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Should we shouldn't we 28.10.01 Lou

Well we've got our dirt and now want to get a lawn ready for next summer (a rather large one). We're rather tight for cash so want to grass seed
instead of turf.

My question is if it's too late to do it in January or now. We don't get the frosts and only a third of the rain England gets but spring does come
early (March ish).

Should we wait?

Look forward to your help as always, Lou.

Sowing a lawn 28.10.01 Colin Tipper

Lou I gather by your question that you aren't in the UK but somewhere a lot warmer. I'll try and give you some general guidelines
as I don't know what the temperatures or rainfall are like where you are.

All grass seed needs, in order to germinate, is a covering of a fine tilth, overnight or early morning moisture, and an element of warmth if not sun during the

In the southern UK I have sown grass seed in October in conditions similar to those we are having this year and found that the grass germinated quite quickly.

Obviously another factor is what type of grass seed you are sowing. I am speaking of sowing on a commercial basis with hard wearing grasses such as perennial
rye grass, meadow grass, crested dog's-tail and red chewing fescue.

Of course if moisture is a problem there is an old gardener's tip - soak your seed in whisky prior to sowing and it will always stay half cut.