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How to post an image:

1. The first step is to find a host if you do not have one. http://www.photobucket.com is a good one, and easy to use.

2. Once your image is uploaded to your host, it's time to post it here! To do so, the first step is to make sure the ezCodes options is selected (see Diagram 1)

Diagram 1:

3. The next step is to click on the image button on the left of the screen (see Diagram 2.)

Diagram 2:

4. This brings up the location box. (See Diagram 3)

Diagram 3:

With the dialog box open, type or paste in the image address (the full address such as http://www.the_host.com/my_album/my_image.jpg), then click OK.

The post now has some code in it. Once you click the Add Post button, your image will appear!

How to post a spoiler, and not spoil it.

There are two ways of posting a spoiler. Here is the first way:

1. Make sure the ezCodes options is selected (see Diagram 1a)

Diagram 1a:

2. Click on the Spoiler button (See Diagram 2a)

Diagram 2a:

3. Type in your spoiler in the box that pops up(see Diagram 3a). This text will be hidden when your post is viewed, until the viewer clicks on a "Show Spoiler" link.

Diagram 3a:

The second way

1. Make sure ezCodes is selected.

2. Type your post as you normally would.

3. Highlight the text that is a spoiler. (click and drag over the text).

4. Click the spoiler button.

How to create a custom signature

1. Click the link that says "My Control Panel" (see Diagram 1b)

Diagram 1b:

2. In the new page that loads, click the link that says "Account Preferences" (Diagram 2b)

Diagram 2B:

3. When your Account Preferences page loads, first, be sure there is a checkbox in the field that says "Use Custom Signature"(Diagram 3b)

Diagram 3b:

4. Click on the "Launch Tool" link (Diagram 4b)

Diagram 4b:

5. In the new window that opens up(Diagram 5b), type in and format your signature using the tools provided.

Diagram 5b:
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How to post an image:

There are three ways to do this, two simple and one slightly more complicated.

1) If the image already exists on the internet, you can insert the image via link:

1a) If using the quick reply function, you may also use ctrl + alt + i to perform this function.

2) If the image exists on your computer and you do not use an outside imagehost, Yuku provides a similar service:

How to post a Spoiler:

How to create a custom signature:

4) Do your thing.
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