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(10/24/01 9:11:26 am)
Compost Bins
This question has been moved to the Gardening Forum from the general Message Board - It was posted by Ally.

Anybody know anything about compost bins and which are the best ot use? New at this and need information! Thanks!



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(10/24/01 10:17:55 am)
Compost Bins
Hi there Ally

I have been using worm bins for about 15 years now and the compost is entirely organic and very rich in nutrients.

We have used several different bins - plywood containers that house movers use - a large concrete coal bunker - various bins made
especially for worm composting. If you want I will e-mail you some information on sites dedicated to worm composting, one of which is - there are books as well, some are American so you should be able to get them easily. My e-mail addy is if you should want any more information. Cheers Jean

Janet B

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(10/24/01 5:23:24 pm)
Re Compost Bins

Ally, I think your very different climate and wildlife in Arizona might mean that composting has to be done differently there from the
UK...for instance, I think a wormbin would get so hot the worms would die, and the kind of slatted-sides wooden ones I use, would get too
dry and might encourage unwelcome wildlife. I'm just guessing that the enclosed plastic bins might be best for you...but almost
certainly, your best bet would be to ask a local gardener what they find works best, before you spend any money.


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(10/24/01 7:41:53 pm)

Worm compost
Hi Ally, If you need info on composting look up a book by Dick Kito "Composting" He is THE expert on Sh**
and books are purely composting. Arizona may not be the best place in the world to breed worms for composting!!!!! Unless you can provide
shade and damp? Dark corner less than 80f? Have a try !!!!!!!



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(10/25/01 2:07:39 pm)
Hi Ally

I have looked up a couple of books for you: one is "Worms eat my Garbage" by Mary Appelhof, she is American and mainly writes for
the American market so should have information applicable to you. The other book is "Rodale Book of Composting" published by the
Rodale Press, which is an American company so should be easy for you to obtain.

Cheers Jean

carol from NYState

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(1/14/02 5:14:13 pm)
Re: Composting
I've lived in AZ and I wouldn't advise plastic either. The sun in AZ is a killer.Unless it's stone or
concrete your going to be replacing your bins often. Be careful of rattlesnakes. They love compost bins.


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(1/18/02 4:48:31 pm)
Ally I would suggest that you make one from old boards.

use 4"x1" x 4foot long boards (old floor boards are ideal)and about four foot high.Make the front on a slide system so you can
open the front of it to get at all the well rotted down compost.Build it in a corner of the garden that you can get to but not obtrusive to
the rest of the garden layout.

don't forget to layer the contents with straw type waste to help it rot down.

the H.D.R.A. recommend that 3 bins are in use, 1 filling, 1 rotting and the one you use from.