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Titans before the Clash

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At Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai...

Pontius Lavish was looking out the massive window in his hotel room, it was bright outside and he saw the people below him, they looked like ants crawling throughout a miniature sidewalk and street. The substantial skyscrapers and buildings above them didn't make them look any bigger.
Knock, Knock
Lavish looked at the door thinking it might have been room service doing their daily round of clean but to his suprise when he was opening the feomt door it was Stevenson like a bolt from the blue, he was holding a six pack of Yanjing beer with his left hand, his right arm still in the sling recuperation.
Lavish: "Stevenson, I thought you were going to go sight seeing with the rest of the team?"

Stevenson: "I was but then I decided to stop by the shop and pick up some beers, come back here and talk with the future X-Division Champion."

Lavish: "What did you get?"

Stevenson: "Yanjing. I have no clue what it is but I guess we'll find out."
Stevenson chuckles and walks inside, Lavish gives a half smile shaking his head closing the door behind him. They both sit down and both crack open a bottle, they toast and takes a quick sip. Stevenson looks at the bottle and nods his head a bit astonished
Stevenson: "Not bad but no bias, I had better, definitely a go to if I come back here though."

Lavish: "I don't drink a lot of beers so I don't really have a preference."

Stevenson: "Soooo lets talk about Clash of the Titans, my man is going up against Alexander Owen and James Tupper. How are you feeling?"

Lavish: "Quite honestly, I'm unsure. I'm so confident when I walk through that certain and get into the ring but in actuality, I am unsure. I am stepping into my first PPV, fighting the top guy with a little troll to worry about as well, I am unsure if I am truly ready to go out there and fight this fight."
Stevenson ponders for a second then he remembers...
Stevenson: "Sounds like you're in my shoes once, starting off, going from the training center to the ring to the main event of a PPV against the top star at the time who was ironically the brother of the opponent your facing, while worrying also about another opponent that could always come in and steal the spotlight. The difference between you and me is that you're strong and much better then I am, I know you can go out there and kick ass and even if you don't win the match it's always the fight you put into it that gets you over. I don't have the best win-loss record but it's that "never say never" attitude that gets me where I am today."

Lavish: "Thanks."

Stevenson: "No problem, that's what I am here for, your guide to success."
Stevenson get up and goes get another beer, Lavish looks down into his half empty bottle.
Lavish: "Only a handful of people know this but I had a daughter."

Stevenson: "I would be surprised if you didn't have a kid, you look like you're made from stone."
He pops open his beer and fizz comes out, he instinctively put his mouth over it. When he got all the fizz off he went back to the topic in hand.
Stevenson: "What was her name?"

Lavish: "Aurora."

Stevenson: "and you said you had a daughter. Did something happen?"
Lavish sighed.
Lavish: "I didn't deserve her, I was just a fighting man who wanted nothing more than to be the strongest, be better than every man. Until I met this woman Giulia. Down to earth, beautiful and very supportive, she cheered me on because she wanted to see me achieve my goals probably more than I wanted too. She didn't like seeing me get hurt but she watched me get knocked down and get back up, over and over again because she knew that I could take it. One day we learned that we were going to have a daughter, even though I wasn't for the idea seeing Giulia happy was enough for me to get on board. We agreed on the name Aurora..."
Lavish pauses, looked at the window
Lavish: "September 19, 1999 Aurora was born, she was the most precious thing that couldn't be replaced, she had no price, she was our kid. Until one night me and Giulia went to a gas station after going to a party, we left Aurora with a sitter, I was outside pumping gas while Giulia was inside grabbing a few treats for Aurora. I heard some yelling and arguing inside. Before I could make out the words "Put your hands in the air" I heard a gun shot...somebody hit the floor, a bunch of guys with mask drove off and I ran inside just to see Giulia...shot dead."
Lavish had his head in his lap, staring at the floor. He raised his head with tears in his eyes but he didn't let them fall.
Lavish: "I fell off at that point became the shell of my former self, to keep my daughter from seeing her broken father, I hid from her by spending most of my time fighting. Her grandmother would take the most care of baby Aurora, until she had enough of my constant neglect, she took it to court and I lost custody of Aurora. After that I didn't think I could go on living, I wanted it to end but then I heard a voice of an angel, telling me be strong and get back up, I have been knocked down so many times and I'd be damned if this was how I was going out. So I kept fighting and fighting, for Aurora and her mother."
He uses his forearm to wipe his eyes.
Lavish: "I'm sorry, that was a bit much."

Stevenson: "No dude, that was beautiful. Lavish when you step into that ring, I want you to do it for Aurora and your wife, nobody else, not me, not the fans, not Generation X. Fight for them."
Lavish smiles and holds up his beer to Stevenson.
Lavish: "Clash of Titans?"
Stevenson smiles.
Stevenson: "Clash of Titans."