D & D question

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June 6th, 2018, 10:50 pm #1

I know this is a looong shot, but I was wondering. As fan of the game,
I often use the spell to bring darkness, it is infallible in working (though
it can be dispelled).

I played AD&D when I was younger, than not at all (bummer). But several
years ago I got into 3.5. This is an awesome version of the game.

(I am not going to comment or criticize versions I haven't played.)

Here's my question. I had thought the spell was "Globe of Darkness,"
and they changed it in later version. But when I took out my AD&D
books a few weeks ago, the spell was listed as just "Darkness."

So I was wondering, has anyone else heard the term globe of darkness?
And remembers where it was used? Cause apparently, I was wrong.