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Lynne uk

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(1/29/02 2:09:32 pm)

building a pond
I want to build a raised pond .....can anyone help ???

well not with the buliding !! but with the tecnical bits.

The pond will be about 6ft by 4ft 6inches by 3ft deep . I will be using concrete blocks ( like a brezze block but very heavy and dense) I also have a
number of bricks I could build a second skin wall .

So what I want to know is deep do the footings need to be, are these blocks strong enough to withstand the water presure and finally what
can I water proof them with ( must be something that woun't harm the fish and plants etc )

Lynne " src=" ... -laugh.gif" width="15">


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(1/30/02 11:07:07 am)

Re: building a pond
Crikey lynne why can you not just dig a hole and use a pond liner like everyone else?? You really do make work for

Mag's " src=" ... -laugh.gif" width="15">


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(1/30/02 12:02:26 pm)

Re: building a pond
Sorry Lynne. " src=" ... inking.gif" width="15">

I can't help you there. So why answer? I hear you ask? " src=" ... /happy.gif" width="15">

Well, partly because I wanted to see the new emoticons, and partly because I wanted to tell you, you're mad!
" src=" ... /laugh.gif" width="15">

Anyone who would take on this kind of job must be. I second the last comment, would'nt it be better to dig a hole? Mind you, I can imagine the
finished article, what a wonderful idea, I want one.

Good luck, and don't forget the photo's of the job from start to finish.


Lynne uk

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(1/30/02 1:13:47 pm)

Re: building a pond
a few reasons for not diggin a hole " src=" ... s/roll.gif" width="50">

.........firstly .....where I want the pond is soild rubble and clay ......I have the bricks .........the last pond a built had a few design problems
(and we can't maintain it properly ) and last of all hubby HATES frogs ( they can have the old pond ) thats the frogs not hubby
" src=" ... /laugh.gif" width="15">
......and finally yes I am mad

but i enjoy building things in my garden


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(1/30/02 9:19:52 pm)

Don't listen to the other replies get on and enjoy the results after.

Make sure that the inside tapers out towards the top to stop any ice from cracking the wall because ice expands.

There are a number of paints on the market for water proofing ponds they are not harmful to fish or animals, or put a liner inside but protect it from
the bricks and rubble with sand or old carpets ect.

Put a row of slabs around the top with just a small overhang this will make a seating for the summer?.



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(1/31/02 1:24:48 am)

Pond ponderings...
Go to it Lynne......don't let em put you off..We built a 'raised pond' last year..and it's given us loads of
pleasure...the fish are so close....... You can see a picky of mine on the RG site.....under 'members faces''s just been added today.
A really useful magazine is called The 'Essential Water Garden' a monthly. In it there are all the technical details of how to build raised
ponds. The info is printed at the back of the mag every month. It's really good. Anyway, if you can't get hold of a copy, let Pip have your
address and I'll either email or snail mail the pages to you. They will answer all your questions I'm sure. Another good mag for ideas is
'Water Gardener'...Good luck....and enjoy your pond......



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(1/31/02 9:13:41 am)

Re: Pond ponderings...
We used to have a raised pond in our conservatory and it was lovely being able to sit on the side of the pond watching the fish.

One thing that occurs to me is that if a pond is raised by three foot would it make the water more likely to freeze lower down because the sides of the
pond will be open to the bad weather? Just thinking along the same lines as pots in the garden and the roots being vunerable to frosts.

I'm most probably completely wrong but just thought I would mention it before you start building.

Lynne uk

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(1/31/02 12:28:02 pm)

Re: Pond ponderings...
Thanks Moonlight and Pip

Firstly Moonlight what materials did you use for your pond and how big is it ?

And Pip you may be right with the freezing part .....I might put about a ft below the ground ..or add the second skin wall and insulate it. the
position of the pond will be along side the garage which is sheltered and catches the sun mid day on wards

Now the conservery ....mmmmmm thats a good idea " src=" ... inking.gif" width="15">



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(2/2/02 5:38:21 pm)

Re: Pond ponderings...

Depends how high your going.

A spade depth is sufficient for about 1-3' of wall but make sure that it is wider than deep. If you use the 3" concrete blocks then these will
resist outward 'push' from soil better.You shouldn't need an inner wall but better if you can use a preformed shape as easier to backfill
in behind.Remember the sand under preformed and butyl lined ponds as the sharp stones will pierce both, Some suggest old carpet under the base to
cushion it, bur I have reservations about that.

Last one I built is still standing and that one only had a spades depth of concrete foundations.

Hope its of help.



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(2/4/02 5:42:59 pm)

hi lynne thinks its a great idear but dont matter how hi you build it the frogs will get in dont no if you are awhere of it but
they can climb up house walls only one other thing is that when you have finish it you will want one even bigger good lucky

J Taubman

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(2/9/02 1:29:52 pm)

Have to agree. My pond has frogs, (in the first year too) and its about 2' 6" above the ground. They are even in the top
pond (which is 3 foot higher). See the

So I don't think height will put them off. Turned on the garden lights last night to see 6 frogs sitting on the ground behind the lounge.