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6:21 AM - Feb 11, 2018 #1

Unable to compete due to injury, Alexander Owens still has a message he'd like to convey to the fans of PRW!

Presented after the opener or after match two if we can squeeze one more match on the card

Reserved for AO

"Guys, calm down, everything's gonna be fine. Van Hammer is here to save us."

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OCC: Sorry for the lateness of this. Was waiting for the Dixie/LeBlanc match to end then had to figure what I was gonna do.

In the moments between the shocking short match/raid/proposal and the Internet title match; the ring is a buzz of activity and the arena is humming. The action so far has been welcoming and wonderful and despite the night being slated to be a shorter one; it was jammed packed with the best PRW had to offer. All of the brightest talent was her tonight and competing...except one man. But not be outdone, he had his own piece to give to the night.
Shooting out from the back, Alexander Owens gets a warm pop of excitement. He is looking great, dressed in jeans and green button up shirt. His left arm; long stuck in a cast and sling is entirely free and seemingly healed. His is well groomed and seems more than ready to return; hitting high fives, throwing fist bumps and posing for every selfie and photo op he can as he makes his way down the ramp.

Hitting the ring, he rolls in with authority and energy; getting to his feet quickly and mooning and drawing as much adoration and excitement as he can. Motioning for mic; he takes it with gusto and his Country Boy Smile ™ .

Owens: I can’t even start to say how great it is to be back in this ring again. I’m just...I just can’t put it into words. So I’m not even gonna try. What I can say is that I’m back and better than ever so every and anyone that thinks that they have a chance at knocking me off the top of this hill better buy some mountaineer gear cause what you got right here is a GOAT in the making.

Owens’s comment draws a huge cheer. He might not be everyone’s favorite but between his charm and honesty he was hard to not at least admire. He worked like machine, cared about the biz and most of all; had a spark of passion for craft. Plus he was easy on the eyes soo…$$$.

Owens: But to be the best you have got to beat the best to paraphrase one of the best to every lace up boots. I’m drawing a line in the sand and set up the ring at Blackout as my own personal Alamo. I want to fight the best. I want to beat the best. I gonna be the best. And it starts at Blackout.

And that journey starts at Blackout and ends...whenever I feel like ending it.

Confidence is definitely high in Owens. And why not? He was at the top of the world right now was coming off a career defining fight with a man he respect more than anyone else in this business.

Owens: I’ve rested on my laurels till I felt I had planted a tree in it. And now that I’m in possession of clean bill of health, a clear mind, and a renewed focus on break this division and this place wide open; I’ve only got one question: Who’s next?

The aped line from the controversial but beloved figure gets a good pop from the hungry San Antonio crowd.

Owens: But before we get there there’s just a few things I’d like to say. First off; congratulations to Dixie and Bane. I had an inkling that something like that was gonna happen when I saw John in the back earlier. Though also had another fear; one that partially came true. I’m happy for you both and I looking forward to seeing this new chapter in your lives unfold. As such I’ve just one bit of advice to the two of you; or more specifically for you in particular John. It was great to see you out here feeling a bit better and making the save but keep it at that buddy. Don’t like the bug worm it way to surface and drive you crazy. Enjoy the peace, love your beau, and leave this world behind to me and Dixie. I asking you as friend and warning you as competitor. You step through those ropes again and it will likely be your last step you take.

As he finishes his statement his face drops a bit; the light and fun mood he had come out with changing to a somber and somewhat solem one. His tone and words carried a clear message; a easy to read and sure to be warranted warning. As soon as his demeanor drops though it suddenly aries again; though an aggressive air is still hung around it.

Owens: Also while I’m out here I’d like to issue the formal invite to one person to join me at Blackout for this belt. They’re a wonderful competitor with multiple championship both here and around the world. In fact they’re a former Undisputed Champion. They’ve overcome adversity and chaos to be a cornerstone of this place in a lot of it’s most trying times. As such; at Blackout I want one name in particular to stand across from me and give me a run for my money. And that name is...DIXIE LANFORD!

The last part gets a thunderous cheer of approval and is surefire top tier encounter in the making.

Owens: I don’t want or need an answer now Dixie. Mull over that, enjoy sometime off with John. But if you, or anyone else for that matter, is interested in dancing with me at Blackout; I’ll be at Maple Center on March 11th to talk in person.

Owens puts the pic down and walks out the ring; leaving a lot of excitement and questions in his wake.

Brunswick: A blockbuster announcement from Alexander Owens. He has laid out gauntlet to not only Dixie Lanford at Blackout but to anyone that thinks they are ready.

Smith: Owens always bring something of worth to bare. The only question is who could take up the openside of the challenge? That and will Landford answer his challenge?

Brunswick: Those are questions for a different time and night. Right now where about to start head into a match that set to be a real classic: Lal Singh and Jack “Paladin” Rider for the Internet Championship.