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These are words/terms that are often used. Sometimes we won't translate them and instead will use the Spanish words.
  • Don/Doña: Similar to Sir/Madam but sometimes meant to convey someone's high rank in society. This honorific is usually reserved for elders.
    Nena/Nene: Little child. It's commonly used as an endearment or when you're frustrated with someone.
    Patron/Patrona: Boss (Male/female)
    Señor/Señora: Sir, Madam
    Usted: Formal way of saying "you". Hard to work into the translations as English has no equivalent. Usually I just add a "Sir/Madam" at the end to convey formality.
Te Quiero/Te Amo: Both express feelings of love.
  • "Te Quiero" is appropriate for any love (lover, friend, parents, siblings)
    "Te amo" is specifically romantic.
Adding ita/ito at the end of a word:
  • It can indicate smallness: Casa means house and casita means little house.
    It can indicate affection: Ivo will affectionately become Ivito.
Muneca Brava Specific
  • Cholito: This is Milagros' nickname. Named after the famous football payer Diego "Cholo" Simeone, it literally means "Little Cholo".
    Fierita: This is Mili's name for God. It means someone who is very talented and able.
    Bailanta: A night club where only a specific type of music is played (Cumbia). It certainly isn't viewed as a fancy place to be at.
    Calenchu: I believe this is strictly Argentinian lingo. Mili has said Ivo is "Calenchu" various times...meaning he's heated/upset because he's been bested at a game or something of the sort.
    Chirusa: Someone who is vulgar, ill kept, not very educated. A similar American term might be "ghetto".
    Guacho/a: It's a vulgar way of saying orphan but it's also used to mean other things:
    1. Someone who is a bad person
    2. Used as an expression when someone is lucky
Any questions, feel free to ask them here

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geia sas! na rothso an yparxoyn ellhnikoi ypotitloi gia to mouneca brava; poly kalh h doyleia poy kanate!! eyxaristv apla an yparxoyn giati den toys brisko poy8ena!!


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I really wonder what they mean by saying to Mili all the time something like "Chilusa" (I don't know if I wrote it correctly), and you translate it as "lowlife" but I cant find it's meaning in any dictionaries. How is it written, chilusa/chelusa/chilosa or something similar?? Thanks a lot for all the episodes by the way, you are the best!

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The word you are refering to is the word chirusa. It's a slung argentinian and uruguanian word and it used in order to say that a woman, most likely a young one, is of low education, low social class, poor, maybe dirty. You say it when you want to offend someone. In the show, they say it to Mili because she's poor, orphan, she works as a maid...

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