s almost like he wants me to be with him now. I just don’t know what’s going on.

            Liz pushed her way out into the living room to retrieve one more load of presents. She didn’t look up but made herself look busy when the figure at the top of the steps shifted slightly. He cleared his throat but she still wouldn’t look up. “I… I hope you realize that last night wasn’t personal.”
            “Oh?” She asked softly.
            “Parker…” Sean sighed. “There is just a lot going on here and I have a feeling that I’m in the dark about 80 per cent of the time.”
            “Can you just leave? I’m not done being mad at you.” Liz stood still until he left. She wiped at her eyes and gathered her things.

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Part 6
                Liz sat with one of her books at the table. Her dad was busy making a quick dinner at the stove. It stayed quite almost the whole time. Liz could feel him looking at her every so often but chose to ignore it. “What’s that you’re studying?”
                “Just a little English.” She answered without looking up.
                “Having problems?” Geoff asked, and then laughed. “Not that I’d be much help. English was never my strong suit.”
                “It’s okay I guess.” Liz shook her head with a silent laugh. “It’s poetry. Usually Sean helps me…”
                “But?” Geoff prodded. “Where is he? I haven’t seen him around in the last couple of days.” She paused in her writing but didn’t answer him. “I didn’t realize that Sean was good in English.”
                “Yeah. He is.” Liz nodded. “They had a program in the… and he got his GED. He likes poems. He says they make sense to him.”
                “I like Dylan, myself.” Geoff shrugged and waited.
                “Which one?” Liz turned to look at her Dad. “Bob or—“
                “Of course Bob.” He shook his head at her. “Don’t you know me?”
                “Well, I don’t know. You’re full of surprises.” She went back to her work.
                “That’s a Parker for you.” He paused a moment before turning back to the stove. “He’s not all that bad a kid.”
                Liz didn’t know how to respond to that and she knew he wasn’t about to elaborate on that statement.

September 5, 2001

                I still don’t know what’s going on. I miss Sean. What were we even fighting over? I miss him; I miss his touch, his kiss, the way he likes to look at me, and the way his hair feels under my fingers…

                Liz looked up when the door chimed. Sean. The restaurant wasn’t too busy but her father was in earshot. He approached awkwardly, meeting her where the counter split toward the door to the back. He was vaguely aware of his cousin and her friends sitting at a booth lounging around and probably staring at them. “Hey.”
                “Hey.” She nodded and leaned against the booth behind her. They stood in silence for a few moments. “To be truthful, there’s something that you’re not telling me about what happened the other night… and maybe there was something going on with me that I didn’t even realize at the time.”
                “Yeah… I… just don’t know what it is.” Sean agreed. He was about to spill his guts when he changed his mind. “Think we could talk?”
                “Yeah, we really should talk about this before it gets really screwed up.” A dry laugh escaped her lips, her shoulders shook slightly. “Like it could get worse.”
                “What time is your shift over?”
                “I get off around six.”
                “Ok, I will be back then.” He tapped the booth table beside him. Liz nodded stiffly and watched him go. Maria was by her side in an instant.
                “Why didn’t you tell me you were having problems?” Maria hissed and gestured to the orange Bug driving off.
                “Maybe I was afraid you’d tell me it wasn’t worth fussing over. Maybe because I was afraid you’d show me the light and I’d break up with him.” Liz shook her head. “We have tables to wait.”
                “Liz…” Maria gasped and followed her around. “What is the deal? Sean won’t talk about it either.”
                “I don’t know.” Liz shook her head and cleared an empty table. “I just… we … I don’t know.”
                “Is this it? Is it over? Tell me.” Maria pleaded.
                “I don’t know!” Liz yelled at her. “I really don’t know.”

                Liz leaned back and the horn honked. Sean rushed to pull her away. “Hold on.” He reached under the dash and plucked at the fuse. “I… I got it.”
                Their mouths returned to each other’s. Liz reached down and slid her sandals onto the floor. Her uniform was already opened down to her belly button and her chest decorated with a few red spots. She yanked at the bottom of his shirt, pushing it up his chest before leaning back to draw it over his head. Her hips ground down against him as her mouth traveled along his jaw to his ear where her teeth tugged at the hoop.
                Sean ran his hands up her thighs, drawing her body closer to his. They brushed over her panty-clad posterior and then around to the front where he tore at the remaining snaps on her uniform. His warm hands slid up her sides to her breasts, pulling down the satin that restrained her breasts. He fit his mouth over a taut nipple and sucked hungrily, only sucking harder when her cries met his ears. Her fingers curled into his chest and arm and then suddenly extracted themselves to run down his stomach and flick open his fly.
                Liz fumbled with the zipper for a moment before she managed to feel the soft cloth of his boxers covering his quickly hardening manhood. His moan vibrated through her chest when her tiny hand dove into his boxers to stroke him firmly. When she felt his hands tugging at her panties, she struggled to reach her purse where it still sat in the passenger seat. The condom she managed to find nearly slipped from her hand the second his hand reached between her soaked panties and her hot flesh. Her fist tightened around his cock as his fingers entered her passage.
                “Liz…” Sean moaned, he had to get his pants out of the way but he didn’t want to let go of her.
                “Should we go lay somewhere?” Liz gasped out, clutching the condom in her hand as she steadied herself against him.
                “No… no, no, no.” He shook his head. Giving up on the battle, he reached down and slid his boxers and pants down and out of the way and then reached for her panties. Sitting back on the steering wheel, Liz helped him help her out of the soaked garment. The condom was ripped from its little foil wrapper and rolled smoothly over his raging erection. “Come here.”
                “But… how?” Liz slid back onto his lap, confused for the moment.
                “I’ll help you.” He whispered before he guided himself up into her wet walls. Her gasps filled his ears. His placed his hands firmly on her hips and controlled her movements until she felt the rhythm. Her body rose and fell under his half-lidded gaze; her bronzed skin rounding to dark nipples contrasted against the sea-foam green of her uniform, strands of her hair fell over her shoulder as she rolled her head, her breasts bobbed as her back arched, her mouth let out his name in harsh gasps.
                Liz gripped his shoulder tight when he began lightly bucking beneath her. Her hair pulled at her scalp from where it was stuck to her chest. Her eyes opened slightly to see the sweat rolling off his forehead. Gazing down at Sean, her heart felt full. He filled her up completely. Physically, emotionally and he challenged her mentally. She never felt his hand leave her hip and fit against her juncture. “God! Sean!”
                Her whole body clenched on top of his, clamping around him, milking him of everything he had. He thrust up into her twice, burying himself as deep as he could go. “Liz…….”
                Liz rested her head on top of his to catch her breath before flopping back to lean on the steering wheel. Her thighs burned, her hand hurt for some reason, and her breasts stung where the cups of her bra cut into their tender undersides. She could feel his thumbs rubbing her hips lightly. The air in the car was thick and sweet with the scent of sweat and sex. “Guess that’s my introduction to make-up sex.” She gave a harsh laugh. “Here I thought we were going to talk.”
                “Hey. You okay, Parker?” Sean opened his blue eyes to her, rubbing her ribs with one hand. His panic started to rise but she quickly put him at ease when she arched an eyebrow. “Oh I see, you’re going to blame that on me. I didn’t invite you into my lap.”
                “Sean…” Her hands ran up his chest. Her big brown eyes followed every movement of her hands, tongue running over her dry lips. “Why…. “ She paused to phrase her question better. “Why was it okay just now and not less than a week ago?”
                “Demons.” He answered her simply and then noted her motion for elaboration. “I got ‘em, you got ‘em. I just felt like some of yours were pushing you the other night and then mine decided to join in…”
                “Do these demons have names?” Liz found the urge to shift her position. She felt both vulnerable and strong with him still inside her.
                “The leader, his name is William DeLuca, his buddy would be Geoffrey Parker. They got a little crew that go by Maria, Max and Nancy. Sometimes this other one, Olive, she’s just always there in the background.” Sean peered up into her face. “I feel like I shouldn’t be with you now that I’ve really got you.”
                “Some of those demons sound familiar. But you know, when it comes down to it… my angel wins out every time.” Liz ran her fingers up to his face. “Her name is Claudia Parker and let me tell you, she gets what she wants. She wants for me to follow my heart and right this instant… it’s leading me to you.”

                Sean examined the welts on his neck in the bathroom mirror. “Liz, you have some sharp nails.” He muttered to himself. He dipped a cotton ball in peroxide and braced for the sting of the cool liquid in the open welts. A hiss escaped his lips and he had to bite back a groan. His time in the bathroom was almost up but at least he had managed to shower and clean up some of his battle scars. It had done some quick thinking to make it to the bathroom before Maria or Amy had the chance to stop him. One whiff off him and they’d know exactly what happened during his ‘talk’ with Liz.
                “Sean? Are you alright in there?” Amy knocked on the door. “How did your talk with Liz go?”
                “I’ll be out in a minute.” He called through the door. He had twenty minutes before he had to be back at Liz’s for the actual talk. Quickly, he pulled a shirt over his head and opened the door. “All yours.”
                “Sean…” Amy followed Sean back to the living room where he busied himself with socks and shoes. “Well?”
                “Well, what?” He shrugged.
                “Sean, you pulled her out of there so quick that no one even found out where you were going.” Maria joined in with her mother’s prying. “Did you guys talk or whatever?”
                “A little.” Sean answered and waited for the next question.
                “A little? You were gone for an hour.” Maria scoffed. “I want details from you because she’s still not talking to me.”
                “Why isn’t Liz talking to you?” Amy shifted her attention from her nephew to her daughter.
                “Go on, Maria, tell her.” Sean flashed her a smile and stood.
                “So it’s my fault now?” Maria’s jaw dropped open.
                “Yes.” Sean shook his head at her. “You got her ex-boyfriend to kiss her while she was with me.”
                “Maria DeLuca.” Amy gasped and started in on her. Sean took the opportunity to make his exit.

September 8, 2001

                I don’t know what’s going on still but I’m happier than I was a few days ago. I know now that Sean does want me, he wants my body and sometimes isn’t afraid to show it. I can’t wipe the goofy grin off my face. I don’t understand what was holding him back but I suppose that he’ll tell me when he’s ready.
                Actually, I’m getting to a point now where I have to touch him everyday. You can’t be a slut if you only sleep with one guy, right?

                The late afternoon light shone into the house through the DeLuca kitchen, filling the living room with a muted glow. Amy had gone to a convention in Albuquerque and Maria had promised to stay gone most of the day. Liz had managed to escape her house on premise of a studying fieldtrip, which could be accurate if reproduction hadn’t already been covered in freshman year biology.
                Liz let her hands guide her eyes. Her ear was pressed against Sean’s chest, his heart thumped steadily finally after what seemed forever after they had screamed each other’s names. Her fingers traced a raised scar, so her eyes followed to discover the pale skin just under his diaphragm. Knife wound inflicted during a struggle with Brody Davis under the influence of Larek. Lifting her head, she replaced her fingers with her lips.
                “What are you doing?” Sean had to contain a stir of desire at the feel of her lips on her skin.
                “Did it hurt a lot?” Liz ran her fingers over the scar once more. “I just… that day it was so hard to think.”
                “It hurt like hell.” He admitted. “I just I’m lucky that knife wasn’t longer… or dirtier. You know, Aunt Amy hasn’t even brought that day up.”
                “Oh?” She asked absently.
                “Nobody does…” Sean prodded some more but knew she wasn’t going to tell him anything. He watched as she pressed her lips to the scar once again, then drag her lips down. She slipped from his arms as her lips parted enough for her tongue to snake out. Her hands ran up his legs under the sheet before gripping it and sliding beneath it. “Liz?”
                “Shh.” Her mouth opened wider over his stomach, the muscles clenched under her lips, and still traveled down toward his swiftly thickening cock. The second her mouth touched his erection, his entire body jerked.
                “Liz, what are you doing?” Sean gasped out, clenching his fists in the bedding on either side of him. All he could see was the sheet around her. Her mouth felt like it was going to burn him but there was no way he could ask her to stop.
                “Just let me try it.” Liz lifted her head away just long enough to speak and then went back to running her tongue along the length of him. Pulling her knees beneath her, Liz used both hands to stroke him gently.
                “Oh God.” He gasped with her lips wrapped around his tip. Her teeth lightly scraped his head and he let out a harsher gasp.
                “I’m sorry. Was that wrong?” Liz lifted the sheet to look at him.
                “No, no. That was good. That was really good.” Sean nodded. A gust of air had rushed inside the blanket when she lifted it, chilling his wet flesh. “Really, really good.”
                She let a smile free seeing how aroused he had become. His chest rose and fell heavily, his knuckles had turned white where they clenched at the bedding, and his stomach had tightened in anticipation of her next move. Dipping her head, the sheet fell over her once more. The first thing she did was let her teeth graze the tip of his erection. Her fingers slid down his cock and between his legs, cupping his sacs lightly.
                “Oh shit.” His curse met her ears, encouraging her exploration. Opening her mouth wider, she sucked on his tip lightly at first and then with more force. “Shit.”
                A slightly salty drop met her tongue. She rolled it around in her mouth a second before turning her mouth to him, taking in slightly more of his length than before. Her tongue ran around the head of him before she sucked at it like she would a Popsicle.
                Sean let go of one handful of bedding and clenched it into his own hair. His body felt like it was going to explode. He let out another string of curses when he felt her whole mouth on him. His hips lifted of their own accord to bury his throbbing cock into her mouth. He tried to still them but his body was not cooperating. Finally, she began moving her mouth up and down, sucking gently at first and then better than he could have hoped for.
                They felt it at the same time. His body clenched in anticipation of release. Liz worked on sucking harder and Sean worked on trying to form the words to get her to stop before he exploded. Then he felt her slide a finger around the base of his sacs. “Liz, stop. Liz… liz.. you gotta…. You gotta stop.”
                Taking his protests as a good sign, Liz kept on. “Shit!” The salty taste returned to her mouth and then shot into the back of her throat, making her sputter for a second before regaining control of her gag reflex. The thicker quality of his cum stuck a bit in her throat and slipped out around her lips as she tried hard to swallow as much as she could. His cock occasionally pushed further into her mouth but she shifted her head backward to keep him from choking her.
                When he stopped moving altogether, Liz sat up and raised a hand to wipe at her mouth. When the door swung open, both she and Sean’s eyes swung to the kitchen where Maria was just entering with Michael and Max. She quickly clapped her hand over her mouth and buried her face in Sean’s shoulder as he drew the sheets up around them. Maria stopped in her tracks. “Oh my God.”
                “I’m gonna go. I’ll catch you guys later.” Max averted his eyes, staring at his feet as he spoke to Michael. He backed out of the door slowly, swallowing thickly, fighting a wave of tears.
                “This is why I had to stay gone all day?” Maria shook her head.
                Sean held Liz tighter against his body and pleaded to Michael with just a look.
                “Let’s go, Maria.” Michael pulled her out the door and slammed it shut behind them. Even with the door shut, Sean and Liz could hear Michael and Maria arguing.
                “No. I cannot believe them.”
                “Hey! Cut ‘em some slack. They don’t have the option of her place. We can always go back to my place.”
                “Maria. Enough. Let’s go. Leave them alone.”
                Sean leaned back on the pull out and peered down at Liz. She had yet to remove her hand from her mouth. “Hey are you okay? They’re gone.”
                She nodded her head stiffly, allowing herself time to let the nausea fade before she attempted to speak. Of all the people in the world to see whatever it was they actually saw… Max because of how much he still meant to her and Michael because she knew he’d get her for it later. Maria she could deal with.
                Wiping her sticky mouth, Liz lifted her head. “I’m fine.”
                “Good. Sorry about that. I thought we had a lot more time than that.” His hands brushed her hair off her sweaty face. “You sure, you’re okay?”
                “I’m fine… a little embarrassed but fine.” Her eyes drifted over his face but avoided his eyes. “How was I?”
                “Good.” Sean leaned forward to brush his lips against hers. “Really good.” He kissed her lightly again. “You really didn’t have to but thank you.”
                “Come on.” She pulled away slightly. “Maybe we should get cleaned up before Maria convinces him to come back.” She started to move away but he caught her arm.
                “Hey, is something wrong?” Her head shake did nothing to tell him otherwise. “Come on…” Still nothing. “Well, I’m gonna have to return the favor.”
                “What?” Liz’s eyes went wide, her head snapped around to him.
                “It’s not a one way thing.” Sean pulled her close again. Her eyes shut for a moment.
                “We can speed up our time if we… shower together…” She suggested softly.
                “Race you…”
                The water ran over them, sliding between their heated bodies as they ground together. Liz couldn’t even feel the cold of the shower wall behind her as he pressed her into it over and over. She grasped at his slick flesh to keep their contact intact, but her hands kept slipping. Her cries echoed throughout the small bathroom. She focused on everything that was Sean. She was learning his body and how it reacted to what.
                His breath puffed into the crook of her head, his chest heaved against hers, his abs flexed with every thrust upward into her and his hands squeezed her legs tight around his waist to keep her from sliding away from him.
                Suddenly, she found herself pressed tighter against the tile wall and knew he was on the brink seconds before his thrusts became stronger and shorter. Quickly, his hand slid up her thigh to begin sharp strokes at her clit between their bodies. Every thrust put more pressure on his hand, sucking the air right out of her lungs when she came.

September 10, 2001

                Today I face everyone. I tried not to think about it too much but it’s always there. Max saw Sean and I together in Sean’s bed without clothes. I’ve avoided Maria’s calls, I didn’t work yesterday but Michael’s bound to say something… Can I go to school and act like I wasn’t totally exposed?

                “Liz! I have to talk to you.” Maria raced down the hallway and caught up to Liz as she was entering the girls’ bathroom. They took up residence on the counter and waited until the room and pretty much cleared before saying a word. “What is with you?”
                “What are you talking about?” Liz shook her head.
                “What did you and Sean do? Spend all day… fucking?” Maria demanded, her hand on her hip.
                “Maria, make up your mind. Are you going to be happy for me? Or are you going to be a hypocrite and nag about this forever?” Liz shut her eyes and turned her face to the floor. “What we were doing is not any of your business? I don’t ask what goes on at Michael’s. Ok?”
                Maria stared blankly at Liz for a few moments. “Wow.”
                “Maria.” Liz finally managed to look up at her. “I just want to be able to be with my boyfriend without this tension. I never begrudged you time with Michael and I didn’t even know that all you guys did was have sex. I’m just asking for the same respect, especially since I’ve been up front with my whole relationship with Sean.”
                “Chica, believe me. I do want you to be happy but you know you still love Max.”
                “And you’re right. Somewhere, somehow… I do. There is no getting around that but I have been so unhappy with that. I am happy with Sean. He’s a great guy.” Liz pressed. “He loves me so completely that it’s scary. I’m afraid I can’t return it but I want to be able to try.” She could feel the tears building up in her eyes. “Maria, this has been horrible, this thing between us. You are my best friend and we swore we would never let some guy come between us for any reason but you’re letting it happen.”
                Maria stayed silent a moment. “Ok. I’ll admit that you’ve been happier lately. I just don’t understand how you and Sean can be together. He’s loveable. I’ll admit that but he is just such an annoying guy.”
                Liz laughed suddenly. “Maria. You could never see Sean as attractive or funny or anything the way I see it. You’re his cousin. It’s like trying to tell Isabel why I was attracted to Max. It just doesn’t work.”

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Part 7
            “Stop.” Liz squealed. “Stop it.” She ducked another spray of water. “Sean!”
            “Kids!” Amy shouted, getting the attention of both of them. She took in the sight and sighed. Liz was dripping wet and Sean was getting there. The dishes however were still unwashed. “Sean, we need milk and ravioli and… bread.”
            “Ok.” Sean blinked at her, shaking his head. “I’ll go later.”
            “Go now. Please.” Amy ordered. “Liz can help me finish the dishes since the two of you are making such great progress.”
            “Alright. I’ll be back then.” Sean took his hands out of the sink and dried them off. “Need anything else?”
            “Yeah, you drank my last beer.” Amy waved him off and took his place at the sink. Liz shrugged her shoulders at Sean before he left. She turned to pick up the towel to dry the dishes as they were handed to her. They worked in silence a moment before Amy reached into her pocket. “I think these are yours.”
            Liz’s jaw dropped open but she quickly snapped it shut and took the panties from Amy. “Um…”
            “Liz, you know that I look on you like part of my family and I… feel like I should be doing something right about now but I don’t know what it is. I won’t tell you that you should stop because you won’t. I’m not going to tell you that it’s wrong because when I was doing it, it wasn’t.” Amy paused in her speech, continuing to wash the dishes in her sink. “I love my nephew and I know you and I know that you would never hurt him…”
            “Mrs. DeLuca.” Liz stopped her rant. “We’re being careful and I wouldn’t hurt Sean if I could help it.” She wasn’t sure what she should say. “He… never pressures me.”
            “I realize that. I do but I don’t want to.” Amy sighed and turned to Liz. “It’s just scary for me. If you can start up, then Maria will and soon I’m going to be a grandmother and that’s scary.” She took a deep breath. “I’m not naïve or blind. I realize that Sean is a man and he will behave like one but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it.”
            Liz didn’t know what to say to that. The whole conversation was really out there.
            “I mean, Sean’s a good kid… a decent man. I should trust him to make good decisions.” Amy waved her hands around and then began moving around, cleaning everything in sight. “He’s worried he’ll be like his father and that he’ll end up the same way. I just can’t seem to make him understand that William was a very good man, who worked hard and loved his family.”
            “What… what happened with his parents? He won’t tell me?” Liz hopped up on the counter.
            “You know… I don’t know.” Amy chuckled to herself. “William was always so out there. He was always getting into trouble and thoroughly loving it… and then he met Olive. She… well I never liked her or approved of their relationship but she was good for him. She calmed him down. She was okay looking and all… really smart… which is why we never understood how she could let herself get pregnant.”
            Liz sat stunned at the revelation of Sean’s creation.
            “Later of course Will told me that it was all planned, at least that’s what he said, that they planned it. I personally think it was her idea and he didn’t want to lose her, so he went along with it. Maybe they thought by having a baby that no one would try to keep them apart any more.
            “She was a tad flighty and he wanted to keep her. Now… don’t doubt for a second that they loved each other. There was always this thing between them. No one ever got it. Will and Olive had a secret and they weren’t telling anyone. I never approved of them but even I could see that they really loved each other.” Amy continued her rant. “God, they loved Sean to pieces…
            “Until one day… Olive just couldn’t take this town anymore. She couldn’t take Will’s long hours or Sean getting into trouble so she started pulling away and it made things worse. She took off for a month I think it was and came back like nothing had happened. But… Will worked harder and Sean got into more trouble. Then when Sean was sent away, Will lost it. He threw himself into work. He had a heart attack at the factory late one night and… that was it. My brother was gone. Sean wasn’t allowed to come to the funeral and Olive got her exit.”
            Liz couldn’t do anything but sit there. It made so much sense if Sean knew all this stuff. “Does she call him?”
            “She probably doesn’t know that he’s out.” Amy sighed heavily. “Sean is so much like his father but… he’s got better taste in women.”
            Liz gave a weak smile and looked down at her hands. It made more sense. The way that Sean responded to certain situations and questions and the way he avoided others. Of course she couldn’t tell Sean what she knew. She’d have to let him tell her himself.
            “Liz… you are so good for my nephew. I have never seen him so worked up about a girlfriend.” Amy gave the girl’s shoulder a squeeze. “Help me put away these dishes.”

September 22, 2001

            I have been so busy that I didn’t even realize homecoming was coming until halftime. The dance is tonight and I guess I’m not going. Sean had to work last night and everyone else was at the game so it didn’t bother me until I saw Kelly Okerberg wearing that crown and on the arm of George Donaldson. It just hit me that all the normal that I’ve been wanting and seeking… It’s just not there. I still can’t do things that other girls my age are doing. I can’t even go to homecoming with my boyfriend because of a condition of his probation.
            It’s not like he doesn’t want to go but he can’t even if he did… I suppose we’ll see. I’m just… unhappy this week and I have no clue why.

            Liz shoved open her door and leaned on it once it was closed. She felt so tired after her shift. They had been screaming and yelling at the game the night before and she had had a hard time responding to the customers. Shutting her eyes, she tried to relax a little. When she heard the window open she smiled just barely. “Sean… I’m tired.”
            “Well… I’m not Sean.” Max’s voice echoed through the room, causing her smile to slip from her face and her fatigue to worsen.
            “Hey Max.” Liz whispered, eyes still closed. “Guess you wanna talk, huh?”
            “Liz, it’s not what you think but I really need someone to talk to and… I can’t talk to anyone else.” Max pleaded with her from where he was crouched at her window. She opened her eyes to get a good look at him. He looked like he had been crying and like he hadn’t slept in days. How could she have not noticed the night before.
            “Come in.” Liz whispered and crossed to sit on her bed, patting the spot beside her. “What’s wrong?”
            “I can’t take this anymore… this you not talking to me. I need you, Liz. I need you to be my friend. I wasn’t joking when I said that you were the strength of the group.” He paused halfway to the bed. “I need your strength because I can’t keep standing on my own. The way you’ve ignored me… I’ve been angry about it. I have and I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do it and I can’t have you pushing me away anymore.”
            “Max.” Liz started but he cut her off.
            “Just listen a moment. I was wrong to kiss you that day. It broke my heart when you told me that you and Sean were sleeping together and it shattered me to see you in bed with him.” His voice was an amazing contrast to the tears streaming down his face. It was obvious he had practiced what he would say to her many times. “I’m sorry. I really am but I needed to talk to you. I know that you’re with Sean and you’ll never be with me again. I know that. But I need to talk to you.”
            Liz nodded her head slowly. He crumbled to the floor and took a few deep breaths. “That day that I kissed you… a few hours earlier… my son spoke to me.”
            “What do you mean?” Liz sat up straighter.
            “In my mind. I felt him. It was scary, Liz. I have never been so scared in my life. He needed me and I couldn’t get to him.” Max started sobbing all over again. It got worse when he felt Liz’s arms around him.
            “What happened?” Liz whispered.
            “They killed her and he was scared. He was so scared and I couldn’t help him.” Max clung to her small frame for all he was worth. “And… two weeks ago… God…” He couldn’t speak for a few moments. “They killed him. He was calling to me for help and I couldn’t do anything. They killed him. My son is dead. Liz, he was just a baby. He couldn’t do anything to anyone and they just killed him like nothing. He was still in my head when they killed him. I felt his dying thoughts.”
            Liz’s heart broke as she watched him fall apart. “What did Isabel say when you told her?”
            “I haven’t told anyone. It’s my fault. I let her leave with him. I couldn’t tell anyone. I killed my son.” His body went limp in her arms. He buried his face in her shoulder. “It’s like saying it out loud makes it worse. It makes me a bad person.”
            “No Max. You aren’t a bad person.” Liz whispered as she rocked him. “You’re a good person and bad things happen to you. It’s not your fault. You couldn’t have known that he would die.”
            “I don’t deserve to live. I only cause pain. I hurt you. I hurt Isabel and Michael… I killed Alex.”     
            “No!” Liz forced him to look at her. “You didn’t kill Alex. Tess did. It’s her fault, not yours.” His amber eyes looked so empty. “Why haven’t you talked to anyone?”
            “Isabel’s still in denial about it all. She’s dating that Jesse guy and I don’t want to drag her back into all this. Michael’s got Maria…”
            “We’re still your friends.” Liz brushed his hair out of his face. “I’m sorry that you’ve been dealing with this alone but you’ve got to trust us sometime. I’m sorry that I’ve been so involved with Sean that I didn’t see the kind of pain you’ve been in. I really am. You shouldn’t have had to deal with it alone…”
            “We did it to you too.” Max whispered. “Guess I kinda feel how you did after Alex died. I’m sorry for that. I was so out of control and everything was going so wrong.”
            “Max, sh. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here for you.” Liz held him against her and let him sob it all out.
            “Don’t ever leave me, Liz. Please…” He begged her between sobs.
            “Never. I’ll never leave you Max.” She kissed the top of his head. “I promise.”
            Sean backed away from the window and headed back over the side. He had just gotten there but he had seen too much.
            After a few long moments on the floor, Liz nudged Max and guided him to the bed where he collapsed out of exhaustion. She couldn’t do anything but sit next to him and stare at the wall for what felt like hours.
            “Liz! Let’s go!” Maria sang out as she threw open Liz’s door. Liz immediately turned from where she was sitting on the edge of her bed. “Babe, what’s going on? Why aren’t you dressed?”
            “I’m not going. Neither is Max.” Liz whispered and gestured to the prone form lying on her bed.
            “What happened?” Maria hissed softly.
            “Later. Okay? Just go to the dance and have fun.” Liz told her.
            “Liz, what’s happened?” The blonde girl pressed. “What happened to him?”
            “Just go, okay? He’ll tell you when he’s ready.” Liz shook her head and pointed out the door. “Really. Just let him sleep. Go have fun.”
            “Okay.” Maria nodded slowly as she watched Liz rub Max’s back. “Details later?”
            “Yeah.” Liz nodded and waited for the door to close. Sighing, she got up and changed out of her uniform and into a pair of sweats and a tank top. The phone rang while she was putting on her socks. She reached over Max to get it. “Hello?”
            “Liz… hey.”
            “Sean, hi.” She smiled into the receiver and took the phone with her into the bathroom. “I didn’t think I’d get to talk to you today.”
            “Me either.” She noted the odd tone of his voice and furrowed her brow.
            “Something wrong, Sean?”
            “Liz… I stopped by earlier but you were busy so I left.”
            “No, I wasn’t. When did you come? I didn’t see you.” Liz shook her head and her mind raced with all sorts of things that he might be thinking. “Sean?”
            “Why was Max Evans in your room? In your arms?”
            It hit her like a brick wall. He thought she had gotten back together with Max. “No, Sean. It’s not the way you think it is.”
            “Then how is it? Were you just not going to tell me?”
            “Sean!” Liz practically shouted. “Max and I are not together. I am with you. Yes, he is here but—“
            “He’s still there?” His voice exclaimed through the phone.
            “He’s asleep because he couldn’t tell anyone that the worst possible thing in the universe had happened to him.” Liz screamed through the phone. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I will not have you kicking him while he’s down.”
            “Liz, just tell me, are we over?”
            “I don’t know. You tell me if you trust me.”
            “Well you did kiss him while you were supposed to be with me.”
            “I told you what happened.”
            “What’s to say it didn’t happen again?”
            “Sean DeLuca! For your information, Max’s baby died and he hadn’t been able to tell anyone and he came here crying and needing the support of a good friend, which is what he and I are. Don’t be bitching and moaning because you’re insecure, Sean. Grow up.” She slammed down the receiver and sank to the ground. Then it hit her and the tears slipped from her eyes. She put a fist to her mouth to muffle her sobbing. She would have never noticed Max kneeling next to her if he hadn’t spoken.
            “Liz, what’s wrong?”
            “I just had a fight with Sean.” She launched herself into his arms. “I think we broke up.”

Part 8

            Liz didn’t even bother to get out of bed. There was no reason to. Max had left fairly early that night. He had to think of something to tell his parents as an explanation for his behavior. When the phone rang, she knew it was Max and just pulled the phone with her under the covers. “Hey Max.”
            “Hey.” Came the hesitant response. “Did he call?”
            “No.” She chewed on her lip to keep from crying again. “Max, what if we did break up? What if it’s over?”
            “Liz, calm down.” There was a pause and some muttering. “I’m not going to pretend that I like Sean or that I want you two together… but you need to calm down for a moment and think about how well you know him and what he’s doing now.”
            “I don’t know.” Liz whispered and shut her eyes. “I don’t want to lose him but sometimes I don’t even know what runs through his head.” She took a deep breath. “Let’s talk about something else.”
            “Yeah, there’s something that I need to tell you about when I kissed you. Please, let me say this.” Max cut her off before she could protest. “I really wanted to kiss right then but I guess I had an ulterior motive. That was the day that he called to me and… I didn’t know how to bring it up with you…. So I kissed you.”
            “Well… I thought that if we kissed and you got flashes, you would just ask me about it. Oh behalf of the jerk in me… I have to say that wasn’t the only reason but it was one of the many. I really do miss you Liz. I won’t… actively try to keep you from being with Sean… I’m just saying that I still don’t approve.”
            “Well it’s a good thing I don’t care if you approve or not.” She made a face into the phone and pulled the sheets off her head. “Have you talked to your parents?”
            “No. I don’t know what to tell them but they expect some sort of explanation for how quiet I’ve been.”
            “Are you going to tell them the truth or make something up?”

September 23, 2001

            I’m Liz Parker and I’m lost. I didn’t mean to lose it when Sean called but I couldn’t stop. I’m too afraid to call him. If we’re broken up, I don’t have the right. I know that he shouldn’t have made the accusations that he did but… I just want him back. I don’t know if I could forgive him for not trusting me but I can’t let it go like this and I don’t think I should…

            Anger won out. Liz scrubbed at her body harshly and rinsed off. She had to speak to Sean and soon. No phone calls. No warning. She was just going to show up and give him a piece of her mind. The heat in her face made it hard to see straight as she went about getting dried off and dressed. “He cannot expect me to leave it like this. He was in the wrong and I’m going to tell him…”
            The walk to Maria’s was shorter than she needed and she didn’t release nearly enough steam. She banged open the door and rushed into the living room where Sean was still sprawled out on his bed asleep. “Wake up!” When he didn’t budge, she slammed an open palm onto his back. “I said wake up!”
            That woke him up. Sean groaned when the light entered his bloodshot eyes. “Parker?”
            “Don’t Parker me.” She yelled at him. “I can’t believe that you don’t trust me. Then we break up over the phone. The Phone.” Liz slugged him in the shoulder. “Max is my friend and I tell you that something horrible has happened to him and you ask if we’re over.”
            “What are you talking about?” Sean rubbed his sore shoulder and squinted his eyes. He felt really nauseous and had no clue why she was yelling at him.
            “You couldn’t even ask me why Max was there. You just assumed that I was cheating on you? What is your problem that you can’t have a little faith in me?” Liz screamed in his face. “What were you even doing creeping around my room last night?”
            “Last night?” He had to shake the cobwebs out of his head before he could see the tears streaming down Liz’s face. “Last night?”
            “Yes, last night. What’s wrong with you?” She scoffed at him but then got a whiff of his breath. “You’ve been drinking at 11 in the morning?”
            “No. He came home stinking drunk.” Maria managed a glare at the two of them. “If you don’t mind. Some people sleep in on Sundays. Try to keep it down a little.” She disappeared back into her room.
            “Liz, did something happen last night?” Sean tried to prop himself up against the back of the couch.
            “God, Sean. Do you not remember a single thing?” Liz gave up and sat on the edge of the pullout. She held her head in her hands. “You don’t remember coming over or calling?”
            “Not really much at all.” Sean blinked a little to get the blur out of his eyes. “What happened?”
            “I’m going for a walk.” She stood up and walked out, hands still on her head.

            Sean washed his face after puking in the bathroom. Maria was standing in the doorway when he looked up. “You really screwed up Sean.”
            “What did I do?” He asked her, not turning from his reflection.
            “I just got off the phone with Max. He went over to her house to get some support. I don’t know about what. He ended up falling asleep. When he woke up, Liz was yelling at you through the phone. Apparently, you had gone over there unannounced and saw them hugging and got pissed and then got drunk. You called her asking her what the hell was going on. She thought you two might have broken up. So she cried and screamed and then she got mad. Enter this morning.” Maria turned and left. “I’m not helping you out of this one.”
            He didn’t even bother to shower. He had to find her. There was only one place he could think of. The Bug was speeding down the street in no time. He pulled into the bowling alley and leapt out and raced inside. There she was, sending a ball down the lane and into the pins, knocking them all down. Slowly, he made his way over, taking in her form as she bowled. He sat at the score table and clasped his hands atop it. “You pretending my face is on those pins?”
            “You bet.” She called over her shoulder.
            “Parker… Maria told me what Max said happened and… I’m sorry. I don’t know what all was said and done but I’m sorry.” Sean told her.
            “It’s not enough, Sean.” She turned to him and put her hands on her hips. “You don’t trust me. You really don’t. You are insecure about how I feel.”
            “How do you feel?” he countered. He had yet to hear it come from her mouth.
            “We’re not talking about this here.” She backed away to pick up her ball again.
            “Parker… the problems aren’t just with me. I hope you realize that.” Sean leaned back in his chair. She hesitated and the ball went into the gutter. “And I see that you do.”
            “Sean… You don’t trust me and I can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me.”
            “You want to break up?”
            “No.” She cried, then ignored the people who turned at the sound of her voice. “I don’t. I have been completely miserable since last night and I don’t want to break up but if you can’t trust me… then there’s nothing I can do about that.”
            “I can understand and respect that but… I’m not going to play second fiddle to Max.” Sean leaned back in his chair just staring at the stunned expression on her face.
            “You don’t.”
            “I do.”
            “Sean, how can you say that?” She went to sit next to him, both of them staring at her lanes where the pins were resetting.
            “Parker, do I lie to you?”
            “No, but you also don’t say everything on your mind.” Liz let out a long breath. “Sean, you aren’t the easiest person to read but I know when you aren’t saying something. I racked my brain all night trying to think of what in the world was going through your head when you called me. I… I was furious when I realized you didn’t even remember. There was no point in yelling at you.”
            “So you ran off… again.”
            Only the sound of balls dropping and rolling down lanes to strike pins filled the air. The smell of pretzels, melted cheese and hot dogs wafted around them. The clacking of pool balls reached to them. Laughter from the small food court rose and fell.
            “So what are we going to do?”

            “Ice cream is here! Let the Girlfriend party begin!” Maria cried out as she bounded onto the couch with the sack of small cartons of various flavors.
            “I resent that.” Max muttered and hunted for the Tabasco sauce.
            “Please, you are so one of the girls.” The blond tossed him a spoon.
            “If you aren’t one of the girls… you have to leave.” Liz grabbed her own spoon and dug in to her vanilla ice cream.
            “Fine.” He groaned and sat back with his mint chocolate chip.
            “Then I should leave.” Isabel started to get up. “I’m not talking guy problems with my brother.”
            “That’s because I’ll tell you the truth.” The Evans’ locked gazes.
            “Fine. I’ll stay but you can’t say one thing about Jesse or else you’re waking up a real girl in the morning.” Isabel huffed. “Where’s the double fudge?”
            “Right here.” Maria tossed the carton over. “So how are your parents dealing with it?”
            “They hate it.” Max answered for his sister.
            “Watch it.” Isabel snapped her fingers at him.
            “Did she tell you what she told our parents?” Max pinned her with a look.
            “No what?” Maria leaned forward.
            “They’re getting married.”
            “What?!” Maria and Liz shrieked.
            “Okay! Alright. Enough about me.” Isabel flicked a spoonful of chocolate at her brother and missed completely. The blob landed in his carton.
            “And moving on. So Michael’s reverted to the ass he was before.” Maria sighed.
            “His hot alien lovin’ ain’t enough anymore?” Max muttered and innocently took a bite of his ice cream.
            “Max…” Isabel smacked him right after Maria threw a pillow at him.
            “What?” He held up his hands. “They go at it like all the time.”
            “I’ll say.” Liz muttered into her vanilla but Maria heard anyway. The tiny blond gasped. “He’s right.”
            “We do not.” Maria exclaimed.
            “Did you or did you not tell me that if you and Michael do anything… it’s that?” Liz licked her spoon and turned her brown eyes on her friend.
            “I did not.” Maria protested.
            “I believe you did. I remember that day quite well.” Liz shook her head. “That was the night that Sean and I first made love. I remember that you said you and Michael were continually doing it when you told me to come over so that you two would not do it for once.”
            “Oh.” Maria pressed her lips together. “So maybe you’re right.”
            “I am right.” Liz nodded.
            “So what’s up with you and Sean?” Isabel asked, eyebrow raised. “Did you break up or what?”
            “They broke up.” Maria said at the same time that Max said, “No they didn’t.”
            “Okay. That’s much clearer.” Isabel cleared her throat and looked to Liz.
            “We did not break up. We’re on a break. We are temporarily separated to give each other space to think about things.” Liz spat out more forcefully than she had planned from her spot on the couch.
            “Right.” Maria nodded. “And that’s why he was flirting with Jenna at the shop today.”
            “What?” Liz’s jaw dropped open, her spoon fell into her carton and she sat up straighter. Her friends stayed quiet. Slowly, she rose to her feet, leaving the ice cream on the table. “You sure?” Maria nodded her head slowly. “I’ll be back.”

September 30, 2001

            Ever feel like your life is escaping you? Mine ran out from under me. One minute I was with Kyle and the next I was with Max. Then I wasn’t. Then came Sean. Max and Sean would phase in and out until finally I had Sean and only Sean in my eyes. I just want him back where he belongs… with me.
            I want control of my life back.

            Liz composed herself just before walking into the dim store. It was almost closing and he would be alone. It was perfect. She would just go in there and tell him off.
            The second the bell went off to signal her entrance, she knew she was out of her mind. What was she going to do? Did she even have the right to tell him anything for flirting with another girl? Would he even care if she cared?
            “We’re closed.” His voice wafted over from where he sat at the counter, his back to the store, holding something in his hand. Liz reached up and touched the jewelry he had given her. The necklace, the earrings, the ring and couldn’t even remember the last time she took them off. If they were broken up, why was she still wearing them?
            Slowly, she approached the counter but not close enough to see what he was looking at. When she rose up on her toes too peer over his shoulder, he turned slightly.
            “Liz?” He completely spun around, thrusting a picture of her under the counter quickly but not fast enough to hide it. “What are you doing here?”
            “I… I don’t know. I was mad a second ago but now I’m mostly confused.” She stood rooted to the spot until he walked around to face her without barriers. “I heard you were flirting with Jenna…?”
            “She was flirting with me and I told her I was taken.” Sean answered as honestly as he could. No need to get into detail about how pushy Jenna had been.
            “Not that it’s any of my business.” Liz turned her eyes to the counter.
            “I didn’t have to tell her that but I did.”
            “No… you didn’t.” She couldn’t stop the smile that had begun to spread across her face. “Um… Is there some place we could be alone… to talk?”
            “Let me lock up… There’s a cot in the back.” Sean moved passed her and then turned. “Where we could sit and talk.” He quickly amended before turning to lock the door.
            “I don’t want to completely break up, Sean.” Liz sat on the cot and waited for him to join her. “When Maria told me about Jenna… I was ready to throw a fit. But when I got here… I was scared I didn’t have the right to be angry anymore.”
            “Believe me, Parker… I didn’t even have to think when she came in. As far as I’m concerned, I’m yours. Your name is on every single inch of me.” He leaned against the wall behind them. “I don’t think I could let you go even if I wanted to.”
            “Do you? Want to?” She asked, her voice soft he wasn’t sure he heard it. Her breath was trapped inside her lungs as she waited for his answer, terrified of what it would be.
            “Not for the world and mine pretty much sucks without you.”
            “Sean… I have been in like withdrawal without you this past week.” She confessed with a small smile. “I almost called you last night but… It’s just… you’ve become this really integral part of me.” She paused in her speech to look up at him. “So you trust me?”
            Sean let out a breath and shut his eyes for a brief moment. “I will.”
            “Yes.” His blue eyes met her brown ones and held them for a beat. “One thing.”
            “Name it.”
            “Stop running.”
            “I… I…” Liz had to take a deep breath to let the words come out. “I will. I promise.”
            “Then I suggest that we make up properly.” Sean reached over to touch her cheek.
            “Uh-huh.” Her tongue ran over her lips as she leaned in to meet him in a kiss. It felt so good to have his lips on hers again. “You know, I’m glad it’s you.”
            “What’s me?”
            “That I feel this with you.” Liz admitted and pulled away to see a light enter his eyes.
            “What do you feel?” he held his breath while he awaited her answer.
            “I love you, Sean. I don’t know what I would do without you.”
            Bit by bit, with the gentlest of touches, Sean let his hands glide over her body through her clothes. Then mouths met languidly, sliding over and into each other in their own time, tongues melded and caressed.
            Liz’s fingers found themselves under his shirt. “Make love to me, Sean.”
            “Yes. Now.” Their words passed their lips in pants against each other’s mouths.
            “Got a better place?”
            “God you…” He pulled open her shirt to run his fingers along her bare skin. Pulling his mouth from hers, he opened his eyes to look her over. “are so beautiful.”
            “Sean.” Liz whispered and reached for his shirt. Her hands glided over his flesh after the shirt was tossed aside. His hands worked at getting her shirt on the floor as well as her bra. Her head went back as he began tasting her sweet neck. His hands ran up her back and around to her front to tease at the hardening nubs on her breasts. Sliding them to the floor, Sean slowly got them to their feet.
            Their hands fought to rid the other of any remaining clothes. Liz pressed her mouth to his chest. Before she could sink lower, he gathered her up and sat her on the cot. "I told you I'd be returning the favor."
            Before she could make a sound of protest, his hands had spread her legs and slid up to her juncture. His fingers parting her folds had her stock still. Sean dragged his mouth from her knee, up her thigh and across her opening. Her head went back against the wall when his tongue bathed her heat, stroking up, down and probing inside. His teeth scraped against her flesh.
            Soon she had lost track of everything but the torture and extreme pleasure he was inflicting on her. Her hands found the curly hair on his head and held on. Her hips moved against his face, forcing his tongue harder and deeper. Then his lips closed around her clit and sucked hard. Her hips nearly pushed him away when they bucked up against him. Her legs drew together around his head, trembling with the pleasure building from his ministrations. Then it all went black.
            Liz opened her eyes to find herself in Sean's arms. "Oh God… What happened?"
            "You blacked out." He stroked her face with a strong finger. "Sorry, guess I was a little overzealous."
            "Don't be sorry, Sean." She could feel his arousal pressing into her heat. "Be anything but sorry. Make love to me…"

October 3

            I got Sean back. We're back together. We made love over and over… if only Mrs. DeLuca knew how that cot came in handy. I talked to Max. He knows that this is his one millionth chance. If he tries anything again, our friendship is over. I hope I can stick to that. Maria got the same deal. I just can't ruin my life to make her happy.
            Sean and I are really talking. He talks about his parents and about juvenile hall. I'm talking to him about Max… leaving out the alien parts of course. We're reaching a balance. It's only been a few days now but I know that it'll keep.
            I love Sean. I love Sean. I love Sean. Sean loves me. It's incredible. We're going to stop hiding. We're going to be as open as we want to.
            I've been thinking about it and had Sean not kissed me the night of our blackmail date… none of this would have ever happened. It was just a kiss and now I'm in love.


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So, I spent several months looking for this and finally found it @ ... 30938/Kiss and I was looking for it because I mistakenly believed it contained a very specific love scene. It didn't but I'm still glad I found it. I'm obsessed recently with Roswell and my sickness is getting worse when I hunt for Sean and Liz screwing on the pullout. The scene was something I wrote for Crushes btw. Kiss's pullout sex is far messier in multiple ways and I love it just the same.