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Career Highlights:

1x pVw Insane Clan Titles ( Insane Clown Bastard )
1x EEWF Tag Team Titles (Insane Clown Bastard)
1x EEWF Best Tag Team of the 2006 (Insane Clown Bastard)
1x WFS Tag Team Titles ( Insane Clown Bastard )

2x AWF World Title ( The Joker )
1x MeS World Title ( The Joker )
1x Wbff Comic Title ( The Joker )
1x WFS Best New Entry 2008 ( The Joker )

1x BFC King of War Title ( Backyard Punk )
1x EEWF Tag Team Titiles ( Backyard Punk )
1x Eddie Guerrero Memorial Trophy 2007 ( Backyard Punk )
1x MBW Irish Guinness Emperor ( Backyard Punk)
1x Projekt X Title (Backyard Punk)
1x First WFS Cole's Mom Fucker (Backyard Punk)
2x WFS X-Rated Title (Backyard Punk)