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January 3rd, 2013, 10:25 am #1

OK, one last post before I leave for one of my two annual family celebrations/reunions in Serbia.

This is my MMPR fan fic idea that I came up with on another board. It's a re-imagined version of the original three seasons of Power Rangers. I thought I'd have better this reserved for the time I get back and actually start writing this fan fic in the second half of January.

No copyright infringement is intended with this fan work. So if you come one day to see this thread and see that it's all gone, it's probably because Saban Brands asked me to remove my work. But until then, let's all enjoy my (now upcoming) fan fic.

  • S01 ends with "Mighty Morphin Mutants", which I imegined as a two-parter
  • Dinozords and Thunderzords are separate fleet of Zords in the second season
  • Zedd and Rita are rivals
  • The exit of Jason, Trini and Zack is handeld differently as well
  • Some episodes are going to be re-written
  • Some episodes are going to be skipped over and replaced with my own, original episodes
Re-written S02 episodes will be:
  • The Mutiny (re-written to be a 4-parter)
  • The Green Dream
  • Green No More, Parts I and II (same final battle, though)
  • Two for one
  • Opposites Attract
  • The Ninja Encounter, Parts I, II and II (small changes)
  • A Monster of Global Proportions
  • Zedd Waves
  • The Power Transfer, Part I (small changes)
  • The Power Transfer, Part II (different ending)
  • Storybook Rangers (changed to be a single episode)
Original S02 episodes will be:
  • Rivals
  • Another Mutiny, Parts I, II and III
  • Without a leader
  • The Temporary Alliance, Parts I, II and III
  • Scorpina's Payback
Re-written S03 episodes will be:
  • A Friend In Need, Parts I, II and II (will be re-written into a movie, with some plot and story changes)
  • Ninja Quest, Parts I, II, III and IV (minor changes)
  • Master Vile and the Metalic Armor (will be re-written into a movie)
  • Hogday Afternoon, Parts I and II (will be made into a three-parter)
Original S03 episodes will be:
  • The Reunion (1)
  • The finale battle for Edenoi (2)
  • The Conslusion (3)
  • Joining Forces (1)
  • Deception (2)
  • Alliance Terminated (1)
  • Tired Winners (2)
  • Ignored Warnings
  • The end of Mighty Morphin (Zordon gives the Rangers some vacation time)
Also, in Season 3, in my fan fic, the Orb of Doom doesn't reverse time on Earth like in the series, it just erases the Rangers' powers from existance.

Fasten your setabelts, we will be starting this fan fic journey in the second half of January! Until then, feel free to leave your feedback in here! :D

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January 20th, 2013, 7:52 am #2

So, here are the episode summaries. A total of 18 original episodes for both S02 and S03. I'll probably write just the detailed episode summaries, because I'm not very good at writing lines and stuff. The episodes without a summary are unchanged. This is also going to be posted at my upcoming Superhero Universe board, which I will be doing as a side-project, while still primarily focusing on my 3 ITE boards.

Season 1

Episode 59: Mighty Morphin Mutants, Part I
Rita uses the badges of darkness to create her own team of Mutant Rangers. Zordon sends the Rangers to a mission to an ancient city to retreive 5 Thunder Balls that can give our heroes the power to defeat Rita’s Mutant Rangers. However, the mission ends up being harder than the Rangers expect, because Rita sends Goldar & Scorpina with an army of Super Putties to stop the Rangers from getting to the ancient grounds.

Episode 60: Mighty Morphin Mutants, Part II
Zordon has no choice but to send Tommy to help the Rangers. With the help from their green friend, the Rangers are finally able to retreive the Thunder Balls. However, after they win the battle against the Mutant Rangers, the 6 heroes regroup in the Commend Center to celebrate their victory over Rita, who decided to retreat. But their celebration is short-lasted as Tommy looses his consciousness. later, at the Juice Bar, Billy reveals that Tommy might have to give up his life as a Ranger.

Season 2

Episode 01: The Mutiny, Part I
By using the Thunder Balls, the Rangers are able to constantly re-charge Tommy’s powers - even during a battle. But Zordon warns them that the balls might be only a temporary solution for Tommy. Lord Zedd arrives to the Moon and takes over Rita’s palace.

Episode 02: The Mutiny, Part II
Lord Zedd sets out to succeed where Rita failed by destroying the Power Rangers. He sends the new Pitantashead monster to face our heroes. The Rangers face the monster in the Megazord once Zedd makes it grow. Goldar ambushes the Rangers in the cockpit and forces them out of the Megazord. Zedd then orders his monster to turn the Megazord against the Rangers.

Episode 03: The Mutiny, Part III
Zordon sends Tommy to assist the Rangers, but the Dragonzord comes under Zedd’s control soon as well. Zordon summons the entire team back to the Command Center and reveals them the true powers of the 5 Thunder Balls. Billy and Trini start working on a signal blocker so they can re-gain the control of Megazord and the Dragonzord.

Episode 04: The Mutiny, Part IV
After a misplaced battery issue and a face-off with Pirantashead, the Rangers manage to bring their 6 Zords under control. Zordon instructs Alpha to shut-down the Zords and teleport them to a new hiding place before Zedd can do any more harm to them. However, only Dragonzord manages to retreat to the sea thanks to Tommy, whle Zedd re-takes the control of the Megazord. The Rangers must summon the new Thunderzords and successfully re-claim their old Zords back... again.

Episode 05: The Wanne-Be-Ranger
Our heroes are summoned to the Command Center when powerful galactic forces cause Zordon to shut down. Zedd decides to use Zordon's absence to stir up trouble and creates Primator, a shape-changing monster out for no good.

Episode 06: Putty on the brain
Zedd launches a new diabolical scheme when he creates a spell that causes Billy and Zack to see their friends in a whole new way: as putties! With the Rangers confused, Zedd creates the Saliguana and begins a new assault against our heroes.

Episode 07: Rivals
Rita returns, this time more powerful than ever. With the support of Scorpina and Finster, she attacks Angel Grove. The Rangers manage to win, however, they are still unaware that they are dealing with a double danger now. Lord Zedd witnesses the events and swears that he’ll defeat whoever he needs to conquer the Earth and the entire Universe.

Episode 08: Another Mutiny, Part I
The Thunder Balls start acting up. During a battle, the Rangers start feeling that their powers are getting weaker. Zordon agrees to take over the Green Ranger powers’ re-charging process, while the Rangers must find a way to defeat Zedd’s newest monster, the Mutator.

Episode 09: Another Mutiny, Part II
The Rangers head back to the Ancient City to get approval from the spirits of the Ancient Warriors to use their legendary powers. Tommy accompanies them as a supporter. However, the spirits of the warriors have a special test in place for our heroes: They brainwash Tommy into thinking he’s still Rita’s servant and turns his back on his friends. Now he must find the godness in his hart in order to pass the test. Meanwhile, Mutator continues rampaging trough Angel Grove.

Episode 10: Another Mutiny, Part III
A trashcan cover falls to the ground and makes Tommy remember how good he always was, despite Rita’s evil spell he was under. The Rangers pass the test and are greanted new, stronger powers by the Ancient Warriors. By unleasing the full powers of their new Zords, the team is finally able to defeat the Mutator.

Episode 11: Bloom of Doom
Episode 12: The Green Dream

Tommy has a realistic dream about his Ranger friends excluding him from their group because of the weakness of his green ranger powers. However, he doesn’t realise that those dreams are the result of yet another of Rita’s spells.

Episode 13: The Power Stealer
Episode 14: The Beetle Invasion
Episode 15: Welcome to Venus Island
Episode 16: The Song of Guitardo

Episode 17: Green No More, Part I
Tommy gets a mysterious message from himself and very bad news about his powers. Meanwhile, Zedd sets a plan into motion to destroy Green Ranger for good.

Episode 17: Green No More, Part II
While Tommy is tormented by Goldar, our heroes must face the evil clones of themselves.
Tommy realises how good he is and manages to defeat Goldar. The 6 Rangers then fight side-by-side for one last time.

Episode 18: Missing Green
Episode 19: Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park
Episode 20: Beauty and the beast
Episode 21: Two for one
(same episode, without Tommy)
Episode 22: Opposites Attract
(same episode, without Tommy)

Episode 23: The Ninja Encounter, Part I
Episode 24: The Ninja Encounter, Part II
Episode 25: The Ninja Encounter, Part III

The kids enjoy a day at the park and make some new friends: Rocky, Aisha, and Adam. And, everyone's excited about the upcoming ninja competition at Angel Grove High School. But, Zedd has plans of his own for the ninja competitors. Same episode, but with some differences: Jason is still the leader, no White Ranger and it’s Jason, Kimberly and Zack that help Billy save the three newcomers. The rest is the same.

Episode 26: A Monster of Global Prorprtions
Episode 27: Zedd Waves

(same episodes, no Tommy, Jason is the leader)

Episode 28: The Power Transfer, Part I
During a school break, Jason, Trini and Zack hear on the TV that they are the three chosen students who will be attending the world peace summit. Meanwhile, Zedd casts an evil spell that puts everyone in Angel Grove asleep.

Episode 29: The Power Transfer, Part II
The Power Rangers teleport to another planet in search of an ancient statue, while Goldar and Zedd fly away in Serpentera to unleash their dastardly plan. Kimberly and Billy accompany their leaving friends to the airport.

Episode 30: Withut a leader
Rita launches a full scale attack on Angel Grove, lead by her most powerful monsters and Scorpina. However, the team is having trouble getting trough the battle. A white tiger appears and manages to defeat Rita’s monsters all by itself.

Episode 31: White Light, Part I
The kids make plans to celebrate Tommy's return home while Zedd makes plans to create an all-new monster to battle the Power Rangers. The owner of the white tiger presents himself to the Rangers, however, he uses a voice that not even Kimberly and Billy don’t recognize.

Episode 32: White Light, Part II
When the Rangers need the help most, Zordon has disappeared. They don’t know who the new White Ranger is. Zordon and Alpha summon the Rangers back to the Command Center, where the identity of the new Rangers is finally revealed to them.
Episode 33: Goldar’s Vice-Versa
Episode 34: Mirror of Regret
Rita uses the mirror of regret in order to shutter Adam’s confidence.

Episode 35: When is a Ranger not a Ranger?
Episode 36: Rocky just wants to have fun

Rita casts a spell over Rocky, which causes him to only want to play the new Pachinko game that was delivered to the Angle Grove gym.

Episode 37: Lights, Camera, Action
Episode 38: Where there’s smoke, theres fire

Rita sends the Flamehead monster to Angel Grove to turn the city into one big hotspot.

Episode 39: Scavenger Hunt
Episode 40: The Great Bookala Escape
Episode 41: Forever Friends
Episode 42: A Reel Fish Story
Episode 43: Rangers Back in time, Part I
Episode 44: Rangers Back in time, Part II

Episode 45: The Temporary Alliance, Part I
Episode 46: The Temporary Alliance, Part II
Episode 47: The Temporary Alliance, Part III

Our heroes land in Australia for an exciting vacation. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa decides to enter into an alliance with Lord Zedd, with a fiendish scheme to control the whole universe.

Episode 48: Best Man for the Job
Episode 49: Wild West Rangers, Part I
Episode 50: Wild West Rangers, Part II

Episode 51: Storybook Rangers

Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair but Rita's got her own story to write. She traps the Rangers into her own book and to save themselves, they must answer a series of questions about their time as Power Rangers in a quiz, led by Goldar.

Episode 52: Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa concoct a scheme to kidnap the real Blue Ranger and make an evil one. Trouble begins when the kids notice Billy acting weird. Then, he renders the Rangers powerless when he takes their morphers.

Episode 53: Scorpina’s payback
Rita heads to her re-charging chamber, while Scorpina faces off the Rangers all by herself.
Lord Zedd instructs Goldar to take her before the Rangers get the chance to destroy her.
Finster tries to stop Scorpina, but without Rita, he can’t do much. In the end, Scorpina’s actions result into a huge rival vs. rival fight between the two villains and their forces.
The fight happens in front of the eyes of Angel Grove’s citizens and the Power Rangers, who monitor the fight from the Vieweing Globe.

MMPR: Edenoi[/i

From his evil palace, Lord Zedd observes the attack on the planet Edenoi by the evil Count Dregon. Meanwhile, the Rangers plan to teleport to the planet. When they arrive, they find themselves embroiled in the attack and in the presence of strange alien life forms and one very mysterious and powerful being. Kimberly continues to battle Repellitor while the other Rangers continue their fight with the Plague Patrol and the Masked Rider battles the Cogwarts. This setback outrages Count Dregon. Meanwhile, Zedd makes his monster grow and it's up to Kimberly to devise a plan. To make things even worse, upon defeating Count Dregon, the Rangers and the Masked Rider are attacked by Rita and her Super Putties. To proove herself that she is worthy of being called an empress of evil, she sets on defeating the 5 Rangers and their new friend on Edenoi, while Kimberly is forced to battle Zedd’s monster in the Thunder Megazord... alone and with dangerously high fever.

Season 3

[i]Episode 1: The Reunion (1)

With Aplha’s guideance and with the help of a Thunder-powered Dragonzord, controled remotely by Alpha 5, Kimberly is able to defeat Zedd’s monster. Meanwhile, the battle on Edenoi is not looking good for the Rangers. Rita manages to capture Dex.

Episode 2: The final battle for Edenoi (2)
In order to save Dex, the Rangers must work with the people of Edenoi and Dex’s grandfather and built a special weapon. Rita & Count Dregon join forces. The finale battle for Edenoi begins.

Episode 3: The Conclusion (3)
After a long battle, the Rangers manage to break the alliance between Rita and Dregon. Edenoi’s athmosphere prooves to be too toxic even for the Super Puties. Meanwhile, Zedd revives his monster that Kimberly defeated. Can the Rangers teleport to Earth just in time to help their sick friend battle Zedd’s revived monster once again?

Episode 4: Joining Forces (1)
Rita and Zedd join forces in a sinister plan to destroy our heroes. Rita’s brother, Rito Revolto, comes to the Moon and surprises his sister with a special proposal. Meanwhile, Kimberly is still recovering from the long and hard battle she just went trough.

Episode 5: Deception (2)
Master Vile, Rita’s father, contacts Lord Zedd and demands that he hands over the palace back to Rita. Meanwhile, Rita sends Goldar to attack Angel Grove. In an epic Megazord battle, Goldar is finally defeated. This angers Zedd to the point he starts secretly plotting against his allie, while pretending to be on her side.

Episode 6: Ninja Quest, Part I
Episode 7: Ninja Quest, Part II
Episode 8: Ninja Quest, Part III
Episode 9: Ninja Quest, Part IV
Episode 10: A Brush with Destiny
Episode 11: Passing the Lantern
Episode 12: Wizard for a day
Episode 13: Fourth down and long
Episode 14: Stop the Hate Master, Part I
Episode 15: Stop the Hate Master, Part II
Episode 16: Final Face-Off
Episode 17: The Potion Notion
Episode 18: A Ranger Catastrophe, Part I
Episode 19: A Ranger Catastrophe, Part II
Episode 20: Changing of the Zords, Part I
Episode 21: Changing of the Zords, Part II
Episode 22: Changing of the Zords, Part III
Episode 23: Follow that cab!

Episode 24: Alliance Terminated (1)

Lord Zedd decides to terminate his alliance with Rita Repulsa. A duel determines who gets the Moon Palace. Rito decides to ruin the Rangers’ day by attacking them randomly one by one with the Tengas. To keep Kimberly focused on her gymnastics, the Rangers need to make sure that nothing interrupts with her day at the gym.

Episode 25: Tired Winners (2)
Our heroes manage to re-group and break Rito’s plan. Meanwhile, Kimberly is still at the gym, practicing for the Pen Global Games.

Episode 26: A Different Shade of Pink, Part I
Episode 27: A Different Shade of Pink, Part II
Episode 28: A Different Shade of Pink, Part III
Episode 29: Rita’s Pita
Episode 30: Another Brick in the Wall
Episode 31: A Chimp in Charge

MMPR: Master Vile and the Metalic Armor
The Earth shakes and so does Zedd's palace with the arrival of one very evil visitor. Now, our heroes must unravel the mystery of Master Vile's plan and prepare for their biggest battle yet. Meanwhile, Rita discovers that her own father has been using her and that he is about to do the same with her own rival, Lord Zedd.

Episode 32: The Sound of Dischordia

Episode 33: Ignored Warnings

Rita tires to warn Zedd about her father, however, ends up being manipulated by her own father once again herself. The kids have a big surprise for Katherine. Vile instructs Rito to plant the Orb of Doom, which will erase the powers of the Power Rangers from existance. While battling a giant Zedd and Rita, even Zordon and Alpha fail to notice of Vile’s true plan until the battle between the Rangers and Zedd & Rita isn’t over.

Episode 34: Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part I
Episode 35: Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part II
Episode 36: Climb Every Fountain
Episode 37: The Alien Trap
Episode 38: Attack of the 60’ Bulk
Episode 39: Water you thinking?
Episode 40: Along Came a Spider
Episode 41: Sowing the seas of Evil

(these episodes are the same, only Master Vile is the primary villain here)

Episode 42: Hogday Afternoon, Part I
Episode 43: Hogday Afternoon, Part II
Episode 44: Hogday Afternoon, Part III

Aisha's quest begins. Meanwhile, Master Vile seeks the Zeo Crystal for himself. And, he summons the evil Hydro Hog. His assignment: get the Rangers. As instructed by his father, Rito plants a detonator just below the Command Center and while the Rangers are saying goodbye to the Alien Rangers, he manages to take the Zeo Crystal for a few short moments, before the Zeo Crystal sends an elecrical shock trough his body and destroys him. All 6 rangers are teleported out of the Command Center and witness how their base of operation explodes. However, shortly after the blast, the base’s foundation starts re-building itself when the Rangers find the crystal inbetween the ruins of the Command Center. Meanwhile, Master Vile, now left all alone, leaves the Milky Way Galaxy.

Episode 45: The end of Mighty Morphin
In the new Power Chamber, Zordon gives Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Tanya and Kat their new Zeo Powers (just like in the Zeo premiere). However, due to the lack of danger, Zordon gives the Rangers a long vacation. The teens decide to go to Florida to visit their friend Kimberly.

EDIT: For those that wonder how would the Rangers be able to stay in sync with the school work if they go and stay with Kimberly for a while, I have a solution for that little thing:

Due to constant attacks of Angel Grove in the past three years and especially after the last few battles, the institutes of Angel Grove have become financially weaker because of constant money investments for the restorals of the city and therefore, even all schools in the city have declared major financial crisis and until the crisis wouldn't be over, all schoolers and students were given an extended school break of a total of 6 months.

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I have also written the "Zeo Re-Imagined" and "Turbo Re-Imagined" stories, but those won't be released until Feb. 2nd, when Power Rangers Megaforce premieres and until my Superhero Universe board doesn't launch on the same day.

Also, along with my own takes on Zeo and Turbo, expect some PR stories of my own, including a cool Power Rangers Trilogy and its series continuation, Power Morphinranger.

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