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Worms making an escape bid. Chris Ann. 23/11/01.
I have just received an early Christmas pressie - a wormery. It came this week along with its quota of 1,000 worms. I've
followed all the instructions as far as I can - does anyone know whether it is 'usual' to find worms hanging on to the lid having climbed
up thru the 'duvet' matting?

I also wondered whether I should chop up the potato and carrot peelings, or how small I should shred damp egg boxes. I wouldn't like to give
them indigestion or material which is too big for them to cope with.

Worms! The Beaver. 24/11/01.
Well, the only thing that springs to mind is that the atmosphere inside is too damp for them.

As with the garden, too much water will bring worms to the surface so they can breath. Just watch your garden after the rain!

Of course, that was only a guess, but it is the only thing that comes to mind. :-)

Best of luck.


PS. Are you starting an export business? lol

Worms. Jean. 30/11/01.
Your worms will settle down soon - just keep pushing them back in the wormery!! It could be too much moisture, do you have a
tap on the wormery? If you do just empty into a plastic cup or somthing similar and use the liquid (10 parts water with 1 part liquid) as a feed
for indoor or outdoor plants, it`s brilliant!! As for peelings you don`t have to chop them up small the worms will eat thier way through any size

Worms. Chris Ann. 30/11/01.
Thanks Beaver and Jean - I'll keep the tap turned on so as to avoid the risk of drowning.

I'm planning a worm-naming session with my family on Boxing Day - any ideas for suitable names - I'll need 1,000!!

Worms. Jean. 1/12/01.
How about worm1, worm2, worm3, etc..lol Just a thought!!!