How Blairsville works! By John who I remember from here when I first got here!.....

How Blairsville works! By John who I remember from here when I first got here!.....

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How Blairsville works
January 21 2002 at 9:40 PM John Miller (Login jmiller6)

Of course, it only works with your help. One thing I want to mention first is that I hope that you dont feel you have to fit in to be on this board. There is nothing sacred so please feel free to just jump in wherever you want to. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked so if you dont quite understand something, anything, dont hesitate to ask. Dont be shy and remember to read everything, you never know where an idea or an inspiration may come from. It may be buried in what looks like a thread of banter between a couple of people or it may be the beginning of a post with an innocuous title.


Posting does a lot more than you may realize. First, its a wonderful way to keep your mind and hands occupied, to give you some release from the tensions that quitting may place upon you. It also lets others know that they are not in this struggle alone. Ive seen it countless times, one person posts a fear or a question or maybe perhaps an insight and along comes someone else that says Hey! I thought I was the only one having this problem. Posting also is a way of venting frustrations, fear, anxiety, or anger that might jeopardize your quit. If you leave these things inside without ever venting them, youll never be able to truly face them so get them out into the broad light of day so that they can be examined and picked to pieces. If you become bored, posting is also a great way to ease that boredom. It doesnt really matter what you post, as long as you post instead of reaching for that next cigarette. Also remember that there are a LOT of people that just lurk here and we never hear from them so posting is not only for your release, you may just be helping someone that youve never met. Kind of feels nice doesnt it.


The effects of smoking are still not fully understood and the research continues to this day. Knowledge is power and knowledge of the effects that are being brought to light is a power we can use when that certain feeling starts to overcome us. When this knowledge becomes available to you, please share it with the rest of us, even if you think it may be old news, its probably new news to some. There are quite a number of people here that have personally experienced the same joys and pains of quitting that you may be experiencing and are gracious enough to share their quit with us as well so that we can learn from them instead of making the same mistakes they did.


Readers Digest says Laughter is the best medicine. and I believe that to be true. Laughing once again offers a diversion, a kind of respite from struggling with your quit. It also releases chemicals into the brain to help dull the effects of missing Nicotine. It gives us that hit that we all have been missing but without the addictive side effects. Lee Berk, DrPh, a pioneer in laughter studies, says laughter has been found to decrease or attenuate cortisol and other "distress" hormones. And laughter may improve the immune system, adds Berk, associate director of the Center of Neuroimmunology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and associate professor of health promotion and education in the university's School of Public Health. Yes, quitting IS serious business and no laughing matter but even with this seriousness, we need the stress relief that jokes bring.


For many people here, parades offer the only chance to proudly show off our accomplishments. For many people that smoke, inferiority or a feeling of worthlessness is the root cause of smoking. We did it to fit in and find some acceptance. Showing off our numbers in parades offers a chance to get some well-deserved reward for our accomplishment, which we may not be able to get from anywhere else. They also offer a means of getting in touch with some people that we dont get a chance to talk to in other forums. Its important to keep these bonds because those are people that helped us and consequently, we helped them, and by maintaining that bond, we are reminded of all the work that goes into our quits so that we dont fall.

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