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If You Are Planning to Quit, Read This First

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March 20th, 2008, 2:14 pm #1

Dear Reader,
Are you sitting there clicking through our site wishing you were quit? Are you waiting for “THE” day to arrive in which the time has come, and the quit happens now? Perhaps you are waiting for some meds to kick in, to help you handle the stress of quitting. Perhaps you are waiting for that can in your pocket to become empty. Maybe you want to start your quit on a Monday, maybe a Friday. Whatever the reason is, the fact remains that you are not yet quit.

We welcome you to our site. Let’s be clear about something though. This site is for quitters. Posting in quit groups and posting in the Wildcard section are both reserved for people who do not have tobacco or nicotine flowing in their mouths, veins, or through their lungs for that matter.

Why do we do this? Well, it really comes down to respect. We have men and women who are fighting a battle to kick this deadly habit to the ground and it really wouldn’t be right or fair for someone with a lip full of dip to be posting with them. As one quitter put it, that would be like bringing a 6 pack to an AA meeting.

Let me be crystal clear – the best time to quit is right now. Throw that can away; flush the contents down the toilet. Barring that, until you make this move for yourself, we ask that you respect our site and the quitters on the site, and don’t post in the quit groups or Wildcard section.

That doesn’t mean you have to leave. Please feel free to post in the Cafe`. Ask questions, start making contacts. Learn. Post in the Introductions area. Many quitters will respond to you in both of these areas. We have a chat room. You can also go into there for some live chat. When you are ready, and want to post day 1, find your quit group and post up. It will be a day you never forget.
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CLOSE THE DOOR. In my opinion, it?s the single most important step in your final quit. There is one moment, THE moment, when you finally let go and surrender to the quit.
After that moment, no temptation will be great enough, no lie persuasive enough to make you commit suicide by using tobacco. SportDad 1/13/05

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