Setting a Photo Poll

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April 19th, 2018, 8:36 am #1

Open a new post for the Poll. Click on the + sign next to the Tab at the top of the screen to open a new one and locate the post where the photos are (you now have have two open tabs at the top of your screen):

Pic Poll 1.jpg

Type the subject of the photos into the new post, then put the number of the picture on to a new line ie 1

Click on the photo tab, hover over the first picture and right click

> Click 'Copy Image Location'

Pic Poll 2.jpg

>Go back to the new post and click on the 'Insert an image' icon at the top of the window

Pic Poll 3.jpg

> Paste into the http:// window (just paste in your usual way - the picture url is hanging on the end of your cursor) > Click on 'Insert'.

Pic Poll 4.jpg

Like Magic the picture will appear.

Repeat the process for the next photos, remembering to type a number before finding the photo.

Once you have finished set the Poll:

Pic Poll 5.jpg

>1. Add the subject of the poll.

>2. Type in the numbers of the photos, one per line.

>3. Click on Show Advanced Options to set a deadline.

Pic Poll 6.jpg
Leave 'Options per user' as 1

> Add the number of days the poll should run.

> Click 'Submit'

Pic Poll 7.jpg

That's it. 

Repeat the process for the second Semi-final poll.

When it comes to the final you will need to open up both semi-final threads to choose the two semi winners.