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The Black Knights

Joined: July 3rd, 2017, 12:24 am

December 21st, 2017, 7:38 pm #1

Team Name: The Black Knights

Jack Rider - The Paladin
Barbed Wire - The Templar

Combined Weight:

Team Theme Music: Black Night - All Good Things

Team Entrance: As the music starts, Wire and Paladin ride out on their respective motorcycles and gather at the top of the entrance ramp, revving their engines to rile up the crowd. The two then fist bump before riding down to the ramp, parking their bikes towards the side of the ring before they eventually remove their helmets and enter the ring.

Team Finishers:

Two-Step Execution: Paladin and Wire hit their opponent with their knockout strikes, Paladin’s being his elbow and Wire’s being her roundhouse kick, both to the opponent’s skull. These moves are either done at the same time or one after the other (i.e., Paladin hits them with the elbow, and as they stagger Wire hits them with the kick).

Bad Luck: Paladin and Wire set up either one of their finishers (for Paladin the Ragnarok for Wire the Snake Eyes). While they have their opponent in position, the other team member hits the opponent’s skull with one of their knockout strikes to the head (see above). The execution of this move resembles redDragon’s "Chasing the Dragon."

The Guillotine: A double submission move. Paladin targets his opponent’s shoulder with the "Iron Maiden" and Wire twists their leg with the "What Happemns in Vegas."

Team Signature Moves:

X Plex into Leg Drop: Paladin throws his opponent onto the ring apron and Wire follows up with a leg drop.

Rope DDT into Footstomp: Paladin drags his opponent into position for a DDT. While they are suspended, Wire hits her opponent’s back with a diving footstomp.

Straight Jacket Suplex + Stomps: Wire hits her opponent with her signature, the straight jacket suplex, and Paladin stomps on their limbs while they are down.

Team Description:
When Wire found herself struggling to pick up any victories, she initially blamed Paladin, her first opponent in PRW. For weeks, Paladin tried to convince her that her real problem is her use of hardcore elements in her matches that has lead to her losses. Now, Wire had discarded her love of hardcore wrestling and has come to hate it as much as he does. The two revealed their alliance during the Paladin Rules match at Christmas Carnage, where Wire came to Paladin's aid.

Now, the two are partners, reuniting under the name of Paladin’s old tag team. They are a devastating unit who attack those who they feel have destroyed wrestling’s reputation by bringing weapons into the ring. Both Paladin and Wire are wrestlers who primarily rely on submissions and strikes to get the job done, and their styles mesh very well together.

Their tag team is particularly dangerous because both Paladin and Wire have one-strike knockout power. The match can be ended at any point in time, often when the other tag team is completely unprepared.

Credit to Regan Crowe for the Awesome Signature