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Beetroot. George McGill. 5/1/02.
I want to sow beetroot for transplanting,I bought some at a garden centre last year with good results. Can someone tell me when to
sow seeds . Thanks.

Beetroot. AJ. 5/1/02.
Sow two or three seed clusters in cell type seed trays in late January in a frost free greenhouse. Thin if necessary to four or
five plants per cell. Transplant them as a group into the garden when they are two to three inches tall, usually in March and cover them with fleece to
protect then from extremes of weather. Wodan is the best variety I have tied. You should get a very early crop then. Harvest them as soon as they are
large enough to use and enjoy!


Beetroot. Anon. 5/1/02.
Unfortunately beetroot doesn't like to be too early sowing, early March is about right generally or mid Feb if you are in a
favoured area. I think it is a matter of temperature mainly, if you are too early the germination is poor and growth is checked. I put 5 or 6 clusters
in a module, if you get gaps it transplants surprisingly well to other modules while small. I do an early batch of x3's for the polytunnae, a
succession if I get round to it and the sowing for winter should be around early June but anything up to early July is better than nothing, you will
get a crop of sorts. To get good flavour they must be kept sufficiently moist and grown fairly big, the runts can get very bitter.Boltardy is actually
a good all-rounder.

Beetroot. Paul Morris. 5/1/02.
You can sow in small plugs ...2-3 seeds a plug and thin to 1

or in a section of plastic gutter and slid the whole gutter full into a trench in the ground.