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Mature Shrub
Mature Shrub
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few people beaver away behind and in front of the scene at RG. 
Sometimes it helps to know who you can contact if you have a problem:

Forum moderators:

You can contact one of them, via private message here, if
  • there is a problem - such as an offensive message, or spam - in the forums
  • you have trouble following a topic in the Info & Help forum
  • you find a bit of neglected housework (such as a broken link) in any of the reference forums.
C.A. (Chris) - the new boss (be very nice to her!)

kitty58 (Kitty) - photo competition monitor and harvester of winning pix.

SpideyTheGhost (Spidey) - scuttles around the forums trying to make a name for himself but has been known to concentrate.

Resident tech genius:

Jane_T (Jane) regularly trips gaily through the minefield that these forums represent to the rest of us.
Please do not contact her - she has quite enough to do already!


We would like to thank GreenSmilies for allowing us to use a selection of their wonderful animations in our forums.

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