New arrival has a few questions

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December 15th, 2014, 8:32 am #1

Hi Everyone,
As I am newly joined may I start by mentioning that I am
in Stretford (Manchester) in the north of England. It is mid
winter here. Definitely not sailing weather, but just right
for building!
The Sparrow is my first attempt at building any type of
model boat and as my faith in achieving a finished result was
(and is!) rather low I decided to just spend about £10 on
Balsa and leave any more until I made some progress.
I have just completed the "planking" stage, but not yet
done the finishing to get it nice before moving on to the
Fibreglass and syrup stage.

There are three things that it would help me to know:
One is just how good does the surface have to be? Will
the fibreglass and resin cling to, and hence show up, every
tiny little blemish, or is there some forgiveness built in?
The second is how thick is the resin coating? Does it act
as a glue and so need to be as thin as possible, or as a
filler, in which case it is as thick as it needs to be?
I am hoping that Wests will recommend a suitable Resin.
Thirdly, there is no clue that I find in the book on the
weight or thickness of the fibreglass to use. And I assume
that the size is 700mm x 1 (metre?).

I case anyone is interested I will let you know how I get
on - and I do have a few ideas based on my limited
experience so far, that might help somebody who hasn't even
got this far yet.

Joined: December 14th, 2014, 4:43 pm

December 19th, 2014, 4:08 pm #2

Hi again,
This must be the equivalent of talking to myself, but I owe everyone an apology.
I did not realise that there are 5 (at present) earlier page of topics. I should have
used my brain cell and looked there first. There is a goldmine of information,
including just what I wanted to know.
Sorry. Tony...