Building racing sparrows

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Best wishes and happy sailing, Bryn Heveldt.

Building racing sparrows

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26 Aug 2016, 00:25 #1

When building these magnificant yachts one needs to think outside the square, look around the house, see what can be used. For example for the fairleads on Foxy Lady I used the tips off ball point pens. My jib and main sheets are made from veosol blind chord. We have an old small umbrella, arms of which will be ideal for the Topper and crosstree,my keel and rudder made from Basswood venetian blind slats. To make my hatch cover watertight I used plastic packaging mat cut into 3mm strips. I melt my lead in an old aluminium saucepan on the wok burner on our barbeque. I`m not using these things to necessarily cut costs, quite often they enhance the model and make it all so much more fun nutting out how to achieve a lovely result.
Incidentally I am about to start on another 750, this will be my 27th model. The last one," Jack Sparrow" got away from me and sailed off into the distance across Port Phillip bay!!!!
Happy building, Royal.

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Hi I'm starting to compile all my materials for the build I've been promising to do forever so these alternatives are a great idea