Moon Fairy
Moon Fairy
Location Ontario, Canada.
Interests I love making websites and designing cool layouts for them ♥ I've also recently discovered my love for making fanvids and gifsets on tumblr. So far all of my gifsets are at this link:

I'm an avid reader and gamer (at least when it comes to complex novels and RPG's). I love the Final Fantasy games (or other games by SquareSoft/Enix), the eighth one the most (I love a good romance story!)

I love writing; be it fanfictions, or original stories. I've wanted to be a writer since I was in first grade and learned how to read.

And, quite obviously, I love Sailor Moon ^^ Even if I've only seen the dub.
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Laugh a little louder, love a little harder
And I feel alive when I'm with you, deep inside it's something true.
You're the only reason I fight, you're the best thing in my life.