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We've all seen the clip:

...and suspected B.S.

Well, I don't speak German, but this report from helps explain.
(If YOU speak German, please feel free to add subtitles or annotations: ... 2d55a200cc -- Please be good.)

Google translated this page from German: ... e7528.html

"Bilder, Berichte, Betroffenheit - Die Medien und die Katastrophe"
wrote: "Images, Reports, Concern - The Media and Disaster"

Even more than words: pictures. The images flickered cheering Palestinians a few hours after the attack on the world's screens. They give the impression that half the city would be on his feet, to the death of thousands of Americans to celebrate. So the cruel message of the pictures at least at first glance.

Media scholar Professor Martin Löffelholz interpreted: "These images of cheering Palestinians children, even by some adults, show individuals who are obviously delighted. Whether they are happy about the attacks, I do not know. I suspect that because we are so in the report said has been, I do not know. The context of the emergence of context is unclear to me. "

Upon closer examination of the full, non-visual material is sent to it on the road around it is calm. Just before the camera, a group aufgekratzter children. The woman, whose delight in giddiness remembered, is unmoved continue shortly thereafter. Striking a man in a white T-shirt. He baiting the children, and he always brings new people ran.
What? Well, it's apparent from the footage that the camera crew is baiting the children and the "giddy" woman with treats of food!!
wrote: The woman, who just left is now saying that they had promised her cake, if they are in front of the camera looking forward. They themselves had been horrified, as the images they saw on television. Never did it on the attack on the U.S. happy. Wahrheit? Truth? Inszenierung? Staging?

From the shooting in Jerusalem had a Bildagentur the material transferred to London, to the headquarters. From here it is to television stations throughout the world - under the title: Palestinians celebrate in Jerusalem.

Via satellite, the cheering Palestinians even after Germany. Here are pictures from all over the world, images that cause strong feelings, but not necessarily reflects the reality.

"In crisis and war situations," said media scholar wooden spoon, "is a healthy amount of distance the viewer, even for the reader to what is disseminated by journalists is needed. This has to do with that journalists
"Google translate" needs some work. Still, we get the point.


Thanks to "thatsshite" for his video "MEDIAFAKERY" --

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I asked achimspok - German - ( ) to give some input and he did:
wrote: I would say it is less Psyop - it's about some journalists hunting for the best selling pictures. It's the known story about the promised cake for celebrating.
Insofar it's some kind of self-generating Psyop because these journalists know what the people want to see. They make it. They sell it. The people buy it and may believe what they want to believe.

Here is the translation of some major parts of the clip:
Terror. For the first time live on TV. Pictures which no one will ever forget who was gone through it.

"First I thought its some kind of film."
"...and the tower that fell in the end - these are picture you cannot forget."
"the people who jumped out of the window trying to escape"

Media scientists watch these picture with some reservation. They expose the pictures as one part of the attack.
"The media used the terrorist without willing because a media report works under certain rules. One of the rules says: try to publicize the pictures first (most quickly).
Thats what happaned here. Insofar the terrorists simply used the rules of media reports."

The studio of the ARD (Allgemeiner Rundfunk Deutschlands - 1st program)
The correspondents had barely time to digest the pictures. They had to be broadcast immediately. The own feelings had to be under control.
"Saturday morning I was for the first time at home - couldn't sleeping - I was jogging along the Potomic (river or lake?) for half an our.
And there was such a morning mood - I started to cry while jogging, because the whole week began to forge (broke ground, came out out off mind).
In such a moment you feel all the things you had withheld.

After the "Tagesschau" (News) the next report. Now Patizia Schlesinger reports. Everybody in germany wants to know If and when the war begins.
Then you have to be honest enough to say "I don't know". Claus Kleber and Patizia Schlesinger living with their families in Washington.
September 11th changed their view of the people and the country. Suddenly they share the hopes and the concernes with the american people.
"If you live here and your family is here then you feel attacked as well."
"We immediatly called each other by telephone. Where are you? Where is anybody else? Everything OK? Of Course. We became more careful now."
"Of course in that case you will be integrated in the closing of ranks (collaboration) of the victims."
"It became clear that we are closer to the americans than we used to believe or wanted to be in intellectual or ideological dicussions."
Despite the flood of picture - not one single dead body. This is the press codex of the less squeamish US media they stictly maintain.
"That was exactly right. We don't need to see body parts to consider the horror that happened there."

................... (palestinians ... newspapers)

For many days all newpapers were sold out. The paper ran short. Everbody printed special issues. Even the BRAVO titels sorrow. And all the time the shock-word: war.
"The word war leads into a state of alarm in us. Because it means life-threatening, death... alarming us psychologically and biologically. If you use the word "war" then you can expect old reflexes of sheltering, of defending, of attacking will be mobilized in all of us preventing any kind of deliberateness."
[...then they discuss a headline of the BILD magazine "Terror-Beast we wish the eternal hell" ... showing the emotions of the people behind...]
Palestinians again
These pictures appear like the whole city celebrating...
"It shows some single persons celebrating. If the celebrating the attack - I don't know. I assume they do because that is what the media told us. But I don't know. I don't know the context of the emergence of these pictures."
If you watch the whole material then you see a quite street. There is just a group of children celebrating. Everybody remembers the delirious celebrating women. Moments later she went away without any emotion.
Flashy a man in a whith T-Shirt. He incites the children. And he involves some new people. The women tells us today they had promised her cake if she celebrates infront of the camera. She was shocked when she later saw the pictures on TV. She was never happy about the terrorist attack.
Truth? Enactment? A picture agency transmitted the pictures from the scene in Jerusalem to the head quater in London. From there the pictures were distributed to TV stations in the whole world. Titel of the picture: "Palestinians celebrating in Jerusalem"
By satellite the celebrating children also came to Germany. Pictures from all over the world arrive here. Pictures that evoke strong emotions but which are not necessarily a reflection of reality.
"In a war situation the viewer needs a distance ... journalists making mistakes as well ... also be fooled by the information-management of politics and military"

Of course the last sentence sounds like Psyop but it also sounds like an excuse of/for the journalists at home. They found that celebrating woman but somehow nobody knows the crew behind the camera. That would be the real question? Who was involved in the cake-shooting in Jerusalem and behind the camera?