New Arrivals

The Reykholt Outpost is the only glimpse of civilization on the island; established privately, not by any government. A semi-maintained airstrip is considered the only safe place to land a plane coming in from the mainland. The small grouping of buildings consists of a hangar, a storage facility for incoming supplies, and a shabby kennel on the back of the main building which is a sanctuary for all travelers on Novaya Sibir. A warm, sheltered place to make business deals and interact with someone other than your dogs. This does not necessarily make Reykholt safe by any means. Dogs are bought and sold here, along with supplies -- both legal and illegal. Weapons and drugs trade hands here, along with wolf pelts and skulls headed back to the mainland to be sold where wolf-hunting is still outlawed. Reykholt is not a town. There are no houses, streets, or stores. Camps are ocassionally set up nearby. Dealers fly in on varying weeks to drop off and sell supplies, but have no permenent set up.

New Arrivals

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Lled climbed out of the ancient plane stiff with cold. The darn heaters had sputtered their last breaths early into the flight. The cabin had been well insulated in preparation for just an event. The cargo was too precious to lose. Any cargo was precious as very few supplies reached the island at this time of year. Sometimes she wished her employer would put even an ounce of as much care for the pilots. Flights were so infrequent that turning down a job because of the cold would be idiocy and her employer used that knowledge to his advantage.

The ground crew was made up of only three people, all men, but they had the ramp up and were unloading by the time she was inside starting the paper work. She hated paper work but no paper work meant no pay cheque. She could made a note about the ice cold cockpit but did not expect much to come of it. She could hear the new dogs barking outside in their travel kennels and finished up quickly.

Lled pulled on her mitts and headed back to help. She enjoyed meeting the new dogs and getting them settled into the kennel runs.

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