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Anyone have some good D&D adventures they would like to share?

My favorite was playing a female halfing wizard . . . who was part of an evil band,
I guess you could call us mercenaries. We worked for some half (black) dragon
warlord, who lived in a desert. We went on different quests for him.

At one point we went to make an alliance with some orcs. She slept with the orc leader . . .
and yes, she got pregnant. That was bad, because eventually, my character had to sit out
for some time . . . though she did get to study with the warlord's mother and learn a lot.
And trust me, you can learn a lot from an old dragon.

But as it turns out, the warlord actually hated his mother, and all dragon kind.

My halfling gives birth & is kick out by the dragon. She returns to her friends
& they go on a mission to find a magical spear that could kill any dragon.
Along the way we ran into a dwarf, who guided us . . .
later he revealed himself as Elminster & he gave us gifts.

Why would Elminster want to give us (evil ones )gifts? Go figure? But he did.
He gave my halfling earings with some power. I forget, but it's not important.
More important is that he gave our cleric mystra's holy book.

(Side note: Elminster is also a cleric of Mystra.)

The cleric took the book & threw it onto a fire. But the wizard could let it be destroyed.
Even though she & Mystra had different allignments, she could not let another wizardess
be disrespected like that. Plus, what about all the knowlege perhaps?

Anyway, the get to the end, we find the spear, & give it to the warlord. He foolishes thinks
he can use it against Tiamat & well, that's obviously the end for him.

We later played a band of heroes in a campaign where we were
mosters. Thus were often discriminated against.

This time I was the DM. And I threw everything I could at them. Some of them died at times.
They were really scared when they saw, not just one, but many Tarasques.

Many? That's funny when you know there is only one in existence. uckily, the gods came
down & fought them, so they players could go about their business.

Many? That's funny when you know there is only one in existence. Luckily, the gods

Once along the way, they're in a bar & see a drow elf, a human female, and a big human
talking about some one named Jarlaxle. (Obviously some players knew who they were.)
LMAO! I love doing things like that. But no, they didn't team up with them.

I had them go to a Stone Henge place. (In fact I molded this campaign in a world
that looked like Europe.) 1st there was a fight. Then they got thrown
into another dimension. Also, the cleric lost some of his spells. Why? (The wizard
didn't. So it wasn't the web again.)

When they get back to their world, they are in a desert. One town tells them there
is an orc mage in the mountains. She might help them.

Obviously, there's a fight along the way.

The orc sends them on a mission, to kill an old black draon. One payer says,
"we can't do that." But they had to. The orc wizard had a device, that blocked
the dragon's magic . . . and her breath weapon. So they had a chance.

She tells them to get a thing called a chakram (like what Xena had), and bring
anything interesting she has back.

It's tough, but they beat the dragon, however, she escapes. The adventurers
don't find anything interesting though.

The wizard teleports to the cave & comes back holding the chahkra & a baby.

The players are stunned. She takes off a hat of disguise & reveals she is a
halfling. She says, "I keep this disguise because people around here don't like
me. I wasn't always so nice."

Yes, reading Mysra's holy book change her. She went from Lawful Evil to
Chaotic Good. Even Did some levels of cleric.

Eventually, they find this king has a new exotic bride . . . exotic as in drow elf!
They have a device that trapped all the gods. During an epic battle one player
places the chakram on the altar that trapped the gods.

But it had so much energy . . . it cost his life.

He woke up in the afterlife and was offered a place by Bahamet's side.
The others lived happily ever after.

In another campaign, I had them as adventurers exploring a new world (America),
and they teamed up with a young Ranger called Monty. Yes, Monty, Mooshie or
Montolio would be too obvious.

Now, it's your turn...