Aired Video Taken by Jordan's NYPD Chopper

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The most recent research related to the choppers of 9/11:

911stealth Jordan NYPD Unit 12 Detective LaGarenne Sergeant Rowley Officer Diaz
(The TV aired his helmet, which is the key to track the things and persons at Jordan's left and right sides.)

911stealth Flashes Silent Hayes Interview Jeff Hill

911stealth Tim Hayes Unaware of Filming - Jeff Hill Phone Call Genghis6I99 911coldcall

911stealth Flashes Laser Hayes Daley Contradict Chopper Load Hologram Excuse Third Rooftop Version

911stealth Chopper Hologram by Chopper BBC 2002 Horizon John Lynch

The theory is that 9/11 chopper(s) had holographic projector (for the missile cloaked as "plane") as well as laser system (to trigger the sequential destruction of both towers) among other capabilities (i.e., to control the military orbs helping them to have a better visibility), etc...

The earlier footage referred by Jeff in his phone call, at:

911stealth NYPD Choppers: Hayes, Walsh Ignorant of Rooftop Resuce

An old piece of research from my initial longer version of the Foreman RAW footage at the CNN stored files thus far ignored (that may be an example for "broken sticks" of a military orb after the chopper, or is it another 'cloaked' chopper? I think he's going to find some by himself in his ongoing excellent analysis of the 9/11 news footage):

911stealth A Third Aircraft After "¨Park Foreman" CNN Attack to WTC2

As usual, thanks to Jeff Hill for his phone call!

Maybe seatnineb can post the video clip with Hayes’ statements from the “In Memoriam” documentary? To put a link to it.


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Chris, I thought I'd post up the text from beside one of the versions of your NYPD chopper(s) investigation:
wrote:Please, NYPD, show all your 9/11 choppers footage!

Why only the Israeli TV had to see a longer segment of it?

Phone call by Jeff Hill, from Canada (with info below link): ... f=1&t=2285

Footage by several sources, the one that labels the names of "Pat Walsh and Hayes" seen here at the end, found in the documentary "In Memoriam" by HBO.

Other related videos:

The Israeli airing that fully contradicts the lie (seen in link 3) by ABC "primetime", that they were the "exclusive ones":

More 'smoking gun' phone calls done by Jeff Hill:

And more lies by Lt. Glenn A. Daley:

"Daley, who was flying over ground zero in New York City on September 11, showed the audience a gripping video taken in the cabin of his NYPD Bell 412 during the attacks. At one point, his helicopter was about 150 feet from the hijacked Boeing 767; indeed, the commandeered commercial airliner dove to avoid Daley's helicopter." ... /wrap3.htm


"Where credit is due

As a guest speaker at the recent SAR 2001 conference in San Diego, California, I had the honor of addressing attendees and relating the airborne law enforcement response to the World Trade Center disaster. Specifically, I outlined the role of the NYPD Aviation Unit and the difficult situation facing the responding aircrews. However, at no time was I airborne during the morning of the attacks.

Rather, I helped coordinate the response from the NYPD Aviation Unit Operations Center. My recollection is that I made this clear at the conference.

Consequently, the responding aircrews deserve the proper recognition: NYPD Unit #3: Officers Schub and Kelhetter; #6, Detective Semendinger and Officer Ciccone; #12, Sgt. Rowley, Detective LaGarenne, Officers Diaz and Jordan; and #14, Officers Walsh, Hayes, Gromling, and Maier.

Responding to the events of 9/11 was difficult enough for these aircrews, without giving credit where credit is due.

Lt. Glenn A. Daley
NYPD Aviation Unit
New York, New York"

[This piece of information has been removed from the Internet, but you can help by finding the original or if you were in that SAR 2001 conference. Post back on the Internet the original for this piece of information, thanks]

And here, Daley had already changed his story:

"Daley recalled the shocking experience of one of his aircrews. One of our Bell 412s was just south of the towers when the second airliner came up from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and just missed our helicopter by less than the width of this room, about 50 ft."
=11&tx_ttnews[mode]=1] ... ws[mode]=1

Then, we have one more name to add to the original list given by liar Glenn A. Daley:

"Left physically unscathed but scarred by sights and sounds they hope never to experience again were New York Police Department (NYPD) police officer/pilot Pat Walsh and co-pilot Timothy Hayes. Along with crew chiefs John Maier and Donald Gromling and rescue scuba diver Steve Bienkowksi, they crewed the first official rescue helicopter to approach the towering column of smoke and flame that served as the signpost to a site of unimaginable horror."
=6&tx_ttnews[mode]=1] ... ws[mode]=1

The new name to add to the incomplete list given initially by Daley is "rescue scuba diver Steve Bienkowksi".

In ABC "primetime" Tim Hayes declared that there were six (6) persons inside his chopper (see his statement here at the third link), so the sixth must have been Daley himself, who now denies it, or ...?

The most recent discoveries on this investigation can be seen at:

The original of 'the hologram projecting' chopper as a white dot under the smoke:
TV clip:
"...lensing photos that continue to create controversy and now sit in the Library of Congress"

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Thanks for posting that and for your tireless and serious efforts.

RuffleTheTeacher found the next CameraPlanet video (see it from 14 to 31 sec):

There you can see the chopper that did the flashes leaving the scene while a smaller object is flying towards the towers (is it a military “orb” or a cloaked military chopper?) just seconds before the pulverization of WTC2, as if triggering its chain reaction.

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thanks Chris for your efforts on the chopper stuff

those NYPD chopper guys are important!!!!!

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bump; could be useful in light of he recent Semendinger releases.

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This is from my early 2004 reasearch on democratic underground:
“We saw the second plane".
“Where is this guy going?”.
“His wings rocked three times banking left and right.”
“I prayed this was a bad dream”.

This is the testimony of Donald T Gromling.
A Pilot of the NYPD aviation unit.
His helicopter was first on the scene after the 1st tower was hit.

This reference can be found in:

LIFE : One Nation:America Remembers September 11,2001
Published By Little,Brown,2001/2002
There is a photo of Gromling posing with Co-Pilot Timothy Hayes on page 147. ... x9571#9749

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seatnineb~ Thanks for the link! I read that thread; looks like a rough crowd at DU!

(btw, it opens to an avatar that is also used by spooked911; it took me a while to figure out it wasn't 'you')

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Found at ,

In the book "Tabloid terror: war, culture, and geopolitics", by François Debrix. 2007 Routledge, 193 pages.
In its page 181, the note 28 includes the next reference:
Christopher Sweet, David Fitzpatrick, and Gregory Semendinger (eds.), Above Hallowed Ground: A Photographic Record of September 11, 2001. New York: Studio Books, 2002.

So, Greg Semendinger edited a book including some of his pictures (9?).

In the book "102 Minutes: The Untold Story of the Fight to Survive Inside the Twin Towers", by Jim Dwyer, Kevin Flynn. 2006. Times Books, 388 pages (8 illus; 16-pp b&w photos).

p. 318 declares "Greg Semendinger, a retired NYPD pilot."

So, he is making a lot of money on his pictures, and retired.

p. 140 declares "Semendinger knew that if anyone did make it to the roof, imploring him for help, he would face a torturous choice. His life. The lives of his crew* . Those of the people on the roof. As it turned out, the decision was made for him [by Steve Reardon]."

* That book calls his chopper "Aviation 6", and according to his 'boss' Lt. Glenn A. Daley, NYPD, the helicopter #6 had aboard Detective Semendinger and Officer Ciccone. So, apparently his "crew" was 'an army of one': Ciccione.

Near that statement, we read all possible excuses for not helping the people that indeed was seeking for help on the rooftop (other accounts contradict this one, as it happens with everything that is 9/11, like those documentaries saying that the rooftop was sealed after the 93 bombing and that the NYPD choppers did not knew of such 'legislation')

Among those excuses a ridiculous one indicates that the only place available to land had the window-washing vehicle stationed. Then it goes on to say that one of his superiors, Steve Reardon, ordered them not to do any sort of rooftop rescue.

The original brief article written by Daley "where credit is due" (posted above by Matt), seems to be totally removed from the internet. Why? Never mind?

Some related links that have survived, but that don't include Daley's brief, are:

Where we read: "...Lt. Glenn Daley, pilot with the New York City Police Department Aviation Unit, who riveted the attention of the audience with his description of the department's reaction to the terror attack, along with incredible "home video" taken by the medic in the back of the first helicopter that responded."

Additional information of that SAR 2001 San Diego conference was stored at the and seems to have been removed as well.

So there was a "medic" aboard the Jordan's chopper. In the passenger list given by Daley himself for that chopper we have: #12, Sgt. Rowley, Detective LaGarenne, Officers Diaz and Jordan.

So, the "first helicopter that responded" according to Daley was Jordan's chopper 12… another contradiction. Seatnineb posted: "Donald T Gromling. A Pilot of the NYPD aviation unit. His helicopter was first on the scene after the 1st tower was hit" [One Nation: America Remembers September 11, 2001. Editors of LIFE magazine. Little, Brown and Company; 1 edition (December 6, 2001). 192 pages]. Gromling was in chopper 14 with Maier, Hayes and Walsh according to Daley himself. At the end of 2002, rescue scuba diver Steve Bienkowksi was added to the passengers list of chopper #14 (see the ainonline links above). As for 2010, one passenger's name aboard chopper #14 is still missing (according to the 6 passengers mentioned on TV by Hayes). Was it Daley?

See additional contradictions in the post above by Matt. Like the ‘6 passengers’ onboard Hayes’ chopper, as mentioned by Hayes himself on TV, versus the four names provided by Glenn Daley for the same 'Hayes' chopper at the SAR 2001 San Diego Conference.

Who do you think fits the "medic" (or "doctor-er"?) description? Is it Sgt. Rowley? Or Det. LaGarenne? Or a fifth one not even mentioned in the original list by Daley? Or just another made-up story by Daley?

So, the more you dig on these stories, the more you'll find them filled with contradictions, lies, and lots and lots of money to silence them all.


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The more you dig... ... f_9-11#rss

" no my partner did was not on my side of the partner Jimmy Ciccone...he looked over ...he had a 10th...a 10 second view of the aircraft before it hit and he said something real quick and I looked over and I could see the fireball go up in the air" (transcribed by seatnineb, only corrected the spelling of the name).

Semendinger excused himself saying that they were on a smaller patrol helicopter and that for such reason they could not rescue anybody ["aviation 6, N206NY"], and that he and Ciccone were the only ones there (above). The interviewer asserts that they did not 'knew' anything about the sealing of the WTC rooftop after 1993, eight years to learn about that! A similar statement when Walsh and Hayes were aired on TV. Can you imagine, being an NYPD chopper rescuer, one of the at least four choppers and their 'leader' Daley, and being a total ignorant of the rooftop rescuing regulations of the bigger twin towers of your own city?

When Semendinger declares in the linked interview that he and Ciccone were the only ones above there, what about the other three choppers mentioned by Daley (see above), including the Jordan one with the unknown and unreported "medic" with a video-camera? And the one with Walsh and Hayes and their other four tripulants, one of them being a scuba diver name added later and not mentioned initialy by his 'boss' Daley, and one name that is still unknown? What about all the media helicopters? and what about all the other vehicles like the Russian one taking pictures (is Semendinger fully ignorant of that?), and what about all those white airplanes and smaller "orbs" flying all over the 9/11 'events' doing a survey of them?

In the interview linked above, Semendinger never declared to the interviewer that he co-edited a 2002 book featuring his images and that he circulated some of his pictures with friends.

James (Jim, Jimmy) Ciccone, as far as I know, never before mentioned 'the paramount event' of 'seeing' UA175, until Semendinger declared that Ciccone did see 'United 175' in such recent interview (Feb. 2010), but that Semendinger himself, flying in the same chopper with a camera, did not see 'United 175'. Here, camera-holding, retired Semendinger 'spoke' for silent Ciccone.

Further links: ... hp?p=28416
Police Officer James Ciccone of the police Aviation Unit told the 9/11 commission staff that he did not see anyone on the roofs and that the police helicopters were hard to handle. "The heat actually made it difficult for us to hold the helicopters because it would interfere with the rotor system," he told investigators.
Also see Jim Ciccone two 'verbatim' statements at: ... ent_13.pdf

There is a 9/11 WTC victim called Alex F. Ciccone ... chletter=c
Age: 38
Place of Residence: New Rochelle, NY
Location on 9/11: One WTC
Occupation: Marsh & McLennan, Vice President
The New York Times Portraits of Grief:
Alex Ciccone: Friendly Rivalry. January 29, 2002 ... 1237991981

Compare Alex Ciccone with James Ciccone, near the end of:


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interesting info CB