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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG FAQ

I just realized that I never made a FAQ page, and since some of the same questions get asked again and again (most likely because there are a LOT of topics and it would take forever to go through them all) I thought it would be a good idea to make one. Hopefully this will help new members and current members alike with some questions they may have about the game.

If I've missed someone you feel should be addressed, please let me know.

For further information, please consult the "About" topic located here in the Story, Information, and Progress forum.

1. When will the game be released?

A ton of work goes into making a game and there are several aspects to consider when trying to come up with an estimation on how much progress has been made. As such, it's nearly impossible to give a realistic estimate. Unfortunately, it'll be done when it's done is the best answer that I can provide.

2. Will there be a demo?

Most likely not, but I do plan to release videos of gameplay and other things to make up for it.

3. How is the game going to be released?

The game is going to be released in parts. There will be six parts total. The Dark Kingdom Arc, the Black Moon Arc, the Infinity Arc, the Dream Arc, the Stars Arc, and the Apocalypse Arc which is an original story arc.

4. What exactly will your game's story be like?

See topic here = http://s12.zetaboards.com/PSSM_The_RPG_ ... /119534/1/

5. What will the technical requirements be to play the game?

Minimum System Requirements

* Microsoft® Windows® 98/98SE/Me/XP/2000
* PC with 800MHz Intel® Pentium® III equivalent or higher processor
* At least 128 MB of system RAM
* 1024x768 or better video resolution in High Color mode
* DirectSound-compatible sound card
* At least 100MB of available hard disk space

Recommended System Requirements

* Microsoft® Windows® XP
* PC with 1.5GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 equivalent or higher processor
* At least 256 MB of system RAM
* 1024x768 or better video resolution in True Color mode
* DirectSound-compatible sound card
* At least 500MB of available hard disk space

6. Can I use a controller to play the game?

Yes, RPG Maker XP is compatible with joypads, however I cannot guarantee it will work with just any joypad. As long as its plug and play it should be fine.

Index of Questions

Basically, this will hopefully save people from looking through all the pages of threads for a certain question or topic, because it will link to them all. This is not an FAQ because I won't be showing the answers here, just the topics and linking them to the threads where they are answered. I thought it might save people some time and bring to their attention threads they may not have noticed, which of course is always good.

The Official Topics
Official Topics made by Chains or other team members.

Favourite Musical Songs
Luna and Artemis: Playable Characters?
Musical Act Help
Girls Room Thoughts?
Sailor V Prequel?
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Question About Cutscenes
Silver Crystal Poll
Alien Story Arc
Anime Aspects You Want In The Game?
Live Action - What Do You Want To See
Japanese Honorifics?
Crystal Tokyo Ideas
Monster Suggestions?
Equipment Ideas
Weapons for Quartet?
Name Introductions?
Intro Mini-Games

Please note: There are some threads that were not linked, and also some of the ones that are linked are outdated and may already be decided, but interesting to read for informational purposes and comment on nonetheless.

Fan Questions
Questions by regular members of the board that have been asked. ^^
First Arc - How Many Acts?
Funny Anime Moments?
Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen - Playable?
NPC Questions
Praising The RPG Team
ATB Battle System - Speed Selection?
Journal/Quest Log In-Game?
Playable on Macs?
Available in Other Languages?
Kaguya Love Special or S Movie (Anime or Manga?)
When Will The First Arc Be Released?
Characters/Story from Another Story In The Game?
Will The Movies Be Incorporated In The Game?
Stretching Out The Game
Knowledge of Sailor V Mangas Necessary?
Love-Me Chain Attack In The First Arc? Music From Series In The Game?[url] [u ... t In-Game?
Questions About Saturns Attack
Japanese References/Names or English?
Stats and their Properties
Sailor Pluto's Appearance
Storyline Questions and Doubts
Neptunes Aqua Mirror
Parallel Sailor Moon?
Senshi Elements
Crystal Change Rods?
Special Plans for Sailor V?
Venus Love-Me Chain: Live Action or Anime?
Sailor V Prequel In The Game?
RPG Maker VX Used In Later Arcs?
Dark Mercury Side Quest?
Will The Game Explain Story Points?
Sailor Stadium Bosses
Senshi Elements IN-DEPTH
Pluto Special Abilities
New Game+ Extras
Size of the First Arc?
Outer Senshi Combo Attack
Correct Form of Mercury's "___ Spray" Attack
Fukus, Combos, Playable Characters And Other Questions
Silver-Haired Sailor Moon
Transformation and Other Questions
Voices In-Game - Turn On/Off?
Sailor Starlight Weapons
Status Ailments
Canon or Original Outfits for Senshi?
Henshin Items
Sera Myu Storylines?
Will There Be Cutscenes
New Game+, Sailor Luna, Detransforming...
Asteroid Senshi Question
Anoter Story Bosses, Decorating Rooms...
Questions About Bosses, Senshi's Homes
30th Century Senshi Ideas
Gender Questions: Zoicite, Fisheye...
How Battles Work
Nonprofit Game?
What Engine Is Being Used To Develop The Game?
Shitennou/Senshi Pairings

In-Thread Questions
These questions come up in some of the threads while initially discussing something else, so you'll have to look for them! I'll link to the page the question is on.

Under construction.

Editing, Suggestions, Broken Links
If there's a new thread or a thread I missed that you think is important, please either post it here or send me a PM and I will add it. Same goes for if there are broken links, or if you think a link goes to the wrong page. Keeping in mind I didn't use the original thread titles to label the links, I tried to be specific so it's easier to find certain things. Or, if you just have suggestions of any kind, post or PM. Thank you! UsagiHappy

Chains Of Fate
Sailor Guardian
Sailor Guardian
Chains Of Fate
Sailor Guardian
Sailor Guardian
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I've combined this topic with the Index of Questions thread. UsagiHappy Since essentially they're for the same purpose.

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Q: Are youre use something these sprites?
Q: If i am right, there was at sprites at many styles, most limited of them was rpgmaker95, others more open... (And rpg toolkit/Game GG or that like, sprites are so much what user wanna use) At 95 it was only what that bmp file was enough. 4*2... no step sprite... and mess order if look today it...
Q: Are that party bigger than just these fighting 5 people? Someone uses 10 party and only 4 fights... at non fight get some exp also, it was good think some time get these whos left behind... anyway.

Q: are there opponents that it was here again just after player get back map. Easy do but, player maybe overuse that then. Boss´s not relife.

Comment: I liked rpg toolkit at that think at youre not need than one "watter" tile to one tileset and others just others thinks.... You can use tile sets just youre like, many sets at one map...