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Rampage calls out Levine

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With a hard clash of static from the speakers, the lights went dark all at once, with the audible gasps of the crowd from such an unexpected event filling the arena. Cell phones began to light up, filling a sea of people with small sparks and bulbs of light. Silent footage of riots and nuclear tests began to play over the entrance's screen, followed by the gradual entrance of music- Disturbed's Ten Thousand Fists. As the drums of the song began to kick in, Cassandra stepped out of the back into a spotlight, ripping down her hood and revealing an unpainted face scowling at the crowd.

Breaking into a sprint, Cassandra leapt and slid under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet. The lights turned back on and the music abruptly stopped. Tossed a microphone at her insistence, Cassandra sat on the top turnbuckle and brought the fuzzy microphone to her lips. "I'm tired of waiting to put you in your place, Levine. Come out and fight me. Leave your boys in the back if you've got the guts." She tossed the microphone out of the ring and slipped off of the turnbuckle, gradually slinking out of her trenchcoat.

She was wearing a black wrestling top with a jagged spike pattern across her bust, white on black, with matching bottoms; She appeared to be wearing shinguards, a new addition to her gear, and her hands were taped up to halfway up the forearm with white athletic tape.

"I love this woman so much." Smith took a drink from his water after he spoke. "Not afraid to call out a man in a fight and hold her own, that's the kind of role model we need in this company, Brunny! Take a hard look at her, she's got everything on her sleeve."

Cassandra adjusted her top before stretching in the ring, her attention shifting every now and then from the crowd to the entrance.

"I can't entirely agree, partner. She's shown to have cowardly tactics, ambushing people and using cheap strikes in combat. Furthermore, while she is talented, Levine has a few dozen pounds on her, so we'll have to see if she's going to be capable of stacking up in comparison. Cassandra Ross, if you're not familiar, ladies and gentlemen, made her debut-"

Screen-wipe, footage to Desperate Measures. Cassandra attacks Marcus from the crowd. "attacking "The Cult Classic" Marcus Levine from the crowd before escaping. She's been hounding him ever since and this is the first time she's actually stepped foot in the ring for a match. I'm worried she may have ulterior motives.."

"Ulterior motives, Brunny? Are you serious? She's got integrity! Honesty! Things you'd know nothing about, because every time you get thirsty you go into the back and sip the Kool-Aid they give you. Give me a break."

"Ugh. Well, it remains to be seen if Levine will answer the challenge."


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The fans where restless after this statement. The women who attacked Marcus LeVine being brash enough to come into the ring and make demands. The women who attached him from behind calling him a coward. The fans wanted to see Marcus come out and get her back for that assault, but LeVine didn't seem to want that, there was nothing, no music, no lights turning off, no face on the titantron, nothing. Rampage had been left in the ring alone. Marcus seemed to just be ignoring her, he seemed to have lost interest.

Ross: "Come on Marcus, where are you? Are you that scared of me? Come out here and fight me!" Ross seemed irritated, but she kept her compare has well. Looking dead up the ramp and lifting the mic again "Or do I have to come back there and find you?"

"Will you shut the hell up already?"

Ross began to seem confused. She looked all around, looking for where the voice came from. The arena heard it, and it was very obviously the voice of LeVine, but where was he? On the screen popped up one word: Takeover. Followed quickly by the emergence of Marcus LeVine from behind the curtain.

Marcus: [/color=white]"You know what Cassandra, there's a lot of significance to that word,"[/color] He points upwards to the titantron "And you know that, you where there when it all began. The takeover began down in Mexico. The takeover began with me and you. But things change, I don't need you Cassandra, and to be honest there's no point in me even fighting you. You're a spineless coward, you jump people from behind, you're not worth my time are you?" He began to walk towards the ring, no music playing has he still had the mic in hand he continued to talk. "In fact, let me answer that for you: you aren't, and you never will be. You'll always be a nobody, I left you back in Mexico for a reason, and that was one of them. I'm going to beat you into submission, and after I'm done you're gonna wish your mother had kept her legs closed! Get a damn ref!

Marcus sprinted forward and darted into the ring, rising to his feet and walking right up to Ross, barking inaudible slurs towards her.

Brunswick: "Is this really gonna happen right here?"

Smith: "We really need to start going back over these things, what else would get a ref mean Brunny?"

Brunswick: "Hey now, let's keep the action between these two."

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The lights went out.
The song played for thirty seconds and when it stopped, the lights blinked back on to reveal Marcus smashed to the mat with a warped folding chair around his neck and shoulders. Ross, untouched, looked at the battered heap with a raised brow.

Smith: The HELL is going on here!?!

Brunswick: I don't know, but I'm not liking it; we've had enough of this crap lately!

Ross shrugged as the camera faded to black, a commercial for 17th Beat popping up.