jib boom and foretay

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jib boom and foretay

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22 Apr 2016, 22:22 #1

I cannot see how to tension the forestay with the jib boom there sticking out beyond the forestay. surely tensioning the forestay with jib boom in place wil pull down the back iof the jib boom. cannot one just do what real dinghies do and have the jibtack,(and boom) fitted after the forestay has been tensioned.

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24 Apr 2016, 17:19 #2

Hi Richard,
The method shown is pretty much standard for model yachts. As you put tension in the forstay it does pull the back of the boom down, and can put more tension in the leech than desired especially in light winds, but I don't find this a problem as I always fit a topping lift.
If you don't like this method there is no reason you can't try other methods and see what works for you.