A Racing Sparrow 750 beginner's tip

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Hi Everyone,
The Sparrow is described as ideal for the novice builder
(Page 4) and as they don't come more novice-like than I, I
decided that the only safe way was to slavishly follow the
book. Anything else and I might get into deep trouble!
I have just completed the "planking" stage, and have
encountered one problem. There is no mention (and no sign
of) of panels H8 and H9 either at the cutting or fitting
stage (Pages 18 and 19) and the first time that they appear
is on a photograph on Page 20. So I did not fit them and
only noticed them when the planking was well under way, and
by then I couldn't get access.
Now the planking is completed and the backbone removed I
tried to fit them - but they won't fit. My bow must have
become more concave than the designer intended. I have
fitted a shortened version in case they are there for
increased strength, but I can now see that keeping the bow
section to shape would have probably have been much easier
had I picked up this point at the start.
So for anybody just starting; don't miss H8 and H9!

Please note that no criticism of the book is intended - I
couldn't have even started without it - I just want to skirt
newcomers around a possible trap.


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Hi Tony
Need some photos now :) :)
To add to your tips
With the glassing I used something around the 100gr cloth with epoxy. Found this site might help;
http://www.easycomposites.co.uk/product ... abric.aspx
Lay the cloth over the hull with the fibre straight down the keel put a marking pen dot on the cloth at the bow and stern on keel line. Cut the cloth about 1cm below the deck, and 1cm longer on the bow and stern.
You use the dot for reposition the cloth. I put the cloth over the sanded hull dry and then apply the resin over the cloth ( pour down keel and spread lightly with brush) and let it soak through as this help stop pools of resin forming under the glass giving a bump in the finished hull.
Use a 1inch brush to stipple out the air bubbles and push the glass onto the wood. The brush bristle can be cut shorter to give a good stipple action but still long enough to bend when in dragging motion.
Use a light dragging action to smooth out any bumps
The h8/9 are part of the decking build and I found they needed the bottom edge trimmed to fit inside the planks. They main job is the forestay support.

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Thank you Russell,
That was very useful and just what I needed to know at this stage.
Cloth ordered - and West System resin from Amazon.

I will submit photographs when I have anything woth photographing!